The wrong judgments and hasty actions of Libra: the horoscope for Thursday 26 January

Today’s Blackbeard horoscope, Thursday 26 January Aries. 21/3 – 20/4 The Moon in the sign that withstands Mercury’s attack well and a confrontation with the boss by adopting a direct, courageous and assertive behavior. Everyone would like something from you, maybe some expectations will be disappointed, but certainly not your fault. Tour. 21/4 – 20/5 … Read more

Actions by garbage collectors will be expanded in the coming weeks | Economy

The strikes at the garbage collection services in our country will be expanded considerably in the coming weeks. According to FNV director Marieke Manschot, more actions are on the way, “both in the Randstad and in other parts of the country”. For example, the garbage collectors in Utrecht will stop working for a week from … Read more

Will apartments lose their top investment label? An overview of what will earn the most and beat inflation this year

Protecting finances from depreciation has been an almost Sisyphean task for the last year. Record level of general price growth did not let up in Slovakia even in December. The year-on-year inflation rate remained at 15.4 percent in the last month of last year, which forces people to look for options where to invest to … Read more

How to protect your money? Economists advised what to invest in in 2023

According to economists, this year will also be marked by rising prices and higher inflation. It is she who quickly devalues ​​savings. Experts have therefore advised how to protect finances and what is best to invest in in 2023. The year 2023 will bring not only higher inflation, but also economic cooling. And according to … Read more

Viral, Depraved Actions of Men Motorcycles Stealing Women’s Breasts in North Jakarta

Jakarta – A video showing the action breast boobs in Koja, North Jakarta (Jakut), viral on social media. The police intervened. In the video circulating as seen on Thursday (19/1), a motorbike can be seen driving down the street. In front of him, there was a woman walking in the opposite direction. The motorist then … Read more

How to invest in 2023: Bonds or gold

The year 2023, which in addition to higher inflation will also be marked by economic cooling, will be no less difficult for investments, according to analysts. They therefore recommend especially government bonds or precious metals, and from shares, securities of companies from the arms or pharmaceutical industry. “Currently, we cannot describe the markets as healthy, … Read more

We experienced the most difficult year in the history of the second pillar

The article continues below the video advertisement The article continues below the video advertisement The performance of the second pillar last year did not please savers, all pension funds were in the red. Losses range from four to 25 percent. Index and stock funds have been converted the most. “There was nowhere to hide. The … Read more

Criticism from shareholders took hold. Apple CEO’s salary will drop by 40 percent

Shares of the iPhone smartphone maker fell sharply last year, down 22.5 percent. The company faced problems in supply chains and a slowdown in the growth of the global economy. For the financial year 2022, which ended in September, Cook received a reward of 99.4 million dollars (2.2 billion CZK). The bulk of it – … Read more

doctor Daniel questions actions to combat the proliferation of the mosquito that transmits dengue

Councilman Dr. Daniel (PDT) filed a request with the secretariat of the Americana City Council questioning the city hall about actions taken to contain or reduce the reproduction of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, transmitter of dengue, Zika virus, chikugunya and urban yellow fever. In the document, the parliamentarian points out that the rainy season facilitates … Read more

Tesla for the price of the Czech Octavka. The automaker is reducing the prices of its electric cars

To give you an idea: Tesla’s Model 3 currently starts at 1,099,000 crowns in the Czech Republic. Last year, prices for the Czechia were set at 1,369,990 crowns in basic equipment. Last September, Tesla announced that the rear-wheel drive Model Y was available in Europe. Customers in the Czech Republic could order the car at … Read more