Five police officers from a special unit arrested for the death of a man in Marseille

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Five agents from a special unit of the French National Police were arrested this Tuesday for his alleged participation in the death of a man in July on the sidelines of the wave of riots last June and July.

Mohamed Bendriss, 27, was found unconscious on the night of July 1 next to his moped on a street in Marseille (southeast) and his death was certified shortly after at a hospital, where the mark of a strong impact on the chest.

The subsequent autopsy pointed to a death due to cardiac arrest caused by a “violent blow” in the thorax, whose mark corresponded to a non-perforating spherical object, compatible with a rubber ball.

Just half an hour before he was found unconscious, Bendriss had recorded a video on your phone with a group of policemen subduing a suspected looter during the riots.

He raid special group intervened that night of July 1 in the center of Marseille.

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