“Our competitors do not have excise taxes on sugar”

Global brands of soft drinks quickly announced their withdrawal from Russia after the start of the CBO, but in reality they were in no hurry to leave, moreover, they continue to compete in tenders with Russian producers. In an interview with Vedomosti, Natalia Sakhnina, CEO of the Chernogolovka Group, spoke about the peculiarities of the … Read more

Brain Surgery of Flies, Scientists Find Similarities to How AI Works

Flies. ©2013 Merdeka.com Reporter: Merdeka Merdeka.com – Scientists have uncovered the first detailed description of the fly’s brain. The results of this study indicate that the fly brain has similarities with artificial intelligence (AI) networks. This discovery is a major advance for the field of neuroscience. This study managed to provide a complete picture of … Read more

Cristiano offers his mansion in Manchester for sale… and a Spanish newspaper reveals a surprise about his stay in Saudi Arabia

translation exclusiveThe Spanish newspaper Marca revealed that the Portuguese player Al-Nasr, Cristiano Ronaldo, offered his luxurious mansion in Manchester for sale now, after he settled in the Kingdom with his new team, Al-Nasr Club. She explained that he moved with his entire family, his girlfriend, “Georgina and their children,” and all indications indicate that his … Read more

Their tears will flow.. “Al-Dawish” raises a question about Al-Ittihad player “Tareq Hamed”!

Al-Marsad Sports: The sports journalist, “Mohamed Al-Dawish,” asked a question about “Al-Masry,” Tariq Hamed, a professional at Al-Ittihad Club. Al-Dawish said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “I am not, praise be to God, one of the instigators or lurkers, but if Tariq Hamid was a Nasrawi, what would the position of the media … Read more

Al-Harifi tweets about lost time in Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr matches • Al Marsad Sports

Al-Marsad Sports: The former Al-Nasr Club player, Fahd Al-Harifi, posted a tweet about the lost time counted in the 19th round of the Saudi Roshan Professional League competition. And Al-Harifi wrote, through his personal account on social networking sites Twitter, saying: “What was previously lost time has become scary.. Crescent, unity, victory, subconscious, youth and … Read more

The Moscow Exchange clarified the situation with the unfreezing of assets in Euroclear and Clearstream

As part of the latest EU sanctions package, the deadlines for considering documents for unblocking assets in Euroclear and Clearstream have been extended until July 24, 2023, a representative of the Moscow Exchange, which includes NSD, told Vedomosti. On March 2, the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank, Philip Gabunia, announced that the regulators of … Read more

“Si” is my right • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Rabeh Saqr, joked with the audience at his concert “Night of the Falcon” within the activities of the Riyadh Calendar at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater about the saying of the Portuguese victory player Cristiano Ronaldo “siii” that he repeats after celebrating the goals he scores. Rabih appeared in the video, … Read more

The keys to the new vaccination schedule

On January 16, the no.New vaccination schedule for Castilla-La Mancha, which includes five novelties: protection against meningococcal disease by serogroup B for infants; against the flu for children between six and 59 months; against human papillomavirus for 12-year-old boys; against shingles for people turning 65 and 80; and against pneumococcal disease with conjugate vaccine when … Read more

Documents reveal details of a British-Saudi dialogue regarding a settlement of the Palestinian issue

A BBC report presented part of the discussions that took place between former British Foreign Secretary David Owen and the late Saudi King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in the royal palace in Riyadh in mid-May 1977 regarding the Palestinian issue. Two important phrases were recalled that summarized the content of the meeting. The report … Read more

Muhammad Al-Ghamdi comments on Al-Nasr’s protest regarding the disclosure of confidentiality • Al Marsad Sports

Sports Observatory: The sports critic, “Turki Al-Ghamdi”, saw that the issue of Al-Nasr’s protest regarding the disclosure of confidentiality is dangerous. Al-Ghamdi said, through the Sports Harvest Program, that the information leaked before it was announced indicates the existence of breaches in the Disciplinary Committee or the entire Football Association. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi: protest #victory On … Read more