The Story of Kristin, a Trader Who Complains about Blower Sounds When Gibran Visits Legi Market, Has Been Selling Since 1980 All Pages

SOLO, – A trader Pasar Legi Solo, Kristin (39), admitted that she was very disturbed by the sound of the blower above her kiosk. According to him, the sound of the blower made it difficult for him to communicate with other traders. In fact, Kristin didn’t even hear her cell phone ringing, there was … Read more

Trader accused of coup squandered in Paris and Aspen. See photos and video

One trader, a resident of São Paulo, is accused of embezzlement by a group of approximately 180 investors. According to the victims, Rodrigo Lyra, 26, posted on social media that he was doubling, through operations on the Stock Exchange, the amount that each one sent him, through the pix. Amounts ranging from R$500 to R$35,000 … Read more

Possibly no acquittal for British protesters who destroyed an image of a slave trader

Protesters throw a statue of Edward Colston into Bristol harbor during a Black Lives Matter protest rally in June 2020.Statue Ben Birchall / AP Under the British legal system, a jury’s verdict is normally untouchable. However, in exceptional cases, the Chief Prosecutor can have it checked whether the legal process has been followed correctly. That … Read more

Analyst named altcoin capable of 350% price increase :: RBC.Crypto

Trader Michael van de Poppe is confident that DeFi sectors and oracle networks will be actively developed in 2022 Chainlink token is able to rise in price by 350%, sure trader Michael van de Poppe. He explained that for this, the cryptocurrency needs to gain a foothold above the $ 19.5 mark, and then overcome … Read more

Sharjah Police denies the health of the trader about modifying the status of residency violators

Sharjah: «Gulf»The General Command of Sharjah Police confirmed that the main source of information related to residency violators is the relevant competent authorities, warning against spreading rumors or re-circulating unreliable news through social media, as it is a crime punishable by law.It called upon everyone to investigate the source of the information and take it … Read more

Gold is rising..but it ends its worst year in years today By the Arab trader

© Reuters Despite today’s rise, gold is on its way to recording its worst performance in years – It rose in trading on Friday, amid weak trading in light of the holiday, supported by the decline in Treasury yields, but during 2021, the precious metal remained on schedule with its worst performance in six … Read more

Serag Ponorogo Market Trader Infected with DB, Health Office is Expected to Do Fogging

Ponorogo – At least 4 traders in Serag Market, Kesugihan Village, Pulung District, Ponorogo Regency were reported to have contracted dengue fever (DB). Some of them are still undergoing treatment at the hospital, some have gone home. “There are 4 in total in this market. Including my son who also contracted dengue fever,” said one … Read more

The analyst allowed the fall of bitcoin to $ 20 thousand :: RBC.Crypto

Ton Weiss called the condition under which the rate of the first cryptocurrency within the current correction will decrease by more than 70% from the historical maximum of $ 69 thousand. The opinions of experts may not coincide with the position of the editorial board. RBC-Crypto does not provide investment advice, the material is published … Read more

Trader sold an NFT for 100 times * less * its value (by mistake)

What is the phenomenon of NFTs? 1:25 (CNN) — A distracted merchant accidentally sold a token no fungible (NFT) for a hundredth of its market price, by mistake. NFTs are the latest cryptocurrency phenomenon to catch on. In simple terms, NFTs transform digital artworks and other collectibles into unique, verifiable assets that are easy to … Read more