The writer Dieter Forte is dead. Forte died on Easter Monday at the age of 83 years in a hospital in Basel, as his publisher S. Fischer announced. Forte's award-winning work includes plays, novels, and television and radio plays. 1970 reached his drama Martin Luther & Thomas Münzer or The introduction of accounting also international attention.

Dieter Forte, born on June 14, 1935 in Dusseldorf, has been writing since 1962 as a freelance author. Among other things, he dealt with the living conditions of modern man under the rule of technology and capital.

In the eighties, Forte wrote a multi-part novel project. Published between 1992 and 2004 The pattern. equinox (originally The boy with the bloody shoes). In the memory and On the other side of the world, Together they form the Tetralogy of memory,

In 2013, Forte, who had lived in Basel for a long time, published the book Maze of the world in front. Last published in February 2019 When the sky was not named yet,