Blizzard applies more balance adjustments in the latest revisions of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands – Latest News

Blizzard is rolling out frequent patches and revisions in the last stage towards the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands November 23. Keeping everything in tune is a difficult task and Snow storm is working with Classic Y Shadowlands. With both upcoming massive releases between the Shadowlands expansion and the classic fall of the Naxxramas … Read more

Pokémon GO announces experience adjustments and changes to the free daily box

How it had been talking for a long time, Niantic will seek to perform a fit in experience what Coaches earn in Pokémon GO -and that allows them to level up-, so will begin with the tests of these adjustments from this same Monday. As of November 9, testing will begin in Australia and New … Read more

Pokémon Masters EX is updated to version 2.2.0: adjustments, upcoming events, EX costumes for compis and more – Nintenderos

Again, here we bring you a small compilation of the news that this mobile application has received today. This is a preview of the events that will be available at Pokémon Masters EX. We leave them below: Pokémon Masters EX New version 2.2.0 de Pokémon Masters EX: Increase to Level 125 of the Compis with … Read more

Boston Celtics and their clutch problems: What adjustments can they make for the rest of the series? | Argentina

The Boston Celtics opened their participation in the Eastern Finals with defeat, falling to the Miami Heat by 117-114 in overtime. With this fall, those led by Brad Stevens have three consecutive setbacks in games defined by three points or less, adding to what happened in Games 3 and 6 of his cross against the … Read more

September pensions, reimbursements and withholdings: how the amounts change

The recipients of the checks September pensions, which will be paid starting from the end of August, could see the amounts due decrease or increase in relation to their contribution position. Pending official communications from INPS, on the release of the payment schedule, in fact i adjustments 730 in this month, which could generate refunds … Read more

European Parliament: EU deal still needs adjustments

A large majority of the European Parliament believes that the EU deal still needs to be adjusted. Early Tuesday morning European leaders reached an agreement after days of negotiations. Parliament does not yet agree with the European multi-annual budget that is currently in place: there would be, among other things, too little investment. For example, … Read more