In the absence of Trump leadership, Biden prepares for transition

WILMINGTON, Delaware President Donald Trump’s refusal to cooperate has forced President-elect Joe Biden to seek unusual detours to prepare for the growing threats to public health and national security that he will inherit in just nine weeks. Biden, who does not have access to the intelligence briefings typically received by presidents-elect, had a virtual meeting … Read more

United launches flights to London with a guarantee of absence of Covid | Airline News

The HSBC bank, in a report that has just been published, says that this is the worst moment in the history of airlines and that from now on, due to the improvement of expectations, everything will start to recover. But companies, which still do not notice the entry of money in their boxes, continue to … Read more

They criticize slow and palliative responses in the absence of prevention

The Bajo Chaco, Luque, Areguá, Capiatá, Limpio, in Central, and other cities were hit by the storm. The gusts of wind that exceeded 100 km / h left one dead in Arroyos and Esteros, they also blew roofs, knocked down walls, posters and left hundreds of fallen trees, especially in Asunción. This problem was also … Read more

The symbolic preseason, that handicap in the long run

Julen Lopetegui’s Sevilla has gone from doing two pre-seasons last year, one ordinary in summer and another extraordinary due to confinement, to not doing any. Because the word preseason is very great to what the Sevilla fans did since they returned to work on September 7 until their first official game of this campaign, the … Read more

Gummersbach: trial before lay judge adjourned

Gummersbach – Has the defendant concluded six mobile phone contracts with third parties in order to enrich himself with the associated cell phones? This question has now been investigated by the Gummersbach jury chaired by Ulrich Neef. A 30-year-old from Gummersbach is accused of having concluded six mobile phone contracts with a mobile operator in … Read more

The absence of critical thinking is killing us

With regard to the international month of the fight against breast cancer, which is celebrated every October, I personally want to talk about the existence of a cancer that for years has been killing societies without realizing it. This particular disease is so lethal that it has no cure, and there is no treatment that … Read more

COVID-19 in CDMX: how to process your proof of absence from work if you have the virus or live with someone infected

If you tested positive for COVID-19 or live with someone who tested positive, process your proof of absence from work and stay home (Photo: Gustavo Graf / REUTERS)If you contracted COVID-19 or you live with someone who suffers from it and you have the obligation to go out to work, don’t worry, you can process … Read more

Gustavo N Ferraris’s tweet – “@ Franco_Rossi19 @ marianoluna79 The permanent absence of fertilization depleted the phosphorus (P) and sulfur (S) of the soil. Meanwhile, the fertilized treatments increased the organic matter with respect to the control. The yields increased up to 117 % @intasuelos @ BumperCrop1 “

Hello Franco. I could use this work to quantify the effects of fertilization on yields, where during 14 campaigns, 20 crops, we quantify the yields according to different fertilization strategies.…

History of independent cinema in Cuba: memories of an absence

Can the History of Independent Cinema in Cuba be written at some point? asks the Cuban critic and researcher Juan Antonio García Borrego. Photo: Jorge Luis Baños / IPS While I was reviewing old files, in order to compose this article that I have been requested about the historiography of independent cinema in Cuba, I … Read more

Sports Interactive explains the reasons for the absence of Football Manager 2021 on PS5

Miles Jacobson, Director of Sports Interactive, explained to his followers on social networks the reasons why Football Manager 2021 will not arrive to PS5. As he narrates on his Twitter profile, it is simply because Sony has not sent them the development kits, unlike Xbox. “We talked to Sony, we don’t have the dev kits. … Read more