They abandoned him in space and thanks to that he became the first human to achieve a “trip to the future” – FayerWayer

Time travel is a matter of widely developed in science fiction. Situations like those that happen to Marty Mcfly or the Avengers are not part of reality. Although there is technically one person in the world who in the 1990s became in the first to achieve a trip to the future. Is about Sergei Krikalev, … Read more

BAK Malin Kundang, Has Become a Doctor & Engineer, Abandoned Child by Mother, Sent to Orphanage, Drains Inheritance

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Parents are able to take care of 10 children, but 10 children are not necessarily able to take care of their parents. This statement seems to be true. Parents will do everything for the good of the child, especially about education. That’s what a mother named Faiz Hakim. Realizing that she does not … Read more

Brenda Asnicar abandoned a note because they did not know her name – News

Brenda Asnicar, focused on her musical career and in the middle of the premiere of the video clip of her latest song, left an interview because the interviewer did not remember her name. The uncomfortable situation went viral through a video that Sebastián Manzoni, known as La Tía Sebi, posted on Tik Tok. The artist, … Read more

Uganda, abandoned by her husband because she is pregnant with the fifth pair of twins

History – “Abnormal”. So the woman’s husband, Ssalongo, commented on the news of the arrival of their ninth and tenth child, and then decided immediately after their birth to abandon the woman and all her family alone in what only until a few days before it had been their home. Before he left the marital … Read more

Messina, Giostra junction: circulation resumed after hours. La Uil: “Ridiculous”. Abandoned truck drivers

The circulation on the A20 in the stretch that leads from Rometta a Messina. Priority was given to trucks stored at the station Esso. Towards the end, therefore, the repaving works of the exit ramp of the Giostra junctionfor which it was necessary to close about twenty kilometers of motorway between Rometta and Boccetta in … Read more

Mysteries unraveled: Why does someone lay flowers on the abandoned graves in Borgloon?

“Someone must have an interest in preserving the graves, but why?”, Dirk Houbrechts of the technical service wonders. “Who still has a connection with people who died at least 70 years ago? The other graves are even older, somewhere from the 1800s. The names of some of the deceased are no longer legible. And not … Read more

She thought she would die under the rubble in Luhansk. She was brought back to life by abandoned dogs

Alina Metjolkinová is one of the volunteers who take care of abandoned or stray animals brought to the Ukrainian Dnipro. “Working with animals brings some meaning to my life again. You’re trying for something, that’s the most important thing,” says Alina, who fled to the Dnipro before the war in eastern Ukraine in the first … Read more