Usa, the policeman accused of luring a minor online and killing her family

Austin Lee Edwards28 years old, policeman in Virginia and deputy sheriff, is accused of soliciting a minor online and killed three of his family members before dying in a firefight with colleagues. Edwards would have set a fire in the House of the grandparents and the mother of the little girl before eloping with her. … Read more

An American is accused of killing Shanquella Robinson while on vacation. this is what we know

What we know about the death of Shanquella Robinson in Mexico 1:59 (CNN) — Shanquella Robinson arrived in the quaint Mexican town of San José del Cabo on October 28 with six of her friends. A day later, the 25-year-old student from Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina died while staying at a luxury rental … Read more

Squid Game senior actor Oh Young Soo accused of sexual harassment

“Oh Young Soo”, a famous senior actor who gained worldwide fame for playing “O Il Nam” in the Squid Game series, has been indicted by South Korean prosecutors. After a young woman claimed he had sexually harassed her with inappropriate behavior. Happened in the middle of 2017 victim girl The complaint was filed with the … Read more

Squid Game: O Yeong-su, actor of ‘The Squid Game’, was accused of sexual abuse

The veteran actor O Yeong-suknown globally for his role in the series Squid Game (The Squid Game), has been indicted by South Korean prosecutors for allegedly inappropriately touching a woman, the agency reported today. Yonhap. The district attorney’s office Suwon (south of seoul) yesterday formalized the accusation against O Yeong-suwhich was denounced by a woman … Read more

Pope Francis spoke with the accused cardinal. He didn’t know he was being recorded | World news

Two years ago Pope Francis he said he “doesn’t trust anymore” I drink and deprived him of the privileges of cardinalship. The cardinal is involved in the so-called Vatican trial of the century and accused before the Vatican Tribunal of financial embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, extortion and abuse of office. In addition to Becciu, nine … Read more

Why the Electoral Court of Brazil accused Bolsonaro’s party of “bad faith” and imposed a million-dollar fine

Writing BBC News World 23 November 2022 Updated November 24, 2022 image source, AFP Caption, Jair Bolsonaro lost the recent elections by two percentage points. The Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) rejected the demand filed by the far-right party of Jair Bolsonaro to annul the results of the last presidential elections. Outgoing President Bolsonaro’s … Read more

Accused of being part of the “Jugla gang” – the father gets involved in the children’s conflict, beating the primary school student

The school management emphasized that parents should resolve all issues related to children’s conflicts in a legal way – they should go to the class teacher and the school’s social pedagogue, and not attack the child on the street themselves. The alarming events took place in Riga – at the intersection of Kvēles and Skrudalienas … Read more

Russian army accused of burning corpses of its own soldiers at Kherson dump

The Guardian reporter reporting on locationLorenzo Tondo, and his fixer, Artem Mazhulin, explain that they were unable to verify the information with their own eyes, the area being very probably entirely mined, which makes it too dangerous for anyone to venture there. However, the locals they interviewed are categorical: in an open dump in the … Read more

The person accused of shooting in Colorado will be held without bond

Investigation of Colorado nightclub massacre advances 2:01 (CNN) — The 22-year-old person charged with the mass shooting at a LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Coloradowill remain in custody without bail after appearing in court on Wednesday. Anderson Lee Aldrich appeared in court, via videoconference, for the first time since the attack that left five dead … Read more