France is preparing for another wave of coronavirus. Macron’s government bet everything on one card

This Thursday was in France over 33,000 new cases covidu-19. This is the third day in a row when the number of newly infected has exceeded 30,000, and last week the numbers were around 20,000. The fifth wave in France is already stronger than the previous one. Vaccination is about the same as in Germany. … Read more

Black Thursday! Czech clubs fell by four places in the ranking

Weakness. The Czechs scored two points for two draws in the Conference League. Slavia played 2: 2 with Feyenoord Rotterdam at home and Jablonec broke up amicably with Alkmaar 1: 1. At the same time, both domestic representatives did not maintain the lead. Sparta remained without a point, losing in the European League in Glasgow … Read more

Data expert: thick eyebrows shot 154 jumpers this season with 51 of the lowest efficiency in the league

2021-11-28 07:21 source:NBA wide angle Original Title: Data Expert: Denim has the lowest efficiency in the league with 154 jumpers this season On November 28, 2021 Beijing time, according to statistics from data expert Kirk Goldsberry, Anthony Davis has the lowest jump shot efficiency in the league this season. Among the 56 players who made … Read more

EM – Miss France 2022: Dana Virin is sad to leave her island, but motivated for the election!

LINFO.RE – created November 26, 2021 at 11:27 a.m. – updated November 26, 2021 at 11:27 a.m. –Matthieu Patou-Parvédy Alert me! on “Miss Réunion” .glyphicon-ok : avant {Display: not important;}.necessary{Color: # b62c34;} This Thursday, November 25, the Miss France 2022 candidates left Reunion. The 29 candidates will continue to prepare for the December 11 election. Miss … Read more

Samsung’s new foldable devices target PCs

Samsung Display, the South Korean giant’s independent company specializing in displays, He has launched a new website where you confirm your intention to explore new form factors driven by its flexible OLED technology. It’s a continuation of the concept video he posted earlier this year in which he envisioned how some of his flexible, foldable, … Read more

Tencent has been targeted for infringing on user privacy rights, and later App updates “cannot be released without review” | 4Gamers

Many media simultaneously reported that Tencent was targeted by the government because its own app violated user privacy rights. In the future, Tencent must pass the review of the Chinese competent authority to update its own app. According to China Central Television, relevant units will review Tencent’s existing apps and updated content. This wave of … Read more

Danger of snow and cold

Key words for the coming week are sleet, snow, gray weather and sun – a bit of most things. In the north of the country it will be freezing cold, and the meteorologists have sent out a warning for polar low pressure. The danger warning applies to Friday: – Then a polar low pressure is … Read more

Pentagon Forms New Agency to Investigate UFOs, There Are 144 Mysterious Sightings

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The United States Department of Defense will form a new group to investigate reports of whereabouts UFO in restricted airspace. The formation of the group came after the government released an observation report in June that there were 144 mysterious flying objects. The UFO observer group will be overseen by the Undersecretary … Read more

Don’t Do It Again, Turns Out Soda Should Not Be Consumed With These 3 Foods!

sorin popa / unsplash Soda should not be consumed with certain types of food. – Guys, do you like drinking fizzy? Consumption of soda should not be done in excess, because of the high sugar content in it. Launching from, in one can of soft drink contains an average of 15 to 18 … Read more

“They may soon fall off a cliff.” Boston in danger, Pastrňák’s line is in danger of disintegration

David Pastrňák does not manage the beginning of the season as in previous years. And it can be worse. His line, which is still one of the best in the NHL hockey, may fall apart relatively soon. The fact that Pastrňák accumulated 17 points (6 + 11) in the first 16 matches seems great at … Read more