Arrested after barricading himself with knives, holding his family and threatening to kill them

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Members of the National Police have arrested a man in the Zaragoza town of Calatayud for barricading himself in his home, armed with two knives, holding his partner and three of her young children and threaten to kill them.

After going to court, the individual 46 years old and Spanish origin, has entered the Zuera prison (Zaragoza) for the alleged crimes of gender violence, domestic violence, illegal detention, coercion, serious threats, damage, resistance and disobedience

The Superior Police Headquarters of Aragon has informed this Saturday that the Local Police of Calatayud and the National Police Station of that town received, at 2.30 p.m. last Thursdaythe notice from several residents of the property, located on Paseo Fernando el Católico, reporting that the aforementioned individual was screaming and a woman was asking for help.

When the patrol arrived they saw on the balcony two younger girls which indicated that his mother and the man were locked in a room and that he was carrying two knives.

At the insistence that he open, the agents were forced to break down the door to enter after the assailant slipped a piece of paper on which could be read: “You get out of here or I’ll kill you.”

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