Two cousins ​​died in the accident, the investor accused of road murder sentenced to seven years

The arrival in court of Dimitre Traykov The sentence was not welcomed by the relatives of the victims. The grandmother: “It’s not fair, two little girls have died and seven years is not a sufficient sentence”. The mother of one of the victims: “Three and a half years for a life …” PORDENONE. Dimitre Traykov, … Read more

A boss accused of fraud and abuse for 5.7 million euros: “He’s a megalomaniac who needs to appear”, testifies a victim (in photo)

Beginning of the trial. In particular, he bought two racehorses for 2 million and then sold them to his other company for €248,000. Sébastien Docks Published on 28-06-2022 at 06:53 – Updated 2022-06-28 at 10:53 am ©D.R “He was a friend. I had known him for a long time, long before I worked for him. … Read more

Accused of stealing cellphones, boy from Padang dies molested on ship bound for Makassar

KATASUMBAR – A boy from Padang was reported to have died because he was abused aboard the Dharma Kencana 7 motorboat (KM). The ship sailed from Surabaya to Makassar. The boy is known to have the initials DP. Quoted from, DP was reportedly killed after being accused of allegedly stealing a passenger’s cellphone. The … Read more

Kim Kardashian accused of adding a filter to tonight’s show

According to Kim Kardashian fans, Les Kardashian star was using a face filter during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The charges are part of a long list of allegations that have been leveled against Kim for photoshopping, filtering and altering her appearance. The star appeared on The show tonight to … Read more

Sanne from Bachelor Belgium accused of alcoholism by fellow candidate

In the Grazia Summer Book Sanne tells about a rather unpleasant experience she had with fellow candidate Vanessa. She would have deliberately lied to Fabrizio. “During her 1-on-1 date, Vanessa told Fabrizio that I am an alcoholic, which is anything but true. Sure, we sometimes drank wine with the girls, but at home I exercise … Read more

Russia, replacing warlords accused of fiasco, betrays the real situation

Several Russian publications have confirmed that the current Chief of Staff of the Central Military District, Colonel Mikhail Teplinsky, will replace the current Commander of the Russian Air Force, Colonel Andrei Serdiukov. Ukrainian sources had previously reported on June 17 that the Kremlin had dismissed Serdiukov for poor results during the invasion and large casualties, … Read more

Israeli missile siren wailing, Iranian hacker accused of perpetrator

loading… A person views a video on an Israeli website that was hacked by an Iranian group calling itself Hacking Saviours at an office in Jerusalem, May 21, 2020. Photo/Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 TEL AVIV – Israeli cybersecurity officials believe enemy-led cyberattacks are responsible for a number of false siren alerts that blared for nearly an hour … Read more

Elon Musk is sued for 258 billion dollars – accused of pyramid schemes

Elon Musk is known for his occasional controversial behavior and fresh outbursts on social media, and he also attracts a significant number of critics. Now some of them have filed a giant class action lawsuit against the contractor, reports among others Forbes and Reuters. Musk personally, in addition to his two companies Tesla and SpaceX, … Read more

The pharmaceutical giant accused of fake news on the competing drug

It allegedly promoted a “deceptive” communication campaign to discredit the competing drug and maintain its leadership in the treatment of iron deficiency. With this accusation, the European Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation into Vifor Pharma, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant. The company, which prides itself on being a “global leader” in the areas of … Read more