SCI: Manager or partners cannot endanger their company by mortgaging a property

SCI: Manager or partners cannot endanger their company by mortgaging a property A family SCI recently submitted a problem to the Court of Cassation. In order to guarantee a professional debt, one of its members wanted to grant a mortgage on a building owned by the SCI to its creditor. The Court considered that this … Read more

Home loan: what solutions for first-time buyers?

(Photo credits: Pixabay – Gerd Altmann) The French adore stone and many individuals, from the start of their working life when they have managed to save a few pennies, embark on the acquisition of their main residence. If rates remain low, the real estate market is reaching new heights in the major French cities. Borrowing … Read more

Pacte Law: Life insurance in support of socially responsible investment

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock -) An article written by the ISR Label Adopted in March 2019, the Pacte law contains several provisions whose stated aim is to orient savings towards socially responsible investment (SRI) by making the supply of life insurance contracts greener, in particular with the obligation to offer products that have obtained the … Read more

House Democrats ready to move to impeach Trump

HOUSE DEMOCRATS READY TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO DESTITUT TRUMP WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats in the House of Representatives are ready to start impeachment proceedings next week against Donald Trump, whom they hold responsible for the violence committed on Capitol Hill Wednesday evening, announced Friday the Deputy Speaker of the House. “Donald Trump must … Read more

Update on changes in recommendations in Paris: Crédit Agricole, Capgemini, Nexans …

This analysis was produced by Reuters and disseminated by BOURSORAMA on 01/07/2021 at 07:22:45. Acting exclusively as a distribution channel, BOURSORAMA did not participate in any way in its development nor exercised any discretionary power as to its selection. The information contained in this analysis has been transcribed “as is”, without declaration or guarantee of … Read more

5 tips to avoid the January 1 bank fee hike

How to avoid bank charges in 2021? (Credits: © momius – Up to 4% increase for bank rates in 2021. Fortunately, solutions exist to avoid going broke. By MoneyVox With the new year, tariff increases are invited. And banks are no exception. Many of them have decided to charge more for certain types of … Read more

Savings: what to do with the money offered to your children for Christmas?

Which product should you choose to invest your children’s money received at Christmas? (Credits: © Trendsetter Images – On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, babies, children and adolescents are spoiled by their families and loved ones. Toys and clothing will quickly find their place in your home, but what to … Read more

Most of the week: production of real estate loans at an all-time high, benefit from the drop in housing tax in 2021, precautions to be taken to charge stock market losses in 2020, help with the rehabilitation of prolonged cycling, use of cash on the decline in the Euro zone

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock -) The production of new mortgage loans reached a historic level in October 2020. General meetings can be held behind closed doors until April 1, 2021, but they must then be broadcast live. It is still possible to benefit from the 30% reduction in housing tax in 2021. Be careful of … Read more

Unpaid rents: owners ready to sue Pierre & Vacances

Several large groups, managers of establishments, refuse to pay their rent. (Photo credits: Adobe Stock -) Several hundred lessors are demanding the payment of rents from the specialist in leisure residences during the two confinements. They expressed their anger during the first confinement. They decided to take action when the second could end in ten … Read more

“Equities and emerging markets have the most potential in 2021”

Didier Saint-Georges, managing director and member of the strategic investment committee of Carmignac. (© DR) The flagship Carmignac Patrimoine fund, which had experienced a slump in 2018, is this year among the best in its category of flexible heritage funds, as are most of the funds of the house founded by Edouard Carmignac. The fruit … Read more