among the requests also those advanced by the wives and sisters of the recipients

The survey, which originates from an in-depth analysis of the individual positions of citizens receiving public disbursements of Citizenship Income, aimed at verification of the actual possession of the requisites legitimizing the payment of the economic subsidyhas in fact brought to light numerous and evident irregularities, allowing to ascertain how the suspects, resorting to false … Read more

Madeleine Diouf Sarr, president of the group of least advanced countries (LDCs) on the IPCC report: “The world can no longer ignore the human cost of inaction”

“The world can no longer ignore the human cost of inaction. The solutions to reverse the trend are known to all: Renewable energies, carbon storage technologies, energy efficiency. They are beginning to be implemented in many regions of the world. We must accelerate this transition towards a low-carbon strategy, with a leading role played by … Read more

Advanced Technology Joint Military Exercises, South Korea, US Ignore North Korean Missile Threats

Monday, March 20 2023 – 14:52 WIB VIVA World – South Korea (South Korea) and the United States (US) held a high-tech joint military exercise with increased “intensity and realism”, said the South Korean Army on Monday, March 20, 2023. They said the drills were part of a combined effort to increase deterrence against North … Read more

Kauno Žalgiris overcame a three-goal deficit and advanced to the league finals

In the Lithuanian Futsal A League, the second match of the second semi-final was played on Sunday. In them, after a changing battle, the national champions “Kaunas Žalgiris” won 5:3, who defeated “Pramogas” of Gargžda for the second time and will play against “Vikings” of Jonava in the Futsal A League final. No quick goals … Read more

Hasto PDIP Assesses Surabaya is More Advanced than Jakarta in Anies Era, NasDem: Njomplang’s Comparison

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Secretary General of the NasDem Party Hermawi Taslim responded to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) which said Surabaya was far more advanced than Jakarta which was once led by the presidential candidate carrying the NasDem, namely Anies Baswedan. According to Hermawi, Surabaya City cannot be compared to DKI Jakarta. … Read more

STUDY. Comprehensive genomic testing for advanced non-small cell lung cancer cost-effective compared with sequential biomarker testing in Spain

The more biomarkers are included in routine diagnosis, the greater the benefit of using NGS to save time and provide the best therapeutic scheme. The development of biomarkers, targeted therapies and immuno-oncology have changed the clinical management in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is already widely used for the molecular diagnosis of … Read more

Scientists: Advanced civilizations live in the sun, and the earth and the moon are just experiments? | Advanced Civilization | Sun | Earth | Moon |

[Voice of Hope March 17, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) In the vast universe, the earth is just a small star. Therefore, small human beings cannot explore all the mysteries of the universe. Until now, there are still many events in the universe that cannot be explained by science. But do advanced civilizations really exist in the … Read more

Volleyball Champions League. ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle advanced to the semi-finals. She defeated Itas Trentino after the golden set (

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Research Results Reveal Greek and Roman Stone Vase Produced with Advanced Technology Knowledge

PONTIANAK NEWS – A study of stone vases from Greek, Hellenistic and Roman times reveals the spread of technological knowledge among ancient craftsmen. Stone vases, one of the most important sources of material culture from the Bronze, Iron and Classical Ages, provide information about the cultural imprints of the period. However, it is shown that … Read more