the editor of “Fortnite” is denied access to the Apple application store

The standoff continues between Epic Games and Apple. The editor of Fortnite Can no longer design applications for users of iPhone and other Apple devices: the electronics and technology giant closed its account on Friday, August 28. “We are disappointed that we had to close the Epic Games account in the App Store. We have … Read more

Mapping school internet connectivity for access to digital learning opportunities | Socialnetlink

Mapping the internet connectivity of schools is the initiative of Ericsson and Unicef. Over three years, this initiative aims to identify gaps in connectivity in 35 countries, including Senegal, by 2023. Mapping the internet connectivity of schools and surrounding communities is an essential step in enabling every child to access digital learning opportunities. The program … Read more

Who could access the Universal Income of 17 thousand pesos

They estimate that some 4 million people will be covered by this Universal Income, which will comprise a monthly sum of money, would provide training and access to employment. When would the new plan begin. The national government announced that, after the Emergency Family Income, created to help the neediest people in the face of … Read more

Young medical graduates will be able to access scholarships – research internship

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, ASCOFAME and the Pfizer Colombia Scientific Institute, invite young people from the country up to 28 years of age to participate in the call for the ‘Young Investigators and Innovators in Medicine’ Program. This initiative will grant scholarships-internships in research for the development of the Obligatory Social Service … Read more

Disney + Premier Access with early access to Mulan movie costs 22 euros – IT Pro – News

The tricky part is the price. In the cinema you get a ticket per person, and a lot of that money goes to the film studios, especially in the first weeks. That yields quite a bit of money per group / family. The film studios have been slowly creeping towards more streaming and watching at … Read more

Apple must give Epic access to development accounts but can ban Fortnite – IT Pro – News

Apple must continue to give Epic Games access to its development accounts because the impact on the Unreal Engine and its users would be too great, the US judge has ruled in a preliminary injunction. Banning Fortnite from the App Store will not cause irreparable damage. If Apple Epics were to block access to the … Read more

Ottawa facilitates access to work for visitor status holders

Visitors who are in Canada and receive a valid job offer will be able to apply for and receive a work permit without having to leave the country, according to a new temporary policy unveiled Monday by Ottawa. The measure, which came into effect at the time of its announcement, applies to all persons with … Read more

Safe access and decriminalization: solutions against opioid overdoses – RCI

A new Canadian study concludes that a safer supply of opioid-based drugs would represent a pragmatic and ethical response to the country’s overdose crisis. (Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS / Chad Hipolito) The public health response to the opioid overdose crisis must be to provide a safer form of supply and decriminalize drug use, not to … Read more

Rogue Legacy 2 Gameplay: Try to beat the early access boss! (Commented video)

Gameplay Rogue Legacy 2: We’re trying to beat the early access boss! (Commented video) Rogue Legacy 2 launches its early access. The action / exploration Rogue-lite returns seven years later to make us suffer. Not free from flaws, the title of Cellar Door Games will have to take advantage of this phase of early access … Read more

Employment Insurance and PKU: $ 37 billion to expand access

OTTAWA | The Trudeau government will extend the PKU by four weeks and intends to introduce three new benefits to allow Canadians without access to employment insurance to qualify. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland made the announcement Thursday on Parliament Hill, along with her colleague at Employment, Carla Qualtrough. The new programs they introduced, called … Read more