In Brussels, 70% of the adult population are now vaccinated: 25,400 doses given in one week

The threshold of 70% of the Brussels population aged 18 and over who has been fully vaccinated was crossed last week, said on Tuesday the Covid manager of the Common Community Commission, Inge Neven, during a weekly update of the health situation in Brussels. According to Neven, some 25,400 doses of vaccines have been administered … Read more

“Goddess Tensei V” game experience, this is a difficult adult Pokémon, but it may not be suitable for you who like “P5” | 4Gamers

The “True Goddess Tensei V” developed by ATLUS was officially launched last week. The sequel was finally released after many years, with the signature of ATLUS in the past, plus the popularity of the previous “Persona” series. This work with a longer history has eyes from all sides. This time we also talk about the … Read more

Tensei Shoya kara Musabari Ecchi adult anime reveals first visual – Kudasai

A press release confirmed that the adult manga written and illustrated by Re: mimu, Tensei Shoya kara Musabari Ecchi – Ouji no Honmei wa Akuyaku Reijou (Game World Reincarnation – Sex on the First Night), will have an anime adaptation. The project will premiere in January 2022, broadcasting a censored version on Tokyo MX and … Read more

How do I protect myself after having Covid-19? With adult vaccines

People over 18 years of age who experienced moderate or severe disease – for example, living with sequelae or are in pulmonary rehabilitation – could strengthen their immune system with adult vaccines. We explain more: How do I protect myself after having Covid-19? Jose Arturo Martinez Orozco, specialist in respiratory infections and coordinator of Infectology … Read more

Children receive the adult covid vaccine by mistake; have health problems

The case generates commotion and worry. Of the kids four and five year olds living in Evansville, a city located in the state of Indiana, USA, received the vaccine against him covid-19 instead of the vaccine against influenza and now suffer adverse symptoms. As reported by the cadena CNN, the parents of the little ones, … Read more

Older adult surprises by singing identical to Pedro Infante in a CDMX flea market

Pedro Infante died in 1957 and left a great legacy, as he starred in more than 60 films which are considered classics of Mexican filmography such as’ The three huastecos’, ‘Two types of care’, ‘We the poor’, ‘The three Garcia ‘, among other. His memory is still very much alive thanks to people like an … Read more

Adult actress So-young “My sister is in prison… ” Confession: Sports Donga

Adult actress So-young revealed her family history. On the 24th, on the YouTube channel Puhaha TV, a video titled ‘Adult actress So-young who visited Jeong Ho-geun as the body of a god’ was uploaded. Soyoung said, “I’m Soyoung, an actress belonging to MIB19. After introducing himself as an AV (adult video, adult film) actor,” he … Read more

Karissa Rajpaul, an adult movie star, died after an illegal surgery

NBC reports that Libby Adame and her daughter, Alicia Gomez, were charged with the murder of 26-year-old actress Karissa Rajpaul. The women … injected a liquefied mixture of silicone into her buttocks. The “patient” filmed part of the procedure that took place in an ordinary home in California. Rajpaul filmed the procedure on her phone. … Read more

Seniors saw their adult children just as often or even more often…

© Fred Debrock Source: BELGIAN Yesterday at 10:57 Despite the corona measures, the elderly had just as often or even more contact with their adult children living away from home during the summer of 2020 than before the outbreak of the corona crisis. This is the conclusion of research by the University of Antwerp, UGent … Read more