How to report abusive comments in voice chats on Playstation 5

Sony will fight against toxic users Online gambling is one of the great attractions for many players and players. However, there are times when it can be a real horror. Especially for the female players because there are users (to call them in some polite way) who have not yet realized that everyone has the … Read more

Bolivia: Áñez denounces Morales as “abusive predator of girls” after reports of rape | International

The transitional president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, this Wednesday qualified the former president of that country Evo Morales of “Abusive predator of girls”, for rape complaints against him. Jeanine Áñez referred to these complaints in statements to the media before an event in La Paz, in which she said she was ashamed of what she … Read more

“There is no vocation that can bear it”: a doctor’s complaint about the abusive shifts on duty | Society

The second wave of coronavirus already lurks throughout the territory. Infections are multiplying and more and more people need health care. However, the Health System is on the verge of collapse. After having played the guy in the front line during the first wave, and without respite in between, many professionals feel saturated and without … Read more

Banks: Find out what abusive practices are already prohibited in financial institutions | SBS | BCP | BBVA | SCOTIABANK | INTERBANK | BANBIF | CREDISCOTIA | RIPLEY BENCH | BANCO FALABELLA

Since this weekend, the modifications in the regulation of conduct of the financial system market, established by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS). This SBS Resolution No. 1870-2020 indicates a list of banking practices classified as abusive, which will be prohibited and cannot be applied by banks. What are the bad practices? – … Read more

Migrants flee the hotspot And the mayor De Luca closes it: “Abusive”

The Interior Ministry has five days to clear the Bisconte neighborhood hotspot in Messina. Mayor Cateno De Luca launched the aut aut to the government by signing an ordinance that will come into force in a few hours regarding the migrant center. “I made official through a special press conference the closure of the structure … Read more