The trapped bishop and the absurd mistake of the Russian Nepomniachtchi at the world chess championship

AGI – Another match and another serious mistake. Ian Nepomniachtchi’s adventure at the world chess championship, underway at Expo 2020 in Dubai, is turning into an ordeal. Today, however, was an even more glaring oversight than the previous ones with the Russian losing a bishop, trapped on an edge of the board, at move twenty-seven. … Read more

Belarus has accused Lithuania of migrants: border guards call it absurd

“Belarusian officials are spreading reports that have nothing to do with reality, accusing Lithuanian border guards of cruel treatment of migrants, their beating to death and even the” throwing “of corpses into Belarus. The Lithuanian SBGS categorically denies such misinformation, and treats similar reports of the neighboring country as absurd, ”the State Border Guard Service … Read more

Kang-in Lee, an absurd replacement… Good interpretation of good performance ”For the selection of the next game” – NO.1 comprehensive sports media, Portal Korea

[스포탈코리아] Kang-in Lee received good reviews despite the defeat of Mallorca. It was an absurd replacement, but the interpretation of the local media was different. Kang-in Lee started 55 minutes in the away match against Rayo Vallecano in the 14th round of the 2021/2022 Spanish La Liga held at Estadio de Vallecas in Madrid on … Read more

He invents an absurd CV to find a job and succeeds

Angelina Leen is not Angelina Lee. Under that pseudonym is a engineer of software that very tired of submitting your resume to companies looking for work and get no response, decided to carry out a experiment which is delighting users of Reddit, where, with the nick AngelinaTheDev is counting how well is he doing. Basically, … Read more

It is absurd to say that PAN participated in the fraud of ’88; the PRI probably: Bravo Mena

Luis Felipe Bravo Mena, who was a political advisor and who wrote the speeches to the then presidential candidate of the PAN In 1988, Manuel J. Clouthier, assured that it is absurd to say that National Action participated in the electoral fraud of that year. In an interview with THE UNIVERSAL -which you can read … Read more

Land Transportation Mandatory PCR/Antigen, YLKI: Absurd Policy!

Jakarta – The government through the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has issued a new policy which states that land travel such as individual motorized vehicles, motorcycles, public motorized vehicles, as well as crossing transportation with a distance of 250 km must carry a certificate of result. PCR or antigens. This policy applies to travel to … Read more

[이슈크래커] Masterpieces, absurd PPL… ‘K-content’ threatens the future

▲Source = ‘Mt. Jirisan’ broadcast screen capture “Does it make sense for a famous brand sandwich to appear in the Jirisan Shelter’s office deep in the mountains?” The tvN drama ‘Mt. Jirisan’, a popular drama writer Kim Eun-hee and actress Jeon Ji-hyun, gathered together and this time, there is a controversy over indirect advertisements (PPL) … Read more

When Big Bang’s Taeyang released it on Instagram, the absurd video that even the crew of SBS’ ‘Oh My God’ was summoned

Instagram ‘__youngbae__’ [인사이트] Reporter Ham Chul-min = Big Bang member Taeyang caught a strange scene while out for a walk in Namsan. The crew of SBS ‘This is the World’, who saw this scene, left a comment. On the 20th, Taeyang posted a video on his Instagram along with the sentence “What? The video released … Read more

His words about expatriates and food crafted by absurd journalism

The media office of Representative Pierre Bou Assi responded in a statement to “the distortion of his words in the House of Representatives from a ridiculous press, which works for ridiculous references,” and said: “Member Bou Assi commented on the file of the expatriate election. Lebanese have preserved some Lebanese traditions, including food, but voting … Read more

Baudet regrets criticism of AIDS statements: ‘Bizarre, absurd framing’

In a post on Instagram, Baudet writes: ‘I’m not saying that AIDS doesn’t exist or that white straight people can’t get it. Only that the chance of that is extremely small. That is why GPs and STD clinics hardly test for it anymore. Unless you belong to a risk group or have had sexual contact … Read more