How do you know which applications on your phone have access to your location?

To function properly, some applications that we download from Play Store they ask us for permission to access our contacts, Location, camera, microphone, among other functions that our phone has. The problem is that some, especially those developed by little-known companies, ask for too many accesses. This raises many suspicions and it is best to … Read more

Foreigners in France – State medical aid: changes in access conditions and rights

Credits: © goodluz – AdobeStock Since 1is January 2021, the conditions for granting state medical aid (AME) for foreigners in an irregular situation and the procedures for requesting it have changed. New form, change in support times: take stock with the Health Insurance. Requirement The AME applicant must now reside in France for at … Read more

A new campaign on networks advises where to call if you are denied access to legal abortion

After promulgating the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy law and being published today in the Official Gazette, a new campaign was launched on social networks to warn women and pregnant people where to call if access to legal abortion is denied in a center Health. Although the law decriminalizes and legalizes the termination of pregnancy by … Read more

Aid for businesses: “Traders and artisans have access only to loans guaranteed by the State”, deplores the deputy Émilie Cariou

Thursday, January 14, the government announced the establishment of a general curfew from 6 p.m. throughout France. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, announced new measures to help companies impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. “It is good that there is economic aid and financial aid (…). On the other hand, what we can … Read more

More than 90% of the population will have access to health insurance

In 2021, the rate of the population with access to social insurance and unemployment insurance will register an increase between 0.2% and 0.5% of the plan proposed in Resolution No. 28-NQ / TW. As for health insurance, about 91.58% of the population will have access to it. >> More than 5.2 million people benefit from … Read more

10% of students do not have access to online classes in BC | ELIMPARCIAL.COM

One in ten students in Baja California does not have access to education during this pandemic, due to the lack of internet or technological equipment to connect to online classes, authorities revealed. The same head of the State Secretary of Education, Catalino Zavala Márquez, acknowledged that in the entity, 10% of the students were limited … Read more

Brexit workshops. UK Market Access Guides and Customs Procedures 2021

Call status: Disclosure Registration dates: From 18/01/21, 0:00 h to 26/01/21, 21:00 h Celebration dates: From 27/01/21, 12:00 h to 27/01/21, 13:30 h Confirmed dates: Yes Information: Brexit workshops. UK Market Access Guides as of January 1, 2021. From the Secretary of State for Commerce, The Chambers of the Valencian Community and the Conselleria d’Economia … Read more

Mini tournament to access the D1B: Liège denies having taken a lawyer

<!– By M.D | Published on 1/13/2021 11:07 AM While a white season is looming on the horizon, the National 1 clubs are looking for solutions to limit the damage. While the D1B championship is going normally, some formations would like to find solutions to reach this level. In information revealed by Sporza and then … Read more

FOVISSSTE 2021: how to access one of the Credit Points System

Head of FOVISSSTE announces more credits to acquire a house (Photo: Twitter @ FOVISSSTEmx)The ISSTE Housing Fund (FOVISSSTE) released 15 thousand more pages of credits “Tradicionales” through the 2021 Scoring System and during the first 11 days of January has had an advance of 31 percent of the total applications registered during this year, reported … Read more

Blind people around the world access adapted books

Spain has made available to people with severe visual impairment around the world a documentary collection of braille books and other accessible formats with more than 66,000 publications to be downloaded and thus access more information and knowledge among blind people. The ONCE has launched this initiative agreed in the Marrakesh Treaty for the free … Read more