Bilbao brooch: gesture of the bullfighters on the mud before a huge mansada de Dolores

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The shortlist made up of Antonio Ferrera, López Chaves and Damián Castaño, who cut off the only ear, starred this Sunday in Bilbao with their crews a real gesturewhen dealing on an impassable quagmire the six huge tame cattle of Dolores Aguirre with which the General Bullfights of 2023 closed.

The brown arena of Vista Alegre already presented numerous puddles before the paseíllowhich no one took care of drying, thus creating a complex scenario that worsened until it became a lagoon as the rain continued to pour throughout the afternoon, intermittently but abundantly.

It was therefore not the best way to face the gigantic and disproportionate sextet of bulls locked in the pigsties and that, with those rough spellsthey ended up defining themselves -what cannot be, cannot be and is also impossible, said Rafael El Gallo- as an authentic mouchada.

But, luckily for the bullfighters, and although some, like the school bullies, abused their size in the third of rods, none developed excessive complicationsbeyond those derived from his absolute lack of zeal in the face of deception, hardly using himself to follow them or leaving cracked by luck.

Of course, even so, the terrible conditions of the arena, plagued of growing puddles, greatly increased the risk of all lights when dealing with them and passporting them in the best possible way, which they achieved by exposing themselves more but with authentic solvency, making a display of honor and mastery of the trade.

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