An Italian town attracts Americans to buy its abandoned homes..what is its secret?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Buying dilapidated homes in abandoned Italian villages has become an attraction for many travelers, especially given the huge number of tempting schemes launched by the European country over the past few years. After CNN reported earlier this year that the town of Latronico, deep in southern Italy, launched its … Read more

With the Taliban in the abandoned and destroyed former Italian base

On the monument to the Italian fallen in Afghanistan scarred and forgotten, only these words resist: «You are always with us». All around abandonment, devastation and pillage. It is a blow to the heart to enter a Camp Arena desert, the military Little Italy which for almost twenty years was our most important base in … Read more

Weapons Abandoned in Afghanistan Can Be tampered with by China and Russia

loading… WASHINGTON – Ex president United States of America (USA) Donald Trump said the weapons and military equipment left by the US in Afghanistan could be tampered with by China and Russia. This is Trump’s latest criticism of the withdrawal of US troops from the US Afghanistan . Trump denounced the troop withdrawal as incompetent … Read more

Dogs abandoned at Kabul airport ready to go back to work

In a modest training center at Kabul airport, dozens of dogs abandoned by their owners during evacuations from Afghanistan last month have found a new home, waiting to return to their former job: detecting bombs and explosives. While the identities of their owners remained unknown, the new trainers reported that they found a large number … Read more

the console abandoned by Sony in 2022 for the PS5

Read laterSavedFollow #Video games#Video games Tracking The PS4 has reached new heights 116 million. This is the number of PS4 sold across the globe since the console’s release in November 2013. An absolutely staggering figure, which still places the PS4 behind the PS2, considered by many to be the best console in history. The PS4 … Read more

The Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell abandoned the clergy for a woman author of books on Satanism

The exorcist bishop of the Spanish diocese of Solsony in Catalonia resigned from his priestly service at the end of August. The priest, known for his controversial views, fell in love with the psychologist Silvia Caballol (38), who gained notoriety as a writer of erotic and satanic books. “I fell in love and I want … Read more

He was the star of “Grain”. Today he says that thanks to the TVP program he has abandoned his faith and the Church

Having fun, having an interesting adventure and being on TV. It was for the young boy that he was involved in the Catholic program “Ziarno”. Today, years later, Rafał Kołsut recalls why he left TVP and the Church. Seven-year-old Rafał Kołsut delighted the crew by performing a song he had invented (press materials) The Catholic … Read more

Like Dead City Streets, Hundreds of Classic Cars From Mercedes-Benz to Land Rover Abandoned Here Hundreds of cars from Mercedes-Benz to Land Rover were abandoned. – Maybe some of us think that hundreds of cars in the photo above are on the streets of the dead city that has been abandoned for a long time. Just look, start the brand car Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen (VW), to Land … Read more

They auction for 140 dollars classic cars that were found in abandoned warehouse (+ video)

They were put up for sale, but there are still several units. It is not known who the owner is or where it comes from. In a warehouse near London, United Kingdom, an incredible abandoned collection of nearly 200 vintage classic cars was found, including some of the most prestigious brands such as Mercedes, BMW, … Read more