Apple Store invites you to join free workshops with Nawok Mulmanus and Moo Chayonop through Today at Apple activities.

Apple Store continues to organize activities for students. students continuously Renowned creator and talented artist Nakhorn Mulmanus and film director Moo Chayopap are invited to showcase their techniques for creating outstanding work with Apple devices in the Today at Apple series of “Smart Learn with Apple” activities. that participants can easily follow and adapt to … Read more

THE STANDARD CALENDAR: 8-14 August Daily Events and Activities

if anyone is ready Let’s go out and enjoy this week’s events and activities. Of course, we have chosen for both art fairs, shows, and eco-friendly markets. to a small concert For people who like the most music. So if anyone doesn’t have plans to go anywhere Let’s choose the activities that are right for … Read more

Eesti Energia invested almost 100 million in the second quarter. Eur, good financial results were ensured by the successful activities of the group companies

The net profit of the Estonian energy company group “Eesti Energia” in the second quarter of this year. m. reached 33 million in the quarter Eur. During this period, the group invested 98 million in new energy projects. EUR – this was Eesti Energia’s largest quarterly investment recently. Most of them went to renewable energy … Read more

Fire brigade stops with cooperation in water activities due to drought

The fire brigade in Noord-Holland Noord is temporarily no longer cooperating with the organization of water activities. Surface water is usually used for this, and its quality is deteriorating due to the persistent drought. To save drinking water, water from fire hydrants is no longer made available. Fire chief Petra Abma regrets that the measure … Read more

RI’s Economic Danger Signals Illuminated from the Collapse of Asian Factory Activities

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Activity factory in a number of countries increasingly sluggish amid global economic pressures, a spike in cases covid-19, as well as the ghost of a looming recession. The weakening of factory activity was reflected in the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) manufacture which decreased. China’s PMI fell from 50.2 in June to … Read more

Sample Proposal 17 August 2022 RI 77th Anniversary Activities are Good and True, Download PDF Link

TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM – The following is an example of a proposal format for August 17th, the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia and a pdf link of an example of a proposal for Indonesian Independence Day on August 17. In commemorating the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, apart from the flag ceremony, there … Read more

The opponents of the Latvian volleyball players, the Finns, accuse one of the national team’s leaders of activities in Russia / Article

Libero player Kerminens became the champion of Russia and won the Russian Super Cup in the last season as part of “Dynamo” Moscow. Kerminen has been playing in Russia since 2015, but in the spring he was criticized in Finland for remaining in “Dynamo” Moscow even after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. The president of … Read more

Gabrielli: no activities to bring down the government

“As far as the Italian services are aware, there have been no activities aimed at favoring the fall of the Draghi government by these interlocutions. This is the thing that should interest you most ». Franco Gabrielli could stop here. But the undersecretary with responsibility for the secret services, Mario Draghi’s man on the intelligence … Read more

Don’t throw away old appliances, don’t rush to buy new appliances!National preferential activities are on the way… | Daily Economic News

July 29,Ministry of CommerceThe official website issued a document proposing 9 measures to promote the consumption of green smart products, including promoting green smart home appliances to the countryside and carrying out the “trade-in” of smart home appliances across the country. From the perspective of the industry, compared with the first round of home appliances … Read more

Installing the Eindhoven tunnel tunnel leads to traffic nuisance on A2 . for a month

Broadcasting Brabant In cooperation with Broadcasting Brabant NOS News•yesterday, 08:54•Amended yesterday, 10:50 One of the busiest stretches of highway in the Netherlands is being overhauled. Rijkswaterstaat will place a tunnel under the A2 near Eindhoven. The lanes between the Batadorp and Leenderheide interchanges will be narrowed or completely closed. The additional travel time in both … Read more