The imminent collapse of the largest digital currency.. the market is on the edge of the abyss “Re-escalation” By

© Reuters – As regulatory pressures come to the fore once again, warnings of a widening cryptocurrency meltdown, led by Bitcoin, are rising as fears of an economic recession grow. Hours ago, China decided to ban the use of digital currencies or promote and advertise it with the largest Chinese communication program, WeChat, while … Read more

Cryptocurrencies are on the edge of the abyss… and Bitcoin is heading to this level

Co-founder and chief investment officer at Absolute Strategy Research, Ian Harnett, has warned of the imminent collapse of Bitcoin. Harnett predicted that the most valuable cryptocurrency would likely drop to $13,000 – roughly a 40% drop from current levels. “We will continue to sell these types of Cryptocurrencies In this environment.” “It is a question … Read more

Thanks to the Helping Hand of the God of Money, These are 3 Shioes who Rise from the Abyss of Poverty and Are Able to Turn Things Around, Auto Rich

Sonora.ID – The wheel of life is really spinning. No one will know about the events that lie ahead of him. It is not impossible that the wealth that we have today is taken back by God and vice versa, unexpected sustenance actually comes from any side. According to Chinese astrological predictions, there are some … Read more

“a deep sound, heavy as the sound of the wind at the bottom of an abyss”

A mysterious song. As a black hole has just been discovered in the heart of our galaxy, NASA has released the sound of the Perseus black hole, one of the most massive clusters of galaxies in the known universe. Amazing sound. Sound of a ship taking off, enigmatic music from certain video games, the sound … Read more

Galassia Freddi: red alert of the CGIL of Mantua: “Three companies on the brink of the abyss”

Sos to the prefect: «A few days wages and places at risk. Federica Freddi’s plan is just smoke and mirrors “ Monica Viviani 12 Maggio 2022 MANTUA. The salaries that are likely not to arrive as early as next month, the deliveries that are reduced in line with production, the unsecured term positions: that of … Read more

Euroleague champions pushed the Milan club to the abyss

The Euroleague champions Anadolu Efes broke the Milan Olympics on Tuesday at 77:65 (25:17, 17:18, 17:21, 18: 9) and took the lead again in the quarter-finals, with up to three victories. After the third match of the series, the result was 2: 1 in favor of the Turkish club, and in another match on Thursday, … Read more

Absorb the abyss of misfortune: 3 signs of the zodiac will overwhelm the fateful changes in the coming days

Dashing changes will swirl 3 signs of the zodiac at once, which were designated by astrologers. In the next three days of April, representatives of this sign should be extremely careful and prudent in life. The abyss of misfortune can swallow these people very soon. In the tenth of April, Taurus stars are advised to … Read more

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling will land physically on Switch and PS4 this fall

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Fallingthe RPG the accin and 3D based on the manga created by Akihito Tsukushi, arrive in physical format this fall for PS4 and Nintendo Switch; the title will reach PC (Steam) the same day as the rest of the versions, although only digitally. To celebrate, Meridiem Games has shared a … Read more

Truck Enters Abyss in Wonosobo, Driver and Kernet from Rembang Killed

WONOSOBO – A single accident was experienced by a tronton truck falling into a ravine on the Temanggung-Wonosobo route in Prumbanan Hamlet, Purwojati Village, Kertek, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. As a result, two residents of Sumberagung Village, Pancur District, Rembang died. They are truck drivers and assistants. “This incident is also a single accident. The … Read more

7 Foods and Drinks That Make Uric Acid Abyss, Easy and Cheap!

Sunday, March 13, 2022 – 06:10 WIB 7 foods and drinks that are cheap and easy to find around us to deal with high uric acid. Illustration: Ricardo/, JAKARTA – Eating green vegetables has many benefits, but if you eat too much you will get gout. Because, green vegetables have high purine levels. Gout … Read more