“Special mention for him”, exclaims the police!

Three checkpoints had been set up by the Hauts-Pays police.

– Green Street in Dour

Vehicles checked: 189

Vehicles in violation: 25

– Rue Chevauchoir in Honnelles

Vehicles checked: 261

Vehicles in violation: 41

– N51 to Quiévrain

Vehicles checked: 153

Vehicles in violation: 0

603 vehicles checked

Each time, the checks were carried out in built-up areas where the maximum authorized speed is 50 km/h.

Of the 603 vehicles checked, 66 were in violation, an average of 10.9%.

“Special mention for the same vehicle flashed 3 times in 12 minutes at the Dour checkpoint, exclaims the Hauts-Pays police. Did you know that 15% of road accidents and one in three fatal accidents are due to excessive or inappropriate speed? Think about it and take it easy! »


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