Gay Santa kisses man in Norwegian commercial: ‘Without visibility, no acceptance’ | Abroad

A Norwegian commercial in which Santa gets into a relationship with a man, including a kiss, has received international acclaim. The Norwegian postal company Posten Norge is celebrating with the advertisement that homosexuality has been banned in the country for exactly 50 years. Wouter Peer 24 nov. 2021 In When Harry met Santa – a … Read more

Michelle Salas opens up about her self-esteem on tough days

6/6 Instead of focusing on the bad things, I socialized her tries to find solutions or do things that help her to highlight your self love, self esteem and acceptance, which is what it is for pamper yourself, go out with friends or enjoy your favorite dishes. If you are having a bad day or … Read more

Acceptance of a new batch of university graduates at the Military College “specialists in October 2021”

Lieutenant-General Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, approved the announcement of the acceptance of a new batch of graduate studies and qualifications holders and graduates of public and private universities, the Military College, October 2021 batch, which includes (117) doctors and (67) mixed specialists. And batch (109) female … Read more

US Drone Attack in Kabul Allegedly Kills NGO Worker and Family Members

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Drone attack The United States claimed to have killed an ISIS-K suicide bomber in Kabul apparently killed 10 civilians, including a humanitarian worker and seven children, investigative report says New York Times on Friday. The drone strike was launched after hours of surveillance on Aug. 29 against a vehicle that U.S. officials … Read more

Afghans: Wild, Dirty and Unmannered Taliban Members

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Within a month since the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, local residents feel uncomfortable with the presence of the group. Quoted from Reuters news agency, residents are uncomfortable seeing part of the Taliban armed group spending most of their time on patrol, carrying firearms, wearing combat equipment, without a clear chain of … Read more

For the first time in the history of institutes, Al-Azhar announces the acceptance of those who obtained the general preparatory certificate

The Al-Azhar institutes sector announced the admission of students who obtained a general preparatory certificate and wished to join Al-Azhar Al-Sharif for the first time in the history of Al-Azhar institutes. Al-Azhar institutes set a number of rules for admission, which are: 1- The student obtains 70% of the total grades of the General Preparatory … Read more

Demonstrations in Kabul suspended

It was Wednesday night that the Taliban announced that demonstrations now need permission from the Ministry of Justice, and that no demonstrations are allowed at the moment. Earlier this week, protests erupted with hundreds of participants in several places in Afghanistan, including the capital Kabul. In the city of Herat, two people were shot and … Read more

The Taliban identified a destroyed CIA base in Kabul

Demolished buildings, destroyed vehicles and piles of ammunition remain in the complex, which was previously one of the safest places in Afghanistan. The base is located on a dusty plain, not far from the former US military base Eagle base and close to the airport. – We let them go in peace and quiet, and … Read more

Pakistan Branch Taliban Conducts Suicide Attack, Three Killed

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Three paramilitary forces Pakistan reportedly killed in a suicide bomb attack on Sunday. In addition to the three dead, the related attack also left 20 Pakistanis injured. The Tehrik-e-Taliban claimed to be the party responsible for the terror. According to them, one of the points that will be vulnerable to attack is … Read more

Coordination of military colleges.. Reducing the acceptance rate at the Air College for

10:16 AM Saturday 04 September 2021 Books – Muhammad Sami: Lieutenant-General Muhammad Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, approved the reduction of the percentage of admission to the Air College. According to the decision, the coordination of admission to the Air College was reduced from 55% to 52% … Read more