Fantastic achievement: C.Anthony is in the top ten NBA players

The National Basketball Association (NBA) top ten players have undergone changes. Veteran of the Portland Trail Blazers Rises to 10th Top Score List Carmelo Anthonywith 27,318 points in his account. Anthony pushed Elvin Hayes to 11th place, scoring 27,313 points in his NBA career. A representative of the Trail Blazers club could rise to 9th … Read more

About Debut Achievement, Pedro Acosta is better than Rossi and Marquez

KTM IMAGES/POLARITY PHOTO Ajo’s Red Bull KTM racer, Pedro Acosta, celebrates the victory in the Doha Moto3 race <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Great achievements continue to be made by the alias first season racers rookie tim Red Bull KTM Ajo, Pedro Acosta, at the world championship Moto3 2021. I was so good at it, achievement … Read more

“Apex Heroes” a decisive circle take off the duel, octane’s choice achievement was praised for the glory battle | 4Gamers

In the battle royale game where you die or I live, when you enter the decisive circle and find that only you and another enemy player are left alive, it is usually the most nervous, and there is an “Apex Legends” octane The player happened to run into this situation, and also met a respectable … Read more

Šiauliai Iceland, which recorded a historical achievement, also warned the legendary Latvian of Žalgiris

The first Iceland in the history of LKL continues to improve its shares. Šiauliai, led by Antanas Sireika, is on fire at the end of the season. The men of the city of the city defeated the “Milk Stars” of Pasvalys at home at 103:90 and won their fifth victory in the last six matches, … Read more

The Lithuanian Indoor Figure Riding Championship is a historic achievement

This championship was organized in accordance with all quarantine rules, and the recommendations of the State Food and Veterinary Service regarding the equine EHV virus were strictly followed. The temperature was measured in the horses and their health was closely monitored. The best among adults is multiple champion S. Sysojeva In the main group – … Read more

SPACE – “A great sense of achievement” – thanks to Sachsler’s know-how, Mars helicopters make history

“A great sense of achievement” – thanks to Sachsler’s know-how, Mars helicopter makes history Parts from the Obwalden engine manufacturer Maxon were used for the Mars helicopter “Ingenuity”. The first flight was successful. Further tests are now pending. It took around 30 seconds: the first flight of the NASA helicopter on Mars. With that he … Read more

Indie game’San Butterfly’, tumble buck target amount 1000% achievement topic

Indie game developer Wonderpotion (CEO Seung-Hyun Yoo) is developing a 2D platformer action game’San Butterfly’ that has achieved 1000% of the target fundraising amount on Tumble Buck, a crowdfunding platform. ‘San Butterfly’ surpassed 50 million won in fundraising on April 18, and is recording 1056% of the target amount as of the 20th. This is … Read more

Saint-Germain brings back the Marseille achievement

These are the numbers for Paris Saint-Germain after yesterday’s match against Bayern Munich and its qualification for the Champions League semi-finals. Saint Germain qualified for the semi-finals for the second year in a row Paris Saint-Germain managed to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals in football despite losing 0-1 at home to Bayern Munich by … Read more

Fantastic Z.LaVine threw half a hundred points and repeated Jordan’s achievement

Zachas LaVine’as played fantastically, but that was not enough to win the Chicago Bulls (22/29) – she 108:120 (33:25, 33:28, 18:33, 24:34) landed at the Atlanta Hawks (28/25). That’s how the Bulls’ three-win series ended. Z.LaVine’s show ended with a score of 50 points, of which he scored as many as 39 in the first … Read more

During the debut of I. Thomas season – a phenomenal achievement of “Hawks”

The Atlanta Hawks (27/24) team won the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the fourth time in a row. Recently a great team at home 123:107 (25:29, 36:32, 46:29, 16:17) beat the New Orleans Pelicans (22/28) club. The hosts secured the victory by playing a fantastic third quarter, during which the Atlanta team hit all 11 … Read more