Is Activision Blizzard Stock a Buy Right Now? – Likes Alphastox – Latest News

There are many moving parts when it comes to a video game company. Activision Blizzard (Activision Blizzard stock quote, chart, NASDAQ news: ATVI), but portfolio manager Kim Bolton says that with the help of industry tailwinds and a bumper crop of stocks, ATVI should be on your investment radar. Activision Blizzard has had a great … Read more

Activision Patent Suggests Call of Duty Uploads Could Be Shared Via Social Media

A new patent filed by a veteran Treyarch developer suggests that players will soon be able to share their custom Call of Duty gear via social media. Recent Call of Duty The games have received much praise for the Gunsmith feature. The in-depth customization screen has given players more control over exactly how they set … Read more

【Dreamhaven is one of the startups of the former Activision Blizzard employee】 👀

Dreamhaven is a brand new game development company founded by former Activision Blizzard employees. Interestingly, it’s run by Mike Morhaime, former CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. The premise of the company (with clues in the name) is to create games with “people who care about games and their communities.” The project appears to have … Read more

Activision Blizzard prepares to make more layoffs

American publishing giant Activision Blizzard plans to cut more jobs around the world. That’s according to MCV, which reports that more than 100 staff members in the company’s Asia Pacific offices face layoffs. The departments that will be affected include marketing, public relations, publishing and localization. “We have been exploring how we can better integrate … Read more

Rumor: Activision Blizzard will be holding a “Great Employee Cleanup.” Esports news

According to the information available from the MCV / DEVELOP publication, Activision Blizzard wants to lay off 100 employees who participated in promoting games in the Asian region. Instead, your responsibilities will fall on the outsourced employees. According to MCV / DEVELOP employees, Activision management considers working with the gaming community to be in vain, … Read more

Asia Pacific Activision Blizzard Layoffs – Roughly 30 Positions at Sydney Office

MCV/DEVELOP has reported that Activision Blizzard layoffs are expected to continue in the marketing, PR, publishing, customer care and localization teams. While the original story cited upward 100 staff facing potential unemployment as the company transitioned to outsourcing non-development staff, an Activision Blizzard spokesperson has since responded, confirming that the company is considering centralizing some … Read more

Activision Blizzard announces layoffs in Asia-Pacific region

That a few weeks ago it was announced that Activision Blizzard would hire more than 2,000 employees did not mean that they would stop laying off people. The company announced to MCV that there will be a new round of layoffs as a result of the closure of the Asia-Pacific region offices and that there … Read more

Activision Blizzard punishes you for showing someone else’s game on Twitch

There are criticisms of Activision Blizzard. Professional gamer and streamer Scump says he was punished for showing a mobile game on his channel instead of Call of Duty. Streamers who want to play Call of Duty professionally in the league must sign contracts giving up control of their Twitch channel. Such accusations are also circulating … Read more

Activision lomup share buyback

Activision | ATVI Stock CFD trading with Plus500 ™. Night Financing – Purchase, -0.0293%, Night Financing – Sale, -0.02%. View the ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC live chart to track ATVI: $ ATVI, buy opportunity when activating mug with handle. View the ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC live chart to track ATVI: $ ATVI, buy opportunity by activating mug … Read more

Activision blizzard inc hdsvb stock news

The latest news on Activision Blizzard and ATVI’s stock price, breaking news and more on Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) said Monday it will use time ray tracing technology. Real-time information on Activision Blizzard (ATVI) Stock in News – Activision Blizzard Inc. Activision Blizzard Inc – Company Profile. See the latest stock quotes, history, news, and … Read more