prices for less than 180 thousand pesos

build one PC gamer it can be a real headache. The options for each component can be overwhelming: processor, RAM memory, storage, video card, motherboard, power supply and cabinet put together a complex puzzle. And, month by month, prices rise. However, you can always build a computer with good updated components, new and cheap in … Read more

Camilo and Evaluna published an open letter to clarify Indigo’s gender identity

The artists touched on whether your child is “non-binary.” Camilo and Evaluna became parents of Indigo a few months ago and since then versions have emerged that the baby would be “non-binary”. This Sunday, the couple published an extensive open letter against these rumors. “Several days ago we have been receiving a mouthful of questions … Read more

a pickup to go higher

The leadership who holds the Toyota Hilux It is indisputable: it has been the best-selling pickup in the country for 18 consecutive years. Saying that in a market where the participation of trucks is high and historical and that has an industry focused on the production of this type of vehicle further enlarges that reign. … Read more

Shakira: what happened in front of your house? – International Soccer – Sports

The published videos show the moment in which the singer from Barranquilla allegedly take Piqué’s bags out of his house in Barcelona. According to local media, the moment was so tense that the Catalan authorities had to intervene. The chapter starring Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía seems to have no end, because after ending their … Read more

A pizzeria in Rosario showed a photo with Celia, Messi’s mother, and had to defend herself against criticism

Leo’s mother posed with the cooks of the traditional local but in the networks they pointed out an alleged lack of cleanliness in the place. The mother of Lionel Messi, Maria Celia Cuccittiniwent to dinner Via Appiaa historic pizzeria in Rosarioand the local social networks echoed the presence of the woman who brought the captain … Read more

The CELAC Summit ended with a strong internal discussion about the dictatorships in the region

The summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Buenos Aires ended on Tuesday as expected. Alberto Fernandez should have passed the presidency for the time from this forum that he hoped to continue to lead the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves. And the leaders of … Read more

Another terrible claim about Seçil, who killed her ex-lover: He also killed 19-year-old Yaren.

Presenter Gülşen Korucu claimed that singer Seçil Çiftçi, who killed her ex-boyfriend Semih Sevim, was related to her 19-year-old sister, Yaren Korucu, who was shot and killed in 2018. The ranger said, “Secil and Yusuf become lovers, they help each other to eliminate Yaren. I think the nail mark on Yaren’s neck belongs to Seçil. … Read more


Familiar faces, there were some in the final table of the Mini Main Event : Paul-François Tedeschi (6e), Mehdi Chaoui (4e), Guillaume Darcourt (3e)… All these big names of the hexagonal circuit will however have to put the cover back in the next few days to hope to add a ring of the WSOP Circuit … Read more

Karina La Princesita raised concern about a series of messages she posted on her networks

The singer was sad on her vacation and the fans reacted. Karina La Princesita published messages on her Instagram account that generated the concern of his fans. It is that the singer, who removed her profile photo, wrote reflections that speak of her state of mind and show disappointment. Karina meets separated from Nicolás Furman … Read more

Gordon Ramsey will not leave an inheritance to his children – People – Culture

Gordon Ramsay has become one of the world leaders in international cuisine and gastronomy with 17 Michelin stars in his honors. His prestige led him to participate as a jury on renowned reality shows such as ‘MasterChef’ and ‘Hells Kitchen’, iconic British and American television programs. (Keep reading: Lisa Presley: the first results of the … Read more