“Diablo 4” Beta Early Access breaks 1 million players, Blizzard intends to add more “Butcher’s Surprise” | 4Gamers

“Diablo IV” (Diablo IV) received a lot of response in the Beta early experience last weekend. No matter the feedback is good or bad, Blizzard officially claimed that more than 1 million players joined the early experience, and they expect to have a free public test in this weekend’s Beta Invite more players for server … Read more

Oppositions ask for civic access to the documents on Cutro

The oppositions in Parliament have asked for civic access to information and administrative documents relating to the shipwreck of Steccato di Cutro on 26 February. The request is addressed to the Prime Minister Meloni, to the ministers Salvini and Piantedosi, to the prefects Valenti and Galzerano, and to the National Sea Rescue Coordination Center. The … Read more

The preview of Paradox’s new simulation work “Life by You” is released, and the early access will start in September | 4Gamers

Paradox Interactive’s upcoming simulation work “Life by You” released the latest information today (21), and will officially start the Early Access stage on the PC platform from September 13. “Life by You” is designed to become one of the open-ended life simulation games with the highest degree of freedom in modules. The development team behind … Read more

The Russians were denied access to the coast of Valdai with the houses of Putin and Kabaeva – media

The area of ​​a specially protected natural area exceeds the island state of Malta, journalists say. Ordinary Russians have been banned from visiting half of Lake Valdai, allegedly for “environmental” reasons. However, on its shore are the residences of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his probable mistress Alina Kabaeva. In particular, access is now closed … Read more

MS ‘Bing’ search, immediate access without waiting

Receiving a one-time code and accessing the new Bing search It is reported that you no longer have to wait to use Microsoft’s new ‘Bing’ search, which runs on GPT-4. Professional media outlets such as Windows Central and TechCrunch reported on the 16th (local time) that there is still an add waiting list button on … Read more

Mexico is urged to access monkeypox vaccine

Mexico City.- Activists urged the Mexican government to guarantee the vaccine against monkeypox or mpox, stating that despite being one of the countries most affected by the disease, its population does not have access to the biological. At the “Regional Symposium on Monkeypox #MpoxMX2023”, Jorge Saavedra, executive director of the AHF Global Public Health Institute … Read more

The Outlast Trials Rilis Early Access di Mei 2023 • Jagat Play

How many of you have heard of the developer Red Barrels before? For those who love the horror genre, this name will certainly be familiar. That’s right, they are the brains of the Outlast series, which managed to frighten many gamers through two phenomenal series. With a lore that is related to one another, there … Read more

How to access Resident Evil 4 Demo’s Hardest Mode without Random

Netizens reveal how to enter the hardest mode like Mad Chainsaw of the game Resident Evil 4 Demo without having to waste time pressing randomly now On March 13, 2023, one Twitter user revealed how to enter the hardest mode like Mad Chainsaw of Resident Evil 4 Demo without wasting time pressing Random by pressing … Read more

The first-person action game “Office Hell” launched an early access “Hell Of An Office” on the Steam platform

A first-person action game developed by independent game development team 43 Studios and published by Joystick Ventures “office hell(Temporary translation, original name: Hell of an Office)” has been available on the Steam platform for early access starting today (15th). 《office hellis a first-person 3D action game that puts you in the role of a frustrated … Read more