Barcelona does not find buyers for luxury apartments of more than 2 million

25/11/2020 13:56 – Updated: 11/25/2020 4:34 PM The strict limitations on mobility caused by the coronavirus are beginning to have a direct impact on the luxury residential market in Barcelona. The real estate supply with prices above 2 million euros does not find a buyer among the national demand. This has been confirmed by the … Read more

In England football can be played with the public from December 2

The details Fans will be able to return to England’s football stadiums from December 2, albeit with no more than 4,000 spectators, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced. By: Drafting The confinement is expected to end on that date due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, which was decreed by the country’s authorities at … Read more

the guide with the clues to guess the celebrities of your gala 2

After its overwhelming premiere last week, Mask Singer returns tonight (10:45 pm) to Antena 3 with six new masked celebrities in the running. The second gala of the talent show will be marked by the performances of Chameleon, Poodles, Octopus, Gamba, Little pig Y Cuervo, under whose costumes six of the best-known faces of our … Read more

Confinements punish European economic forecasts | Economy

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic it may ruin the incipient economic recovery that has been observed in Europe since the summer. The drastic increase in infections by Covid-19 has caused new confinements and partial closures in the main economies of the region, which has led to Goldman Sachs to slash growth forecasts for … Read more

Repsol loses 2,578 million in the perfect storm of Covid and prices

A perfect storm, a mixture of a pandemic, negative price developments and accounting adjustments due to asset depreciation has colored the results of the first nine months of the oil company Repsol in red. The company recorded a net loss of 2,578 million euros in the first nine months of the year after registering impacts … Read more

Gonner 2 analysis, death has a thousand faces (Switch, PC, Xbox One)

The roguelite, roguelike y dems rogueloquesea They have been one of the most prolific sub-genres of this generation. It is curious that, deep down, it is still a small twist to something that has been present since the beginning of video games: the idea that, if they kill you, you have to start over.. Gonner, … Read more

They discover a 2nd way of entry of the covid into the body that makes it so aggressive

Why is the coronavirus so easily spread? How is it possible that SARS-CoV-2 has an enormous capacity to infect any organ in the body? What to do to avoid it? All these questions are part of the same problem and are essential to advance the investigation against COVID. Since this week, scientists know much more … Read more

Surgeon Simulator 2 launches in August on the Epic Games Store

Bossa Studios has announced that Surgeon Simulator 2 arrive in august. It is a new installment that will take us once again to the operating room with a humorous point of view focused on physics. Players will encounter a series of challenges and problems that twist their arms thanks to its puzzle-based gameplay. Surgery, of … Read more

WHO calls on the world to prepare for a “potential pandemic” due to the coronavirus | Society

Italian soldiers guard a checkpoint at the entrance to Vo Vecchio (northern Italy). On video, statements by Adhanom. MARCO SABADIN (AFP) | REUTERS “We have to do everything we can to prepare for a potential pandemic.” The CEO of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, assumed this Monday that it is probable that … Read more

Gonner 2 is coming October 22 to Switch, PC and Xbox One; Will be available on Game Pass

The editor Raw Fury and the developer Art in Heart have announced today that Gonner 2 will go on sale next October 22 on Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. In this last platform it will also be available through Xbox Game Pass. The PS4 and Microsoft Store versions are coming later, making the game … Read more