Food additives are everywhere, but with these tips from the nutritionist we can limit them

Many commonly used foods, as well as some beverages, contain food additives of various kinds: dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, etc., substances that are not always harmless to health, especially if ingested every day, combined with others and for long periods. To clarify this very complex topic, we asked “our” nutritionist for help. Food additives are talked … Read more

Diesel fuel additives: What they are and what benefits their use brings

Generally about diesel additives An additive is a specific liquid that is adds to fuelsto improve their properties. Due to the way current cars work and the increasing share of bio-components in fuels, high demands are placed on them, which is why some companies already mix these improving additives into the fuel during production. At … Read more

Market study COVID analysis in store – 19 Impacts on the global ink additives market 2020 Main key players – Dow Corning Corporation, Munzing Corporation, Altana AG, Huntsman Corporation

Ink Additives Industry Overview – Competitive Analysis, Regional and Global Analysis, Segment Analysis, Market Forecast 2026 Due to these difficult conditions, the main market players have started to modify their trading strategies in order to maintain their position on the global platform. Research study on the world market of Ink additives relates to the updated … Read more