Cameras on the Apple Watch? They have launched a strap that adds two to your watch | Gadgets

If there is a important missing feature on the Apple Watch, is a camera because it has everything, microphones, speakers, a good screen, a multitude of sensors, but it has an empty space in the photographic section. They wanted to take advantage of that free space and have released a product called Wristcam, a strap … Read more

Add your Renfe tickets to Wallet on the iPhone in this simple way | Lifestyle

Have you ever considered that it would be wonderful to dispense with all boarding passes What do you carry in your wallet and unify them all in one place? Today it is possible and in the case of the iPhone it has its own name: Apple Wallet. And yes, Renfe is also compatible with this … Read more

Ravens add six more players to reserve / COVID-19 roster

Baltimore hit 18 underdog elements this week, marking the seventh consecutive day to report at least one positive OWINGS MILLS — Los Baltimore Ravens placed six more players in the reservation list/COVID-19 this Saturday, causing some to wonder if they can present a competitive team in Tuesday’s game against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. Amid one … Read more

Apple devices will add official support for Xbox Series controllers in the future

There are no dates or estimates of when it will occur, but what has been confirmed is that Apple and Microsoft are collaborating to officially support the new Xbox Series controller on apple devices. Sometimes these cooperations can surprise given the quarrels that usually exist between these two giants, but the reality is that the … Read more

Turkey wants to add ingredients to Mexican cuisine

Turkey has close cultural similarities to Mexico. This, as a result of the commercial relations between both countries, since there are currently 72,500 registered Turkish exporters that send more than 16,000 products to the world, including Mexico. “Turkey has a wide variety of food products appreciated for their high quality, expanding our objective of increasing … Read more

How to Add Family Members to Your Apple Music Subscription

Despite launching after many of the best music streaming services, Apple Music has quickly gained ground from the competition. If at least one of your family members uses the service, you may be able to save a few dollars by opting for a family account instead of separate accounts. Apple Music is far from the … Read more

Steam updates to add support for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 controllers

by Jordi Bercial 7 hours ago The latest update to the Beta version of the Steam client arrives with little content, but content that will surely interest many users, and it is that as we can read in the update notes, we find initial support for the DualSense, the control of the PlayStation 5, as … Read more