Mandatory masks again? Adam Niedzielski spoke – o2

The last four weeks are not optimistic. During the conference in Puławy, the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, noted that they brought about 60 or even 80 percent increases in coronavirus infections. On Monday (July 25), the barrier of 5,000 was exceeded. infections. However, there are also some positives. We observe one positive phenomenon – … Read more

Adam Ko³odziejczyk does not respond to the accusations of Wierietielny. Tomasz Sikora reacted

This is another episode of the brawl in the Polish biathlon. A month ago, the delegates did not choose the only candidate for the chairman of the union, ie prof. Zbigniew Wa¶kiewicz. It struck an avalanche. The competitors, fearing for the future of the discipline, sent a letter to the authorities supporting prof. Wa¶kiewicz, and … Read more

FC Barcelona | The Bayern begins his revenge with the Barça by Lewandowski

22/07/2022 Act. a las 11:39 CEST The Munich team is one step away from signing the ‘Masia’ winger, Adam Aznou The player would be in Munich to sign his new contract with the Bavarians The player of Cadet A from the Barça youth academy, Adam Aznou, it is very close to sign with the Bayern … Read more

Adam Mišík had a special experience in Vary: The universe somehow connected, he says

During this year’s film festival in Karlovy Vary, actor and singer Adam Mišík presented the film Banger., in which he played the main role. Even before getting on the red carpet in the car, he experienced a special moment during which tears welled up in his eyes. In his words, he felt as if the … Read more

After a year, Adam Ťoupalík once again dominated the Visegrad Four series

As part of the series, Adam Ťoupalík won races in the Czech Republic and also in Hungary on Saturday. He missed the podium only in Poland, where he finished fourteenth and was replaced on the podium by the second Jan Bárta from the ATT Investments stable. “I won the overall standings with a safe lead … Read more

Adam Mišík is an emo spider

The main heroine of the film is the spider girl Lili Websterová (Ivana Korolová). Together with an older brother (Adam Mišík), a caring mother (Ivana Chýlková), an understanding father (Jaromír Dulava) and smart grandparents (Jiří Lábus), he lives in a cocoon above the elevator shaft. Lili is brave, so sometimes she gets into trouble. Like … Read more

Adam Deni does not give up the accusation of Sahroni

Jakarta – Social media activist Adam Denny like not knowing the word ‘kapok’ when making accusations against the Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the DPR Ahmad Sahroni. This time, Adam Deni was reported back by Ahmad Sahroni regarding the accusation of ‘Rp 30 billion’. As known, Adam Denny arrested by police in early February … Read more

At the beginning, Adam Deni accused Ahmad Sahroni of paying Rp. 30 billion, now it ends in another police report

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The beginning of social media activist Adam Denny accuse members DPR RI Commission III, Ahmad Sahroni paid Rp30 billion to bribe a number of parties to detain him. guess Adam Denny this was conveyed in the verdict hearing at the North Jakarta District Court, Tuesday (28/6/2022). Previously, Adam Denny was sentenced to four … Read more

Former secretary Jan Adam (58) revealed: I have the Karl Gott University!

When you say Jan Adampeople immediately associate you with Karl Gott. When did you first meet him? “It all started on November 28, 1983, when Karel accepted my invitation and came to the university club Iuridica for a discussion. We met at the right time in the right place. Miro Žbirka then took Karel’s Slavič … Read more

Ahmad Sahroni about Adam Deni’s verdict and answers to allegations of corruption All

JAKARTA, – Defendant Adam Denny has been sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of Rp. 1 billion in a trial at the North Jakarta District Court (PN) which was held on Tuesday (28/6/2022). Adam Deni was found guilty of having uploaded an electronic document without the permission of the owner and … Read more