Remove the connection DRM and check the Xbox Series X to play old games more easily

In the past, Xbox Series X console users had to play Xbox One disc games, and they needed to perform a connection DRM check every time they started the game, which was inconvenient for some players who could not connect to the Internet. It turns out that this arrangement has been secretly cancelled earlier, and … Read more

Railways use giant cranes to remove the traces of the Damanhour train accident

A short while ago, the Damanhour train station in Beheira witnessed the removal of the traces of the departure of two passenger train carriages on the Cairo-Alexandria line while the train entered the railway station this morning. Informed sources confirmed that the Railway Authority used a work team and giant cranes from Tanta station to … Read more

How to remove the Windows 11 key from an old PC and use it to activate on a new one. can do both key and the embed key on the email

When the graphics card comes back down like this, many people probably have plans to build a new computer. Of course, besides the hardware, one thing that can’t live without it is our regular Windows machine. If anyone reassembles out of 0, they will have to spare another part of the budget to buy a … Read more

In Russia, there is a petition to remove V. Putin from power

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about the petition by which Russian deputies demand the dismissal of Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes UNIAN. He talked about it on his YouTube channel. “The petition states that V. Putin’s actions harm the future of Russia and its citizens…” said O. Zhdanovas. At the same time, the expert warned … Read more

Why did Apple remove the SIM card slot from the iPhone 14?

Kaiann Drance, vice president of iPhone marketing at Apple Speaking at the iPhone 14 launch event, “With an eSIM, you can quickly transfer an existing cellular plan or get a new cellular plan.” Drans also added that the eSIM can make the device “More secure,” stating, “People can’t remove the physical SIM card if your … Read more

Here’s how to remove potholes in less than 5 minutes and without closing the road: “It’s revolutionary”

Potholes abound on certain Walloon roads. The city of Mons may have just found THE miracle solution to repair them quickly and efficiently. Mons has just acquired a brand new machine that can perform hot tarmac repairs in just a few minutes. This device cost 450,000 euros but it could quickly pay for itself. The … Read more

Belgian history in Ittre: Denis MUST take the RAVeL to leave his farm but the authorities “verbalize us and threaten to remove access”

Denis took over the family business which has existed since 1804. If he pushed the orange Alert us button, it was to let us know of the “problematic” situation in which he currently finds himself. This farmer regularly uses a section of RAVeL, managed by the Public Service of Wallonia, to reach his other site, … Read more