A week around the world

Published on : 24/03/2023 – 22:05 This browser does not support the video element. In France, the protest hardens after the use of article 49.3 to pass the pension reform: 3.5 million demonstrators were on Thursday in the streets of France. In Brussels, the war in Ukraine was at the heart of discussions at the … Read more

Super Lek Kiat Moo 9 shows brutal Daniel Williams, falling in the third round of ONE FIGHT NIGHT 8

Closing with the fullness of the battle ONE FIGHT NIGHT 8 On the morning of Saturday, March 25, ’23 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium by the only representative from Thailand.Super Lek Kiat Moo 9” Successfully defended the throne for the first time while “Allicia Hellen Rodrigues” Come back to reclaim the throne of Muay Thai, … Read more

[Y이슈][Y초점] “It’s complete, Yeonjin-ah”… ‘The Glory’ Lim Ji-yeon’s stylist revealed the behind-the-scenes story

In the Netflix series ‘The Glory’, ‘Park Yeon-jin’, the perpetrator of school violence, is clearly a villain, but with the actor’s passionate performance, he has emerged as the most talked-about character. He became the main character of the most prolific “meme” last year, and his attractive styling also played a role in this. Actress Lim … Read more

Synchronizing a Vehicle: the process that improves your car

In modern cars, many electronic components communicate with each other through various communication protocols. It can be used a synchronization process to ensure that these components work in harmony and communicate effectively with each other. Here are some common car failures that can be resolved with a synchronization: 1.- Problems with transmission changes If your … Read more

Brazilian President Lula cancels visit to China after contracting mild pneumonia – Xinhua English.news.cn

Infected with mild pneumonia, Brazilian President Lula canceled his visit to China. (File photo/Reuters) Brazilian President Lula, who was scheduled to pay a state visit to China next week, was diagnosed with mild pneumonia. The Presidential Palace announced today that Lula has canceled the high-profile trip to China due to health reasons, and the visit … Read more

Almost free electricity in southern Norway on Saturday

Until the energy crisis from 2021, the price difference between Northern Norway and Southern Norway was minimal, according to Nordpool’s price history. The power grid from the parts of the country is intertwined with transmission connections between northern Sweden and southern Sweden. The bottleneck in the transmission capacity did not become visible in the form … Read more

Its deficiency breaks down the nerve cells in the eyes! To take this vitamin, you must… – Gallery

Although eye-related problems are generally associated with genetic factors and adverse conditions caused by environmental conditions, they are actually closely related to the nutritional system. Studies show that vitamin deficiency causes significant problems and can cause damage to nerve cells in the eyes. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to pay attention to … Read more

First of all, Perisic is ‘the only’… Tottenham emergency, Davis missed up to 6 weeks

[인터풋볼] Reporter Oh Jong-heon = Ben Davis is expected to miss up to six weeks with an injury. Alesdair Gold, the Tottenham Hotspur correspondent for Football London, said: “Davis suffered a hamstring injury in the match against Southampton. Because of this, he will be out of action for four to six weeks. If it takes … Read more