Riot Games showed part of the model of a new character in Valorant | Valorant

Riot Games reminded the players of the imminent closure of the beta...

Science.-The Webb telescope will study the history of the solar system on five asteroids.

MADRID, 22 (EUROPA PRESS) NASA's future James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled to launch in 2021, will observe five remote asteroids, some with...

WhatsApp: How to make video calls with up to 50 people?

Now you can make video calls through WhatsApp with up to 50 people at a time and without the need for them to be...

Unpublished photos of Mars: from a squirrel to a spoon – News

NASA published the strangest images of Mars and sparked theories about what might exist on the red planet, although many times they are simply...

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What is true and what is false in the mini-series “Great” about Catherine II – Newspaper

What is true and what is false in the mini-series "The Great" about Catherine II Gazeta.Ru.
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