The case of Kúdela for defeat with Arsenal could not. Ondra’s absence is yes, says Pavel Kuka

AN INTERVIEW He is an unquestionable legend of Slavia, in whose jersey he experienced a number of famous battles. On Thursday, he eagerly awaited his followers to take on another giant challenge. It did not end with success, Slavia lost in retaliation in the quarterfinals of the Arsenal European League 0: 4. According to the … Read more

The scenes of “Sherihan’s return” after 19 years of absence

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Most of those who saw the advertisement noticed that it tells the story of the Mu’tazila artist, and conveys important milestones in her life. In special statements to the site "Sky News Arabia"The director of the advertisement, Mohamed Shaker, reveals the scenes of the work, and responds to the criticisms … Read more

Prince Philip’s funeral. Elizabeth II has no regrets about Meghan’s absence

Prince Harry returned to Britain on Sunday to be quarantined before his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday. His wife Meghan and son Archie stayed in the United States. According to People magazine, Duchess Meghan expressed her condolences to Queen Elizabeth over her husband’s death, and the monarch showed understanding that the pregnant duchess could … Read more

After an absence of 20 years, Sherihan surprised her fans during Ramadan

After an absence of 20 years, the artist, Sherihan, surprised her audience by appearing in a promotional advertisement for a showcase of a telecommunications network in Egypt. Sherihan appeared with her long hair and full fitness and grace, despite the passage of many years since her last show. The announcement was made in an exhibition … Read more

Cao Shuai: Paula, Ronaldo Messi’s absence, the big goal to reduce the average age of the team

Original title: Kashuai: Paula Ruo Messi’s absence problem big goal to reduce the average age of the team Now it is less than a week before the opening of the new season of the Chinese Super League, and the Guangzhou team, which has been silent for a long time, finally appeared in public view yesterday. … Read more

In the absence of VW, the Chinese brand ORA prepares its particular electric Beetle

The idea of ​​turning a classic like the Volkswagen Beetle 100% electric it is far from new. We have seen a good number of projects, from the most particular to those of companies such as eClassics a couple of years ago with a Beetle electric convertible. Now, however, in the absence of Volkswagen deciding to … Read more

The absence of Clubhouse on Android is not a specificity, it is an emergency

When will Clubhouse be available for Android smartphones? Millions of potential users of the American application are still excluded from it. They probably never set foot there any other way. If this might seem like a specificity, in addition to the invitation registration policy, it is now an emergency. Clubhouse must arrive on Android. A … Read more

Hope: yes according to the second dose of Astrazeneca to teachers in the absence of adverse reactions after the first

“Today there are 13 million vaccine injections done and for 3 weeks the curve has seen a first sign of folding. With great frankness I say that we are aware that there is an element of risk with the increase in movements, but the government has made a choice that I strongly defend ”. Thus … Read more

BOLA – Federation clarifies absence of champion trophy in the Azores (Volleyball)

Benfica won the volleyball championship on Sunday when they beat Fonte Bastardo in the Azores, but could not celebrate with the trophy. The party without the delivery of the cup motivated a reaction from the reds, who, in a statement, showed “surprise and rejection” by the situation and stressed that they only accept to receive … Read more

Annoyed, Mourinho reveals the reasons for Alderweireld’s absence against Newcastle: but did he tell the truth?

Tottenham could not do better than a draw this Sunday against Newcastle. A disappointing result in the race for first places. But what surprised before the kick-off, in the composition of Spursis the absence of Toby Alderweireld and Serge Aurier. The two defenders were unable to play against the Magpies because they took too long … Read more