“A revaluation for federal police is possible”, but the local police? “Out of the question to make a difference!”

Posted on Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 6:37 a.m. Through J.M. The common police union front is keeping the pressure on. Actions are still planned at airports and on the road this weekend. Next Tuesday, some union representatives will meet the president of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of Wallonia (UVCW) in order to … Read more

Lebanon.. One person was killed and another wounded by gunfire in the city of Tripoli

Today, Wednesday, one person was killed and another wounded, during an exchange of fire in the city of Tripoli, north Lebanon.And the National News Agency reported that an exchange of fire took place between young men in the Zahiriya locality in the city of Tripoli, which led to the death of one person and the … Read more

The tobacco-free month ends, we ask your questions to a specialist

This year again, the month without tobacco mobilized smokers wishing to quit smoking. This year, more than 110,000 smokers have registered for this system, carried by Public Health France and the Ministry of Health, dedicated to support for smoking cessation. Cigarettes are believed to be responsible for 75,000 deaths per year in France, and remains … Read more

AIDS. Transmission, screening, treatment … Ask a specialist your questions

The threat of HIV still hangs over humanity, 40 years after reporting of the first cases of AIDS. “Today, the commitment to end AIDS by 2030 is overdue”, deplores the UN today. In 2020, 37.7 million people were living with HIV globally, including 1.7 million children aged 0-14. 1.5 million new cases were recorded in … Read more

A Chrono Cross remake could be in development for multiple platforms

Today we are lucky to live in a world where most of the more or less important Japanese games end up reaching our borders, but in the past there were many jewels that we lost in Europe because nobody came to bet on them in our territory. Some, at least, reached the United States and … Read more

Rodents could be Covid-19 reservoirs

We know, the Covid-19 and viruses in general are also transmitted to animals. We saw it in particular when many mink had to be slaughtered after Covid was detected among some herds. But if the presence of dangerous pathogens in certain species raises questions, it can especially be dangerous if the animal becomes a reservoir … Read more

Rp84.9 Billion Investment Fraud Case, 4 Company Bosses in Riau Tried

Merdeka.com – Four company leaders and a marketing staff were tried at the Pekanbaru District Court, Monday (22/11). They were charged with committing a criminal act of fraud with a total loss of Rp84.9 billion. The five defendants who were tried were Ibhakti Salim alias Bhakti as President Director of PT Wahana Bersama Nusantara (WBN) … Read more

The Netherlands national team player was prosecuted on a serious charge… and a severe punishment awaits him

The striker of the Russian club “Spartak Moscow”, Quincy Promes, faces serious criminal charges related to the attempted murder of his cousin. Eleven months after his arrest in December 2020, Dutch international Quincy Promes will have to appear before the court, which will consider the case again and issue a ruling against him. The case … Read more

November 22 Incident: The Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in a Shooting Action

John Fitzgerald Kennedy. special © 2013 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States to be killed in a shooting spree. President John F. Kennedy murdered while driving a motorcade of open cars through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Today marks 58 years after … Read more

Toilet paper poster: the millionaire fine to Kimberly and Family – Business – Economy

For violating the competition rules in the Andean soft paper market, the General Secretariat of the Andean Community determined to sanction the companies Colombian Kimberly Colpapel and Kimberly Clark from Ecuador, as well as Products Family and Sancela Family Products from Ecuador. (Read also: What happens if I have completed the weeks but not the … Read more