Rolls-Royce settles accusations of discrimination and pays $ 135,000

Rolls-Royce car emblem (Photo: Pixabay) PRINCE GEORGE, VA (AP) – Rolls-Royce agreed to pay $ 135,000 to 26 women who were not selected for machine-operating positions at its Virginia factory. The settlement addresses allegations of discrimination in hiring. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Enforcement Programs said Tuesday that the company had … Read more

Ramón Calderón is silent after the accusations of Kiko Rivera

12/10/2012 Ram n Calder n, in an archive image EUROPE ESPA A SOCIEDAD Lawyer, DJ’s legal representative in the distribution of Paquirri’s inheritance, could take legal action against Kiko after his latest statements MADRID, 20 YEARS OLD (CHANCE) Ramón Calderón has become one of the most wanted people in recent days. The lawyer, friend of … Read more

Turkish Foreign Ministry: “The unfounded accusations in the declaration of the Special Procedures Mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council are not true”

Ankara, November 14, AZERTAC The baseless allegations mentioned in the statement of the Special Procedures Mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council are not true. The reason for the spread of this fairy news is Armenia’s intention to divert attention from its illegal occupation and create the impression of a so-called “affected country fighting … Read more

Republicans pressure Trump’s team to detail accusations

Trump seeks to challenge election results 3:40 (CNN) — Republican Party leaders nervously watch President Donald Trump’s erratic handling of an election that is slipping away from him. And they delicately urge the president and his team to present clear arguments about electoral irregularities that denounce or accept the will of the American people. As … Read more

Republican leaders revolt at Trump’s fraud accusations without evidence

President Donald Trump’s efforts to insist without proof on the existence of electoral fraud is being responded to by some Republican leaders. “If you count the legal votes, I have won easily,” Trump said in a short speech from the White House Thursday night. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal … Read more

Midtjylland, the Cinderella of the Champions League: from Big Data to accusations of youth “trafficking”

In Group D of the Champions League, alongside Liverpool, Atalanta and Ajax, plays a team whose name is difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to spell: Football Club Midtjylland. By beating Slavia Prague In the playoffs in the final qualifying round, the Danish team made history and secured for the first time a place … Read more

British police sit on the bench for new accusations of racism

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 The voice of Galicia juan francisco alonso london / e. the voice 02/11/2020 05:00 h Saturday July 4, 2020. The athlete Bianca Williams and her partner, also the Portuguese runner Ricardo dos Santos, were driving their car through north London when a London Metropolitan Police patrol stopped them. The … Read more

Fernando Balda ratifies his accusations against General Jorge Vargas – Investigation – Justice

On the morning of this Monday, from Quito in Ecuador, the politician Fernando Balda was confirmed in his accusations against General Jorge Luis Vargas, current Director of Citizen Security of the Police, about his alleged participation in the kidnapping of which he was a victim in Bogotá, in August 2012. General Vargas, in an interview … Read more

Peter Schiff investigated for tax evasion and denies such accusations – BeInCrypto

American investor and Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has been embroiled in a multi-jurisdictional tax evasion investigation involving authorities from Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The alleged investigation focuses on the activities of Euro Pacific Bank, based in Puerto Rico, founded by Schiff and which according to Australian authorities has … Read more

Espionage and illicit businesses: Maduro’s ‘relationship’ with Barranquilla

Counterintelligence On September 3, Colombian authorities captured, in Barranquilla and Bogotá, four Venezuelan citizens accused of participating in the failed Gideon operation, which allegedly sought to destabilize the Venezuelan government. In Bogotá, they arrested Rayder Alexander Russo Márquez and the brothers Juvenal and Juven José Sequea Torres. In Barranquilla there was Yacsy Alexandra Álvarez Mirabal, … Read more