La Nación / One hundred adults sign up per day for a pension

East City. Regional Agency. The oncology service of the Regional Hospital of Ciudad del Este intensifies the early detection campaigns of various types of cancer. Every month about 800 patients consult the service, 100 chemotherapies are performed and these numbers are increasing, this was reported by Dr. José Samudio, head of the service. Among the … Read more

Celia Lora and other celebrities double earnings in adult app, thanks to the pandemic!

During this pandemic caused by COVID-19, the whole world has been seriously affected, not only in health, but also in the economy. More Soccer on video However, there is a specific sector that has not seen its income decrease, but on the contrary, it has increased like foam; such is the case of influencers and … Read more

“Adult Material”, the series about the life of a porn actress that demolishes all the clichés

“Do you want to be a MILF or a mother?” “Are you acting while we make love or are you really aroused?” “Do you dedicate yourself to porn for money or because you like to feel desired?” TO Hayley Burrows, a 33-year-old mother with three children, is asked these questions several times, directly or indirectly, … Read more

Adult Education Market 2020 Industry Size, Share, Business Opportunities, Growth Drivers, Price Trend, and Forecast 2025

The Global Adult Education Market research report provides qualitative and quantitative information on industry growth rate, market segmentation, Adult Education market size, demand, and revenue. The current trends that are expected to influence the future prospects of the adult education market are analyzed in the report. The report examines and assesses the current landscape of … Read more

Revealed the past of Mari Cielo Pajares as an adult film actress

Mari Sky Pajares has become this Saturday an official contestant of the second installment of ‘The Strong House‘. Andrés Pajares’ daughter enters the program as a solo contestant, where she will be assigned a partner and will try to take as much loot as possible. The versatile actress confessed to María Patiño live during the … Read more

“Whoever does not like it, can turn around”: Adult actress takes off her clothes in protest of insecurity and because they have closed the clubs because of Covid | EL IMPARTIAL

MEXICO CITY.-An adult actress took off her clothes in a truck in the city of Puebla to protest the insecurity in the country. According to a video circulating on social networks, Annie decided to demonstrate in this way also to request that nightclubs reopen, which are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Today I come … Read more

Boy killed his brother while playing and will be tried as an adult – US and Canada – International

The authorities of the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States, reported that A 13-year-old boy shot his 9-year-old brother in the head after he “failed to comply with his demands” during a cops and robbers game. The events occurred in the city of Waynesboro, where the teenager Brayden Leroy Wright He was charged with … Read more

Shenmue: an animated series announced by Crunchyroll and Adult Swim

Shenmue to tell part of her story via animated series It was during the Crunchyroll Expo, the virtual event hosted by the anime streaming platform, that she announced a partnership with Adult Swim to create a Shenmue animated series called Shenmue The Animation. We were promised surprising news about the series. Well it worked. We … Read more

Adult videos using Deepfake are an increasing problem

Fake deepfake videos are becoming more and more common. One of the most dangerous aspects of using this solution are pornographic videos on which images of famous celebrities are placed. Picture Deepfake movies remain a very big problem /123RF/PICSEL Deepfake is a technology that, when used with digital voice modulation, allows you to generate realistic, … Read more