They receive proposals to return the activities with the public at the Teatro Roma

After the flexibility in public shows by the Government, the Director of Culture of our department, Diego Rodríguez Caligaris, explained to FM Vos (94.5) and Diario San Rafael that they are opening the doors to the proposals of local artists, under all the corresponding sanitary protocols. On the other hand, he referred to the Tourism … Read more

With virtual activities in museums and galleries, the Art Quarantine began – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Quarentena del Arte – Guillermo Turin Bootello After 13 editions of the Art Week, which in 2018 grew and became a Fortnight, the initiative organized by the Municipality of Rosario to “make visible and support the artistic production of Rosario”, as they postulate, continues to transform and, social distancing through, acquired a virtual format and … Read more

Pokémon launches new game with activities for children

Just take a look at the franchise Pokémon to realize what it has become; It is true that it has become a powerful brand capable of generating millions of dollars for Nintendo, but it has also positioned itself as one of the most competitive games that currently exist. However, now the company behind the creation … Read more

Christmas activities | Barcelona’s town hall

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The European Parliament urges the EU to sanction Turkey for its activities on the island of Cyprus

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The European Parliament urges the European Council to impose harsh sanctions on Turkey for its decision to open the Varosha spa located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. “Turkey’s decision to ‘open up’ the isolated suburb of Varosha undermines prospects for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem, MEPs warn (…) … Read more

The ICAA will present two showcases of projects (animation and fantastic cinema) and a session of speed meetings with IBERMEDIA projects in a wide program of activities with the Cinema from Spain seal in Ventana Sur – Institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts (ICAA) – Movie theater

Ventana Sur will feature “CINEMA FROM SPAIN Screening Room”, a virtual room exclusively dedicated to Spanish cinema with 19 screenings in 4 days (November 30 to December 3). In collaboration with the sales agencies participating in the market, ICAA presents “CINEMA FROM SPAIN On Tour”, seven screenings in four cities: Mexico, Bogotá, Paris and Sao … Read more

Media education: some ideas for activities to do with the family – Vibration

In the age of social networks, it’s not always easy to distinguish the true from the false, especially when one is inundated with information, and especially for the youngest. Yes media education is discussed in class, it can also be the subject family activities, remember the Clemi, center for information media education. “This is important … Read more

November ?? continues ?? underway in Cáceres with activities – Sports News

Since its presentation at the beginning of the month, the project ‘November in March’ is carrying out in Cáceres various recreational and sports activities for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, as a solidarity project that comes to replace in this by force strange 2020 the usual and massive ‘Pink March’ that had … Read more

10 entertainment activities to do at home with dependent people

The exceptional situation of confinement as a result of Covid-19, as well as the reduction in leisure options outside the home and the special care we must have with our elders, has meant that dependent people have seen their possibilities of socializing and are forced to spend many more hours inside your home. To alleviate … Read more