Turkey distributes 337 life sentences among those accused of the 2016 coup • Hola News

TURKEY GOLPISMO Istanbul / Ankara, Nov 26 (EFE) .- Three and a half years after the failed coup that shook Turkey in 2016, the judges have put an end this Thursday to one of the largest trials against those responsible, with life sentences for 333 military and four civilians. In the macro-trial there were 475 … Read more

The Mar del Plata actor accused of participating in a robbery surrendered

Thursday, November 26, 2020 – 8:53 AM Nicolás Gualco, surrendered in the town of Campana after the request for release from prison had been rejected and was transferred to Mar del Plata. In the case, he is accused of having handed over to a friend of his to have a large sum of money stolen … Read more

Senior Apple employee accused of trying to bribe police with iPads

Apple’s Chief Security Officer Thomas Moyer He was charged with bribery with two California police officers, as reported by the Santa Clara County (United States) District Attorney’s Office. According to the researchers, Moyer offered to ship 200 iPads worth about $ 70,000 to the sheriff’s office in exchange for four licenses for concealed carrying of … Read more

Apple security chief accused of trying to bribe police with iPads in exchange for permission to carry weapons

The prosecutor noted that deputy sheriffs viewed gun licenses as merchandise and were looking for buyers. The Santa Clara County, California, District Attorney’s Office has announced that a grand jury indicted Apple’s chief of security, Thomas Moyer, and two deputy sheriffs for bribery, according to comes off of department materials. According to investigators, Moyer offered … Read more

John Cleese and other celebrities accused of being homophobic and transphobic

HHollywood is one of the most avant-garde places on Earth, a place from which fashions and all kinds of political and social movements are born. And yet, it is also home to many celebrities who cannot adapt to the 21st century and learn that neither love nor identity knows about genders. Many stars have made … Read more

Apple security chief accused of offering iPads as a bribe for concealed weapons permits »Que Nube

A California grand jury has accused Apple’s global security chief, accused of attempting to bribe Santa Clara County officials to obtain firearms licenses (CCW), according to a press release. Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen alleges that Thomas Moyer offered 200 iPads, worth about $ 70,000, to Captain James Jensen and Sheriff Rick Sung at … Read more

Jennifer Lopez is accused of copying Beyoncé at the 2020 American Music Awards – E! Online Latino

“Does anyone realize that J.Lo is plagiarizing Beyonce in her performance in the mistresses,” commented one Twitter user. “Now why did J Lo steal everything from Beyoncé like that?” Another posted, “J.Lo copied Beyoncé’s performance at the 2013 AMAs and no one can tell me otherwise.” At this time, Jennifer has yet to publicly comment … Read more

They ask for sentences of three and a half years in prison for two accused of cheating in a home purchase in Córdoba

CÓRDOBA, Nov. 22 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Prosecutor’s Office asks for sentences of three years and six months in prison for two men accused of crimes of fraud on housing allegedly committed on two people with whom they entered into a housing lease with the option to buy. The trial is expected to be held … Read more

Johnson criticized for defending a minister accused of workplace harassment

The head of the British Government, Boris Johnson, resists an avalanche of criticism for its unconditional defense of a minister who verbally abused officials in her charge. Ministerial Ethics Advisor Sir Alex Allan, who oversaw an investigation of the allegations, concluded that Interior Minister Priti Patel broke the official code with an abusive tendency to … Read more

Meghan Markle is accused of being jealous of members of the royal family

Meghan Markle Royal author Angela Levin revealed the extent of the alleged jealousy that was brewing between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal fold. In the wake of the Megxit, and the coldness that Meghan Markle has been giving the royal family, an expert has come forward to accuse the Duchess of harboring … Read more