The PP considers Sánchez lost: "They have had to choose between dignity or Puigdemont and opted for the latter"

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a feeling of deep disappointment spread this Wednesday in the leadership of the PP after the rejection of the PSOE to the “centrality pact” that the popular candidate, Alberto Núñez Feijóo had offered to the general secretary of the socialists, Pedro Sánchez, to prevent the governability of spain is in the hands of the pro-independence parties. They have had to choose between dignity or [Carles] Puigdemont and they opted for the second”, lamented authorized sources from Genoa after the contempt with which the proposal was received by the socialists.

A few hours before, the winner of the last general elections had officially asked the secretary general of the second most voted force to allow him to lead the country for a term limited to two years to face his “pending reforms” relying on six consensual state pacts between the two majority formations. And the response she received from his interlocutor, they say, was a resounding “no it’s no.”

In these circumstances, from the headquarters of the popular recognize that It will be “difficult” to reach an agreement for the investiture of Feijóo with the Socialists, although they still do not give up given the improbability that they complete the four votes in favor that they lack for an absolute majority in the first vote -on September 27-, which would be enough if there were four abstentions in the second round, called 48 hours later. «We are not Sánchez. Let’s not veto anyone, not even him,” they stress.

In this regard, and in the face of criticism from the leader of his party in Catalonia, Alexander Fernandez, to the offer of dialogue that they have transferred precisely to Puigdemont’s party to try to obtain the support they need, in Feijóo’s team they specified yesterday that they agree with the only critical voice that has been raised in public in their ranks in that Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) is his “political adversary”. Even so, they confirmed that they will be part of the round of contacts with all the groups with representation in Congress except Bildu, with whom they plan to meet before the investiture, which, in the absence of an official call, has already been announced for now. off hook ERC.

In La Moncloa and in Ferraz, in turn, there were few expectations. And the duration of the meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo, barely an hour, confirmed the omens. The PSOE leader crossed the Ferraz door after 11:00 a.m., still incredulous and just as he had left the presidential complex after 9:30 a.m.: without any agreement with the PP and with no sign that there might be one. In the PSOE, however, they consider that the appointment underpins their strategy of wanting to question Feijóo’s leadership and strength: “He is desperate”, they sentence Sánchez’s team and, in addition, “the engines roar” in the PP, describe alluding to some popular barons.

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