«The resignation of the archbishop of Paris? Accept, but the sin of the flesh is not the most serious. I see two dangers against democracy »- Corriere.it

from Gian Guido Vecchi Interview with the Pope on the return flight after the trip to Cyprus and Greece: “The document proposed by the European Commission for internal communication is” an anachronism, the fashion for a watered-down secularism “ FROM THE PAPAL FLIGHT – Flight A34994 from Athens took off just over half an hour … Read more

Andrés García and ‘Platanito’ accept that they had links with drug cartels – El Financiero

The journalist’s book Anabel Hernandez, Emma and the other narco ladies, has put in check to the entertainment industry in Mexico after several members of the show business were related to characters such as ‘La Barbie’ or the Beltrán-Leyva. Faced with the refusals of Galilea Montijo or Ninel Conde, now those who have been related … Read more

Victims of L12 will accept reparation of the damage

A group of 20 families of victims of the Metro Line 12 will agree to adhere to the reparation of the damage requested by the 10 former officials accused in the file for the collapse of the raised section on May 3, as part of the dispute resolution mechanism to avoid a trial, said attorney … Read more

Minsalud says it will accept vaccination documents from abroad – Health

From November 16, in Colombia The requirement of the coronavirus vaccination card was made mandatory to allow access to public or private spaces that involve massive assistance. (Keep reading: Full vaccination card will be required from December 14 in bares) Specifically, the Ministry of Health explained that the document must be presented in which it … Read more

The Germans are divided on whether to accept migrants stranded at the Belarusian-Polish border

Many of those trapped between Belarus and Poland are from Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan or Iran and hope to reach Germany. According to a YouGov survey, about 45 percent only 9% of Germans oppose the admission of some migrants pending the processing of their asylum applications. respondents were in favor of allowing migrants to apply … Read more

Chiquis Rivera: “I had a girlfriend and my mother did not accept it”

Mezcalent The singer and television presenter Chiquis Rivera told for the first time how her mother, the late singer Jenni Rivera, reacted when she found out that she was romantically involved with a woman. “I was 23 years old, and I loved that girl. It was not a sexual relationship, it was more mental, it … Read more

“The farmer is looking for a wife” 8: Marek did not accept Ela in his house! Fans: “A really mysterious guy”

Elżbieta and Marek’s date in “The farmer is looking for a wife” was really romantic, but Internet users criticize the farmer candidate for the idea with a wedding ring. Why did the man invite the farmer to his friend’s house? Elżbieta and Marek in the last episode of “The farmer is looking for a wife” … Read more

[Karate]Get out of the ebb and fly again Liu Muchang: Only when you lose and accept can you grow

[Sports Road Special News]”You can only grow if you lose and accept.” The Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist and Hong Kong karate “first sister” Liu Mushang (Grace) won the women’s individual event at the World Championships in Dubai last Saturday (20). season,Won the bronze medal for two consecutive years. After the excitement, she posted a post … Read more

the federation that has marched together with A. Pukelis against S. Malinauskas “will not accept it”

Lithuanian football fans are accustomed to the most defending national team, which flashes only occasionally. Similar events are taking place not only on the football field, but also in LFF’s legal fight against video blogger Skirmantas Malinauskas. The courts are going to fight to the end On December 7, the LFF Executive Committee will decide … Read more

GTA Mods Refuse to Accept Take-Two Charge

The project, called re3, aimed to expose the source code of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Thest Auto Vice City. With the open-source source code, improvements were made to the original titles, such as an improved camera, shorter loading times and support for wider monitors. Keeping in mind GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, … Read more