ARMYs Resent BTS ‘Double Standards During 2022 Grammy Nominations Announced

The Recording Academy recently announced the 2022 Grammy Awards nominees.

CEO Harvey Mason Jr and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Tammy Hurt, with contributions from celebrities and artists, have named the upcoming 64th Grammy Awards nominees. K-Pop group nominated for music artists BTS, musician John Baptiste, four-time Grammy winner HER, rock band Måneskin, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and many others.

During the live broadcast, CBS Morning presenter Gail King announced that BTS were nominated in the category Best Pop Duo / Group Performance with «Butter»… They are opposed by songs Coldplay «Higher Power», «Kiss Me More» от Doja Cat and UPS, «I Get a Kick Out of You» Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga и «Lonely» Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco.

Besides the fact that they themselves received one nomination, BTS presented nominees in the category Best Alternative Music Album.

However, while other artists were given multiple categories to announce nominees, seven contestants BTS I had to take turns to announce five nominees in one single category.

But even that was not what upset the fans the most in regards to the Recording Academy towards BTS… Many have noticed that while other celebrities have received a small description under their own name, BTS – no, despite the fact that they were nominated for a Grammy last year.

Moreover, not only the winners of the award were named, but also artists nominated in the past, for example, John Baptiste.

“Are you kidding me ??”

Believe it or not, this is not the only obvious double standard regarding BTS… Others noticed that although all the announcers were shown on the screen at the same time as the list of nominees was announced, BTS – No.

«Tell me, is this fair?
They were nominated for a Grammy, but they weren’t even shown during the announcement of the nominees. Do you think we do not see what you are doing? “

There was a similar attitude towards the group. Moonlight… As well BTS, they are foreigners (a group from Italy). The only difference is that they have not previously been nominated for a Grammy as BTS… However, it would be great if all artists were respected equally.


The live broadcast kicked off on an encouraging note, with CEO Harvey Mason Jr delivering a positive, overarching message and then announcing the changes the Recording Academy underwent this year.

“This is a new academy, spurred into action and redoubled its commitment to meeting the needs of the music community … While change and progress are key drivers of our action, one thing remains unchanged – the Grammy is the only award in the music world to be awarded based on peer votes. industry. We are honored to work with the music community throughout the year to further improve and protect the integrity of the award process. ”

However, even with the two new categories, the diversity remains the same. New categories for “Global Music Field” and “Best Urban Album” (Latin Music Field) have been added to the list of 88 categories. However, popular international music like K-Pop is still not recognized by the Recording Academy and netizens are taking notice.

The 2022 Grammy Awards will air on Monday, January 31st on CBC Television Network and Paramount +.

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