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Книга Терри Вулфа о жизни и творчестве Хидео Кодзимы получила название «Кодзима – гений»


«Эксмо» и «Бомбора" объявили о том, что книга Терри Вулфа (Terry Wolfe) Kojima Code о легендарном геймдизайнере Хидео Кодзиме (Hideo Kojima) выйдет в России под названием "Кодзима – гений. История разработчика, перевернувшего индустрию видеоигр ».

На русский язык книга была переведена Александрой «Альфиной» Голубевой, дизайнером повествования студии Ice-Pick Lodge. Gearидео Кодзима в первую очередь известен как создатель Metal Gear и очень популярен в России. Его социальные сети завалены сообщениями "Кодзима – гений!" От российских поклонников. О том, чем Кодзима так знаменит, и рассказывает Терри Вулф в своей книге: анализирует биографию и творчество геймдизайнера.

Терри Вулф тоже является преданным поклонником идео Кодзимы. Более того, он создал блог, посвящённый теориям вокруг вселенной Metal Gear. «Игры Хидео Кодзимы – это сложносочинённые постмодернистские шедевры, которые требуют вдумчивых интерпретаций. Терри Вулф рассказывает скрытую историю, заложенную в каждом творении геймдизайнера, и в подробностях разбирает сюжет и геймплей видеоигр. Писатель подчёркивает, что Хидео Кодзима намеренно вплетает в свои игры дополнительный метанарратив, неочевидный пласт загадок и грамотных манипуляций. Кодзима рассчитывает на аудиторию, готовую внимательно разглядывать каждую деталь и восхищаться – так, как это делает сам Терри Вулф », – говорится в пресс-релизе.

В книге освещено творчество Хидео Кодзимы с 1987 по 2003 год, до Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Автор пытается проанализировать влияние окружения, культуры Японии, фанатского сообщества и требований игровой индустрии на «гения». В «Кодзима – гений. История разработчика, перевернувшего индустрию видеоигр "вы узнаете о личной жизни геймдизайнера и её связи с его творчеством, историю борьбы за свободу и тяге творца к кинематографичности.

На «Кодзима – гений. История разработчика, перевернувшего индустрию видеоигр »уже открыт предзаказ в book24, магазине издательства« Эксмо ». Стоимость бумажного варианта книги в мягком переплёте составляет 646 рублей. Поступление ожидается в мае.

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Jennifer Garner covers the beautiful issue of People Magazine


Jennifer Garner makes the difference in the issue of "Beautiful Issue" of this year of People magazine with a cover story that cheers up the way she balances Hollywood, business and motherhood.

The magazine revealed the cover Tuesday of the annual issue that arrives on newsstands on Friday.

On the cover, the Texas-born Garner, who grew up in West Virginia, is shown sitting on the bonnet of a car with grassy hills in the background along with the quote: "I am grateful every day".


The actress "Alias" is co-founder of a childhood food company, works as an artist-ambassador for Save The Children and is the mother of three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck: 13 Violet, 10 years old, Seraphina and Samuel, 7 years old.

"I'm starting to get to the point where I realize this job won't be forever," Garner told people. "Not in the all-encompassing way of every meal, every moment, every day I loved in the last thirteen years: it will change, but there is beauty in the way it works in the episodes".


Garner said that when he comes home from an extravagant photo shoot, his sons oppose his beauty and want their mother to come back.

"They'll look at me and say," Can you wash your face? Can you put your hair in a ponytail and wear glasses and soles? ", Said Garner. "And I see the compliment in this: they just want you to look like mom."

Last year the magazine renamed its "Most Beautiful" issue as "The Beautiful Issue", to make it clear, according to its editors, that this is not a competition.


The singer Pink and her children were on the cover of 2018.

Tragedy in Sri Lanka, protest in Algeria and umbrella of Notre-Dame


A mass for the victims of the attacks in Sri Lanka in Negombo, April 24, 2019. – Gemunu Amarasinghe / AP / SIPA

Did you miss the news of this early morning? We have concocted a recap 'to help you see more clearly.

The Daesh group claims the attacks in Sri Lanka, according to the propaganda agency of the jihadist organization, Amaq. “The perpetrators of the attacks on coalition nationals [anti-Daesh] and Christians in Sri Lanka the day before yesterday are Daesh fighters,” the jihadist group said. The first elements of the investigation into the attacks that made, according to one last assessment, at least 359 deaths in Sri Lanka, notably in churches, show that they were committed in retaliation for the carnage of the mosques of Christchurch in New Zealand and in connection with an Indian Islamist group, said Tuesday the Deputy Minister of Sri Lanka Defense.

The presidential election in Algeria to elect a successor to Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who resigned in early April, must be held within the deadlines provided for in the constitution, the army chief said Tuesday, denouncing those who reject the election. Algerians, who have massively protested against the regime since February 22, continue to parade every Friday since the resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, including denying the presidential July 4 by the acting head of state, Abdelkader Bensalah, an apparatchik close to the former president.

The tarpaulins of Notre-Dame began on Tuesday, starting with the interior of the cathedral, while the return of rain is expected Wednesday in Paris, we learned from the communications officer of the cathedral . “The tarpaulin work has begun,” said Notre-Dame Communications Manager André Finot. “We will start with the choir, then the nave”.

Frank Elstner: “Then I'll shiver”


The Saturday night belonged to him: With “bets that ..?” captivated Frank Elstner millions. Now a disease presents him with completely different challenges. .

DEL final: Mannheim wants to come close to title – Munich fighting for compensation


The final of the German Ice Hockey Championship between the EHC Red Bull Munich and the Eagles Mannheim is on Wednesday in the fourth and possibly pre-decisive round.

If Mannheim's coach Pavel Gross again wins the away game in Munich (19.30 / Sport1 and Magenta Sport), they would go 3-1 against the defending champions in the lead. The team with four wins will be champions. Only twice has been caught up in the playoff history of the German Ice Hockey League so far a residue. There never was a final.

The Munich want to avoid penalties to report back after two defeats in a row and to create the balance in the series. “We sit much too much in the penalty box,” struggled EHC striker Yasin Ehliz after the 1: 4 on Easter Monday. “You can not win games like that. When you sit in the penalty box so often, you run out of power at some point. “

That Mannheim generally has a power advantage, denied both clubs. “I do not think that one notices,” said the Mannheim national striker Matthias Plachta. The eagles are currently in full cast. Munich, on the other hand, has seen a number of defeats and the much longer quarter-final and semi-final series.

“I will not complain. We have enough players to win, “said Munich coach Don Jackson. The semi-finals series of Munich went over seven games. With a total of 504: 46 minutes, the series, which had gone twice in a three-time extra time, was the longest in the playoff history of the DEL.

Why the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is pretty laid back


WIs it just a storm in a glass of water or a huge spy scandal? At least the investors on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange had left quite a few weeks ago on Thursday, almost two weeks ago, when the top management of the leading international chip industry equipment supplier ASML had commented on a report by the business paper "Financieel Dagblad". According to the paper, the paper said that Chinese employees of the Eindhoven-based company had passed on knowledge to competitors XTAL, which had links with the Beijing government. The ASML CEO Peter Wennink reacted calmly, referring to the four-year-old case: "The assumption that we have somehow been the victim of a national conspiracy is wrong."

Michael Stabenow

Michael Stabenow

Political correspondent for the European Union, NATO and the Benelux countries.

Also on the stock market, the revelations did not hit big waves. The ASML share price, which has risen significantly since the beginning of the year, initially fell by 1.6 percent in an already volatile environment. CEO Wennink reported that the company had come to terms with the events in California's Silicon Valley even on the leash and 2016 legal action. The court has decided on compensation payments of $ 223 million. Since XTAL filed for bankruptcy, it was unclear to what extent ASML could access the funds. In any case, it was not about information that had anything to do with the company's top products – so-called lithographic systems.

Investors looked forward to the ASML business figures, which opened the reporting season on Wednesday before Easter in Amsterdam. What ASML reported pleased investors: The chip industry's supplier achieved 2018 sales of almost 11 billion euros and a proud profit of 2.6 billion euros. According to ASML, the British-Dutch consumer goods group Unilever, which also surprised investors positively with its quarterly figures on Maundy Thursday, followed from the list of 25 companies listed in the AEX top index.

Overall, expectations for the reporting season in Amsterdam are rather subdued, although there were bright spots for the heavily globalized AEX companies, such as Chinese exports, which were larger than previously expected. All in all, the share price performance, which had caused the AEX index to drop to just over 470 points from its peak of just under 577 by the end of July 2018, was again positive. Since the beginning of the month, the index has fluctuated around the 560-point mark.

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News from Germany: Lioness becomes infected with blood poisoning at birth


Erfurt: Lioness becomes infected with blood poisoning at birth

A few days after the first lion birth in Erfurt Zoo for 60 years on Good Friday, the joy was severely clouded. The reason: The lioness Bastet suffered at the birth of her two babies a life-threatening blood poisoning. As the zoo reports, it turned out after birth that the lioness carried a third cub, which died in the womb. “The dead boy has triggered a sepsis,” it says on the part of the zoo. It had to be surgically removed, the lion's mum was the report in the aftermath in a critical condition, which, however, has already improved. At first, she could not and would not breastfeed her boys. Now she would have eaten again without complications. The Lion Mum and her cubs were being watched around the clock.

Source: Zoopark Erfurt

Cologne: Illegal casino in apartment dug

Gambling investigators have searched an apartment converted into an illegal casino in an apartment in the center of Cologne. The police reported on Wednesday that officials arrested 13 people, including players and professional croupiers. The officers confiscated two poker tables, several sets of playing cards, chips, and a number of game accessories. In addition, the investigators withdrew a gambling machine from the market, which had been manipulated after the first review so that there were losses of several thousand euros per hour were possible. Players now have to answer in a lawsuit for participating in illegal gambling. Against the croupiers and the operators of the casino the Kriminalpolizei determines Cologne for unauthorized arrangement of a gambling.

Source: Police Headquarters Cologne

Bayern: Men drown in bathing accident

In Schönau am Königssee (Bavaria), two young men from Saxony drowned while bathing at the Königsbach waterfall on Tuesday evening at 18 o'clock. As the Bavarian Red Cross reported, the two had possibly underestimated the current meltwater of the mountain stream that flows into the Königssee. The tourists were probably no longer able to leave the basin due to the high oxygen content and the strong water pressure. A witness chose the emergency call. Forces of Bergwacht, Wasserwacht, fire brigade and police were able to reach the two 21-year-olds in the strong current only with great effort and finally, despite all efforts only recover dead.

Rescue helicopter when used on the Koenigssee

Some rescue workers were taken by helicopter to the location on Koenigssee

Source: BRK

Regensburg: Residents have to leave houses because of aerial bombing

After the discovery of a bomb in Regensburg, around 4500 residents had to leave their homes during the night of Wednesday. The police said hundreds of police, firefighters and helpers were on the scene to help defuse the dud. On the site near the port, houses were cleared and streets closed on Tuesday and night. The 250-kilogram bomb had been found during construction. She was blown up successfully in the morning.

Source: DPA

News from Tuesday, April 23rd

Duisburg: Woman seriously injured in illegal car racing

In Duisburg, a woman was hospitalized after a car accident involving life-threatening injuries. The police reported that a Range Rover and a Mercedes had delivered an illegal car race shortly before 10pm on Monday night. According to eyewitnesses, the Mercedes driver should have raced alongside the Range Rover on the opposite lane. Both drivers are said to have accelerated their cars. When the 43-year-old wanted to turn her Citroen, she collided with the Mercedes. The driver of the Range Rover was able to slow down in time, but drove away in an unknown direction after the accident. The Mercedes driver got out and hobbled away in an unknown direction as well.

The demolished Citroen is on the road after the accident

The demolished Citroen is on the road after the accident

Source: Police Duisburg

Hamburg: 22-year-old apparently beaten to death

In Hamburg, a young woman collapsed on the street with life-threatening injuries. As the police reported, rescue workers found the 22-year-old lying on the ground. She was resuscitated, cared for and sent to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. House dwellers had dialed the emergency call shortly after midnight after hearing shouts and rumbling. Apparently the woman had quarreled with neighbors and had then dragged himself seriously injured on the street. According to a report of the “Hamburger Morgenpost” she was beaten to death, according to first findings, with blows and kicks. The police arrested a 34-year-old neighbor during the operation. The officials are now investigating whether a suspicion can be substantiated against him.

Swell: Police Hamburg / “Hamburger Morgenpost”

Marburg: Man pretends packet bombing stop

In Marburg, on Thursday, around 8:30 am, a man in a company was injured in the explosion of a parcel bomb. He had to be treated in a hospital. In response, a post office in Marburg was temporarily vacated. There it was checked whether in a local post office the company lurked further danger. Now comes out: The 34-year-old has only faked the attack on himself. As the prosecutor Marburg announced on Tuesday, the CEO of the company told the officials to have made the bomb itself.

In this context, he accidentally caused the detonation of a cartridge in the package with lighter fluid. In addition, he confessed to have faked other acts, including robbery, dangerous bodily injury, theft and property damage. He had all reported this to the police. Because the police and the prosecutor's office doubted the credibility of the man, they took up investigations against him on suspicion of faking a crime. He acknowledged this in an interrogation as well. As motive he called personal and family problems. Since there were no grounds for detention against the accused, he was released after the investigation had been completed.

Düsseldorf: Guide dog stolen in front of the supermarket

In Düsseldorf, strangers stole a guide dog. As the Cologne “Express” reported, his master had leashed the beagle named Arco on Easter Saturday about 8 clock before shopping in front of an Aldi branch. When the 68-year-old came out a little later and groped for the dog, this was gone – along with leash. For the owner was quickly clear: The dog was stolen. Besides, Arco would not be able to leave without me, he's always waiting for me, “the retiree is quoted as saying. He appeals to the kidnappers, who probably did not know it was a guide dog: “Please have a look and return my Arco.”

Source: “Express”

Bielefeld: Police carry dead dog from pond

The police in Bielefeld has recovered a dead dog from a pond. The officers received a call on Easter Monday about 6 pm that the animal would be lying there. Wrapped in a sheet, they found the black quadruped and pulled him out of the water. “It was found that the dog had a massive head injury,” it said in a press release. The dog, presumably a Labrador or a similar half-breed, was taken by animal taxi to a veterinary clinic, where the owner should be determined. He is expected, inter alia, an ad for violating the Animal Abolition Act.

Source: Police Headquarters Bielefeld

Munich: Two tourists injured in hostel with knife

In a dispute in a Munich hostel two guests were severely injured by knife wounds. “The alleged perpetrator was arrested,” said a spokeswoman for the police. According to initial findings came on the evening of Easter Monday, several guests in a heated argument, which then escalated. The police were in action with a large squad. The victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. “We can not give any background information,” the spokeswoman continued.

Source: DPA

News from Monday, April 22nd

Hamm: 64-year-old found dead in apartment – wife in custody

A 64-year-old was found dead in a flat in Hamm with a stab wound. The 63-year-old wife is in custody because of urgent suspicion, said Attorney Carsten Dombert the German Press Agency on Easter Monday. The woman called her son on Easter Sunday and described that “something has happened” in the couple's shared apartment. The son then found his dead father when he arrived and contacted the police. A murder commission took over the investigation. The result of a blood sample of 63-year-olds was not available on early Monday evening.

Source: DPA

Erzenhausen: Toddler crashes in three-meter-deep shaft

A 17-month-old child in Rhineland-Palatinate fell into a three-meter-deep shaft. The police reported that the child had “opened the covered pipe” in an unattended moment and plummeted, “police said. Fire and rescue workers are currently working feverishly to free the child, they say. The Technical Relief Organization is also alerted and move with rescue and recovery equipment to the site in Erzenhausen (Kaiserslautern), police and US military police secured the rescue work and conduct initial investigation into the cause of the accident.

+++ Update: As the police has now communicated, the toddler could be released at 18 clock. The 17-month-old boy was apparently unhurt in the first place and was extensively examined on the spot by the rescue service, it is said. Then you have brought in for observation in the Homburg University Hospital. +++

Source: Police headquarters Westpfalz

Salzkotten: Mother dies on a bicycle trip with her daughters

In Salzkotten, North Rhine-Westphalia, a mother was fatally injured in a traffic accident in front of her three- and six-year-old daughters. As the police reported, a 28-year-old rammed the bike of his mother in front of him in his car. This had her three-year-old daughter in the car seat, the six-year-old drove ahead. After the driver drove on the wheel of the 37-year-old from unknown cause, he then bumped into the daughter's bike. The mother was injured in the fall so hard that she had to be flown with a rescue helicopter in a special clinic to Bielefeld, where she died shortly thereafter. The two girls were taken seriously injured with ambulances in hospitals. The car driver was slightly injured in the accident.

Source: District Police Department Paderborn

Lenningen: 75-year-old hiker crashes several meters into the depths

In Lenningen (Baden-Wuerttemberg), a woman fell heavily when hiking. As the police reported on Easter Monday, the accident happened on Sunday at 13 clock below the “little Schrecke” in the direction Grabenstetten. The 75-year-old, with her 80-year-old husband, was on the narrow path in the area of ​​the Schreckenfels when she got off the beaten track and fell about eight meters into the depths. Fortunately, she was then caught by a tree. Due to the immediately alerted mountain guards, the elderly woman was able to be released from her predicament within a very short time and to be admitted to a hospital with slight injuries.

Source: Police headquarters Reutlingen

Reutlingen: dispute escalated by patients in emergency department

In Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, a dispute has escalated in a hospital. As the police reported on Easter Monday, around 8:00 pm that evening, a group of three women and one man quarreled with other people waiting in the emergency room. As a patient felt disturbed by the group, she asked for more rest. A present couple agreed with the woman. As a result, the 28-year-old husband was massively insulted by the group and showered with a cup of coffee by a 25-year-old from the group. Furthermore, this injured the man with the fingernails on the neck. This resulted in a scuffle between the group and the couple, in the course of which all slightly injured each other. The police are investigating.

Source: Police headquarters Reutlingen

Bleckede: Couple rushes by car into harbor basin

In Bleckede, Lower Saxony, a couple of seniors crashed into the harbor basin on Easter Sunday. As reported by the fire department, the red Suzuki immediately began to sink. Three passersby immediately jumped into the water to free the pensioners. All inmates were unhurt. When the fire department arrived at the scene of the accident, only the vehicle roof gleamed through the water surface. With a winch, the rescue workers pulled the car out of the harbor basin. How it came to the accident is still unclear.

Rescue workers recover a car from the harbor basin in Bleckede

When the rescue workers arrived, only the vehicle roof protruded out of the water

Source: Fire department city Bleckede

Kinding: railway line from Munich to Nuremberg paralyzed for hours

A police operation on the important railway line between Nuremberg and Munich on Saturday has led to hours of problems with train cancellations and diversions including delays. An ICE with about 380 people on board had to stop shortly before noon after an accident at Kinding in the district of Eichstätt, as the Deutsche Bahn announced. According to a spokesman, he could only drive on to Ingolstadt after about four and a half hours. The travelers would have had to stay on the train while waiting.

Source: DPA

Rauenberg: Thief steals children Easter

In vain did two children in Baden-Wuerttemberg look for their Easter nest in the garden on Easter Sunday. A thief was apparently faster and had stolen the candy and toys, as the police reported on Monday. The father of the children had hidden the things in the night on Sunday in the garden property in Rauenberg (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis). The police are now looking for the “Easter Bunny Thief”. The gifts had a value of 25 euros.

Source: DPA

Tram surfers

News from Germany from the week of 15 to 21 April 2019 read here:

7 solutions for housing shortages and Mietwahnsinn


In order to solve the problems in the housing market, it is necessary to understand the causes of these problems: the main driver for the high and rising rents is undoubtedly the imbalance between supply and demand. Anyone who doubts this should remember that rents in rural areas are only a few euros per square meter. But it is also true that the increase in rents is fueled by speculation massive. Therefore, a successful policy of creating affordable housing will be built on two pillars: creating more affordable housing and restraining speculation.

Has anyone won the 192 million dollar jackpot Tuesday (last) night?


Tuesday, April 23, the latest Mega Millions jackpot was estimated at $ 192 million. But has anyone been lucky enough to win?

The lottery numbers were drawn at 11.00pm. EST Tuesday night. The numbers selected by Mega Millions were 7-24-30-48-67, Mega Ball 9 and Megaplier x4, according to the lottery website.

Unfortunately, no one managed to make sure they won the jackpot last night or game 5. Four people matched four numbers and the Mega Ball, winning the $ 40,000 Megapiler prize each. 16 paired four and the Mega Ball and won $ 10,000 each. To check your numbers, click here.

The next draw will take place on Friday 25 April 2019, at 11.00pm. EAST. The estimated jackpot is $ 212 million with a cash option of $ 128.5 million.

Mega Millions tickets cost $ 2.00 per game, according to the lottery website. Players can choose six numbers from two separate groups of numbers; five different numbers from 1 to 70 (the white balls) and a number from 1 to 25 (the Mega Ball of gold).

Players win the jackpot by matching all six winning numbers in a drawing. There are a total of nine ways to win a prize in Mega Millions, ranging from jackpots up to $ 2.

The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.575.350, with players selecting five numbers from 1 to 70 and a Mega number from 1 to 25, according to the Washington Post. The previous formula had a probability of 1 in 258,890,850.

He has not been a jackpot winner since March 12, 2019, when Hira Singh of Shawnee, Kansas, won the $ 50 million jackpot prize. He bought the winning ticket at the QuikTrip, 6641 E. Truman Road in Kansas City, Missouri, and he matched all six numbers drawn.

Mr. Singh did not realize he had won the jackpot until the following Saturday. He used a Check-A-Ticket machine in a store to check his Missouri tickets.

"I prayed my God and then I scanned it", he laughed. "Then I checked like three more times!"

The win also meant that the dealer, QuikTrip, received a bonus check of $ 50,000 as a result of the sale of the jackpot ticket.

Bitterfelder Weg (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

S 14_Rotlicht.jpg

Federal Archives, picture 183-82296-0001 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

In line with the Bitterfelder Weg – the painter Eberhard Frey in conversation with Bitterfeld buddies (16.4.1961)

Just 60 years ago, in the Bitterfelder Chemierevier, authors and functionaries of the SED met for a conference organized by the Mitteldeutsche Verlag that was to change the cultural system of the GDR in a lasting way. Under the motto »Grief to the pen, buddy! The socialist national culture needs you! «Walter Ulbricht, chairman of the SED, called for overcoming the» separation of art and life «and replacing the» estrangement between artist and people «with a» socialist national culture «.

What exactly was meant by that and what the real essence of the Bitterfeld Way was, as the conference's campaign was later called, was the subject of much debate in the coming years. The background, however, seems clear: the SED had initiated a Cultural Revolution in 1957, also in response to the crisis in which it had come after June 17, 1953 and the consequent disagreement with many artists. This should now be deepened and at the same time directed into orderly channels, because their results were quite contradictory (so it came for the first time to a small renaissance of agitprop and the socialist avant-garde, which led in particular to the theater to an upswing so-called didactic pieces, which in turn universally propagated continuity with the humanist heritage of culture contradicted).

For the writers, the Bitterfelder Weg meant that they should in the future mainly deal with industrial subjects. Earlier, they had been asked to show the building of socialism in the world of work and to address the issue of liberating people in their now productive work. The cultural policy promised itself of such a literature a mobilizing effect. It was about “life affirmation,” as expressed by the member of the Cultural Commission of the Politburo of the SED, Hans Rodenberg, affirming “the concrete life we ​​lead and build up”. In other words, criticism was not welcome. Erwin Strittmatter later remarked to Franz Fühmann: “I now know what Bitterfeld's way is: you go out, have a look at everything thoroughly, and in Berlin you are told what you have seen.”

In fact, the observed did not always please. But at least it was observed. Hardly a writer who did not visit a company for research purposes at the beginning of the 1960s or contacted a brigade. With very practical consequences: Erik Neutsch's »Spur der Steine«, Brigitte Reimann's »Arrival in Everyday Life«, Franz Fühmann's »Cable Crane and Blue Peter«, Christa Wolf's »The Divided Sky« would probably not have been achieved without the Bitterfelder Weg. Not to forget the novel “Rummelplatz” by Werner Bräunig, who came closest to the claim of creating a “socialist national literature” with his comprehensive panorama of society. He was later censored and stands today as an example of the uncontrollable moment of concrete reference to the operational reality that released the Bitterfeld way unintentionally.

A direct consequence of the cultural-political campaign was also the circle of writing workers, which were directed by many authors from 1959 (and which for some represented a constant source of income). Well-known authors have emerged from their ranks although few, but they worked in the width. And that is also the second merit of the Bitterfeld way: He led uncounted laymen to the culture. Folk art groups and company theaters, brigades published diaries and reports emerged everywhere. Art interest was henceforth considered desirable. The audience became art-open and art-oriented. The much-vaunted “Leseland DDR” began here.

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