new vaccines, minor colds and an unknown

The Covid statistics have been showing week by week, worldwide, a sustained reduction on the number of deaths. Infections vary by country. In Argentina, although the number of tests is low, the number of cases marks a decreasing trendeven with winter weather, unrestricted social activity, the distracted preventive guard and the decline in the use … Read more

Excavations of Pompeii, discovered a land turtle with its egg: intact after two thousand years

“We are used to thinking of Pompeii only as a monument with its remains, mosaics, frescoes. In reality it was a city like all those we know, very lively and therefore made up of women, men but also animals, plants, magnificent gardens, that is a complex landscape, therefore a real ecosystem… ». The director of … Read more

These are the restaurants that do not report their prices to the customer – Sectors – Economy

A strong scolding and warning was made by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce to 27 renowned restaurants in Bogotá for not reporting the prices of their gastronomic offer to the public, with which they would be violating consumer protection regulations, specifically on that issue. Of the 30 inspection visits carried out by the entity, … Read more

Three new functions arrive in WhatsApp groups: what is it about

In recent months, WhatsApp put the focus on the group chat. A few days ago, the platform announced that it is developing an option that will allow administrators to approve or reject the entry of new participants. Now the company adds three other functions. One of them allows mute other contacts during a voice call … Read more

Thibaut Courtois compared to a… broom by an RMC journalist

In the program “After Foot”, the journalists aimed to rank the best goalkeepers in the world by placing them in different hats. If the Devils goalkeeper has been unanimous since last season with XXL performances with Real Madrid in La Liga and the Champions League, he does not seem to convince all the “experts” on … Read more

A new one has been added to the effects of stress: Our speech is changing.

A stressful day at the office changes our voice, according to a new study. When audio recordings were analyzed using computer software, changes were observed in people’s speech on days when they reported more stressors. Release: 12:39 – 21 June 2022 Updated: 12:43 – 21 June 2022 When examining records of people who spoke … Read more

Oil exploration: dollar at 7 thousand and effects if it stops in Colombia – Sectors – Economy

In the campaign for the Presidency of the Republic, whose definition is this weekend, one of the issues that has been raised the most is the possibility that the country abruptly changes its policies on energy transition, outright banning the signature of new oil and gas exploration contracts, as candidate Gustavo Petro has said repeatedly. … Read more

The Last of Us Remake: A new comparison demonstrates the incredible level of detail

The Last of Us Parte Ithe remake Of the first The Last of Us which came to PS3 in June 2013, will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 next september 2though will also come to computers later. Despite the fact that the survival title set in a universe devastated by Cordyceps has aged really well, … Read more

Why the film “La Dame du Paradis” is causing an uproar in the Muslim world

The Lady of Paradise (The Lady Of Heaven) gives off a scent of scandal in the Muslim world. This feature film, written by the Shiite Muslim cleric Yasser Al Habib and directed by Eli King, tells the story of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, Fatima Zahra, wife of Ali, the first Shiite imam. This … Read more