Shim Hye-jin “I went to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic before marriage, and it was an absurd rumor”

[매일경제 스타투데이 신효원 인턴기자] Actor Shim Hye-jin confessed to rumors before marriage. Channel A’s current affairs program,’Natal High School Alumni’ (hereinafter referred to as’Girl’s High School Alumni’), aired on the 24th, dealt with the story of ovaries and menopause. Shim Hye-jin, who appeared on the day, said, “I don’t have one ovary.” When asked, “How … Read more

Theater of the absurd

Lounging in the overstuffed armchair in the vast study, Gil thought about the absurd, the opposite and opposite of reason, which makes no sense, which is extravagant, irregular, shocking, contradictory (Moliner dixit). Gil wonders why the President offered political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after British justice refused to extradite him to the United … Read more

Xbox tried to buy Nintendo and absurd offer caused laughter from partners

Among those who launched into a possible acquisition early on was apparently Mario’s maker Nintendo, an idea that, according to a recent Bloomberg oral history, received a hearty laugh from the Japanese company. Kevin Bachus, then Xbox’s director of third-party relations, says the team reached out to Nintendo (after getting a “no thanks” from EA) … Read more

NBA: The absurd made bsket: the play in which everything that could go wrong, went wrong

NBA The absurd made bsket: the play in which everything that could go wrong, went wrong Un go to nowhere, a surreal ball steal, a stone on the glass and an ‘airball’. All condensed into 15 seconds of basketball absurdity. Hard to see so much mistake in a single play in the NBA … But … Read more

Turkey boycott threats are absurd

Ankara first tried to use a trade boycott as a foreign policy weapon in 1998, when Rome refused to extradite Kurdish nationalist Abdullah Öcalan. Turkey has made dozens of national boycott attempts since then, but they invariably lose steam quickly. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s most recent boycott threat against France will be no exception. Turkey … Read more

The anecdote of an encounter with Gengar opens the debate on the most unfair and absurd Pokémon battles in the community – Nintenderos

The subreddit r/Pokémon has recently given much to talk about when user TheLego27 shared a cunning way in which he won a battle against a Gengar in the popular Battle of Factory Emerald Pokémon. The player was cornered, they only had one Pokémon remaining, a Swampert that couldn’t defend itself because it only had the … Read more

‘Cuéntame cosicas’ puts a Murcian accent on the theater of the absurd

MURCIA. A “Murcian show for all of Spain”, made up of 4 sketches and a sainete in which different themes in which manners and the absurd coexist are approached, from comedy; or both. All this with a pronounced Murcian accent, in the most literal sense of these words. This is what it promises Tell me … Read more

Eúgène Ionesco, the king of the theater of the absurd

You may also like The theater of the absurd aims to show the futility of human existence in an unpredictable world with a humorous and bold touch that only Samuel Beckett Y Eugène Ionesco they have mastered mastery. Originally from Slatina, Romania, the playwright Eugène Ionesco Born on November 26, 1909 and he divided his … Read more

Premier League: Nicolas Pépé apologizes to Arsenal fans after absurd expulsion

Nicolas Pépé apologized to Arsenal fans after being sent off for heading midfielder Ezgjan Alioski in the goalless draw at Leeds United. The Ivory Coast forward was sent off in the 51st minute by referee Anthony Taylor following a VAR review of a clash between the two players, which revealed Pépé thrusting his head forward … Read more