Hope: ‘Superticket abolished and no one will pay it anymore’ – Chronicle

“Whenever a person does not take care as he should for economic reasons, we are faced with a defeat for all of us and a violation of the Constitution. For this reason, in December we approved the rule that comes into force on September 1. The Superticket is abolished and nobody will pay more “. … Read more

US court abolished death penalty for attacker from Boston marathon – ČT24 – Czech Television

Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson said in a new report that the judge made a mistake in choosing the jury. He did not ensure that its members were not influenced by the publicity that the case had before the trial began. The judge further said that the ubiquitous reports after the attack included “freezing” photographs and … Read more

The appellant in the US court abolished the death penalty for tonka from the Boston marathon Carnajev | Svt

The U.S. Federal Court of Appeals on Friday overturned the death penalty for Dochar Carnajev, who was convicted of running to the Boston Marathon in April 2013, in which the people died and 260 others were injured. Reuters reported. <!—-> the flow was prepared by Dochar Carnaev together with his old brother Tamerlane. Siblings of … Read more