Circus artists, art critics and other service staff will also not have to adhere to self-isolation.

Expanding the circle of foreign employees, whose arrival in Latvia is necessary for organizing cultural and public events and who do not have to observe self-isolation under certain conditions, from August 20 the self-isolation requirement may not be extended to film crew and artists, circus artists and art critics, order in the official publication “Latvijas … Read more

Twente supermarket does not adhere to corona rules and must close

A supermarket in Twente will be closed this week by order of the Safety Region because it violated the corona rules. It concerns supermarket Berning in Noord-Deurningen, reports RTV East. According to the Safety Region, the store has violated the rules on keeping a distance. Furthermore, a spokesperson does not want to give much details, … Read more

The M5s asks its deputies to renounce privacy: “So INPS can name those who took the 600 euro bonus”. Di Maio: “I adhere”

Ore 19 – subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest updates in your inbox. “If whoever requested the bonus, I will ask all our parliamentarians to sign a statement for authorize INPS to provide the data of those who have benefited from the bonus “. The day after the news that five deputies, despite … Read more