Victim of threats, Latefa Ahrare files a complaint, the accused arrested

By Nisrine Zaoui on 01/15/2022 at 7:03 p.m. The blackmailer of actress Latefa Ahrrare has been identified and taken into custody. This is what the artist explains in a video on Instagram where she tells the facts and encourages Moroccan citizens to file a complaint when they are victims of such aggression. aA Victim of … Read more

Trader accused of coup squandered in Paris and Aspen. See photos and video

One trader, a resident of São Paulo, is accused of embezzlement by a group of approximately 180 investors. According to the victims, Rodrigo Lyra, 26, posted on social media that he was doubling, through operations on the Stock Exchange, the amount that each one sent him, through the pix. Amounts ranging from R$500 to R$35,000 … Read more

Accused of holding weekly “wine parties” in Downing Street

Things are going badly for Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the day. After more party revelations Lately, it may now seem that Johnson has been taken with his pants down once again. In addition to holding illegal garden parties during Britain’s several shutdowns, the prime minister is said to have encouraged Downing Street employees to … Read more

Chris Noth, aka “Mr Big”, accused of sexual assault: his wife in tears and without her wedding ring (video)

In December, a new woman accused American actor Chris Noth, famous for his role as Mr. Big in the series “Sex and the City”, of sexual assault, but will not be able to press charges, the facts that she denounces being prescribed. The total number of women who have spoken out against him now stands … Read more

Discomfort at the Brussels Conservatory after a student was accused of sexual assault

Several students from the Brussels Conservatory “have a ball in their stomachs” at the idea of ​​rubbing shoulders with one of their classmates. The latter is indeed suspected of having sexually assaulted several people outside the walls of the establishment. According to Pomegranates who investigated this story, 11 students out of the 13 present in … Read more

“My life was never easy”: Kanye West shares a controversial image on his Instagram shortly after being accused of hitting a fan

Published: 14 ene 2022 10:04 GMT The image published by the rapper is quite bloody, and has divided his followers between those who ask him to remove it, those who defend it as a work of art and those who speculate that it would be the cover of the musician’s new album. American rapper Ye, … Read more

Dayron Martín is “shocked” after learning that Anelhí Arias “returned” with her ex-partner accused of physical aggression

What happened? Through an interview he gave to a local media outlet, the popular Dayron Martin She surprised everyone by confessing that she was not aware of what was happening with the mother of her children, Anelhí Arias Barahona. “I am finding out from you (from the photos), you are giving me the surprise, because … Read more

They are accused of being behind the storming of Congress. These are Oath Keepers.

Weapon enthusiast, former paratrooper and loved by the far right: Now the militia leader and ten other members have been charged with planning the congressional storm. Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes during a rally in Berkeley, California. He is accused of planning the storming of Congress last year. Foto: Jim Urquhart, Reuters / NTB 14. … Read more

Razer accused of deception because of his Zephyr mask – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal of the day: sport, Senegalese politics, people and various facts in Senegal

Razer accused of deception for his Zephyr mask. The latter is absolutely useless against Covid-19. At the start of 2021, Razer unveiled his Zephyr mask. This is a mask designed and designed to be reusable and offers one design Quite successful cyperbunk, with, Razer obliges, its share of RGB lights. The brand had also initially … Read more

US Drug Authority Accused of Concealing Vaccine Information from Pfizer

The Asociation Public Health and Medicine Professionals for Transparency or PHMPT, for its acronym in English, went so far as to accuse the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of hiding Pfizer’s data on its coronavirus vaccine, a product for which the multinational pharmaceutical company has received complete legal immunity from any injury that this … Read more