Horror in a nursery in Lyon, 11 months old suffocated with acid by the teacher

Lyon (France), June 26, 2022 – Kills one little girl from 11 months making them ingestacid. The murder – according to reports from the French newspaper Le Figaro – took place in a nursery school in Lyon and the police arrested one employee of the facility, accused of killing the baby just because he was … Read more

EPILEPSY and PREGNANCY: How valproic acid causes birth defects

Several thousand cases of women taking VPA during pregnancy have given birth to children with birth defects, including spina bifida, facial changes, and heart defects. In addition, about a third of exposed infants developed cognitive impairment and autism spectrum disorder. Conducted on mouse embryos, the research thus describes, for the first time, how valproic acid … Read more

Kislitsa ridiculed the Russian Foreign Ministry because of Zakharova’s “hysteria” (photo)

Lavrov canceled talks in Belgrade due to closed skies. The reaction of his press secretary Zakharova was funny illustrated by Kislitsa on the Web. Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa ridiculed the Russian Foreign Ministry and its press secretary Maria Zakharova after Sergey Lavrov I had to cancel my planned visit to … Read more

Lina Tejeiro makes an acid comment to Pique – People – Culture

In the last month, various controversies have been unleashed around characters from international entertainment, who have starred in hundreds of headlines in the media around the world, generating all kinds of comments and reactions from fans and Internet users. (Also read: Piqué and Shakira: “hard” video of their “last goodbye”, the weekend together) Precisely, the … Read more

The Haikou Division of the Chinese Super League is actively doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Fans watch the game with nucleic acid certificates for closed-loop management of participating teams-News Center-Nanhai.com

Hainan Daily, Haikou, June 2 (Reporter Wang Ligang) On June 3, the 2022 Chinese Super League will start in the three divisions of Haikou, Dalian and Meizhou. Among the three divisions, only the Haikou division currently allows spectators to enter the arena to watch the game. What are the epidemic prevention requirements in the Haikou … Read more

A nitric acid tank was shot down in an airstrike in Severodonetsk; residents are encouraged to stay indoors

“Air strike on Severodonetsk: producers hit a nitric acid tank at a chemical plant,” Haiday wrote on Telegram. He urged the townspeople to stay indoors because the pollution caused by nitric acid is dangerous to human health. The tank with nitric acid is located on the site of the Azot plant. Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky … Read more

He is Satisfied with Political Salt Acid

loading… PDIP General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri. Photo: Doc SINDOnews JAKARTA – The discourse on presidential candidates is getting more and more crowded ahead of the 2024 General Election. PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto also revealed the reaction of the Chairman of the PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri . “If Mrs. Mega just smiles. She is a person … Read more

6 Types of Drinks that Patients with Stomach Acid Should Avoid, GERD Can Relapse Instantly

SITUBONDO RINGTIMES – For sufferers stomach acidseveral types drink need to be careful to prevent GERD relapsed. Moment GERD relapsed, stomach acid will rise to the esophagus and cause symptoms such as heat in the chest area and dry lungs. Type drink What patients should avoid stomach acid that is drink which contains too much … Read more

Bismillah Leave Forever, Uric Acid Won’t Come Back Only Coriander Capital, Doctor’s Medicine Can Lose Far – All Pages

Overcoming gout with coriander SajianSedap.com – Have a disease gout it’s really annoying. Especially if the uric acid is relapsing. Certainly uric acid will inhibit your activities. How not, gout will make the feet so swollen. Therefore, you must address it immediately. Although trivial, uric acid can also cause other diseases such as kidney stones … Read more

5 Characteristics of High Uric Acid, Can be Seen from the Condition of the Big Toe

Characteristics of uric acid that can be seen from the feet. GridHEALTH.id -Recognize features gout It is very important to get the right treatment as soon as possible. Gout is a painful inflammation of the joints and is caused by the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints and around the joints. Launch page … Read more