From the couch to the screens: a book investigates the advantages of virtual therapies

Like most of the social practices that the pandemic submerged in virtuality, psychoanalysis also had to adapt to new formats and generated new forms of dialogue that the psychiatrist and analyst Carlos Pachuk has been exploring for ten years and that gave rise to a series of experiences gathered in the book  “Virtual group … Read more

We discover the advantages of the new disk management tool

The Control Panel is no longer relevant in Windows 10. The menu Setting has been getting more and more features in recent years. Microsoft has already confirmed that there are new configuration features on the way and the latest addition is a new way to manage disks and volumes. The new disk management tool is … Read more

Fortnite could add a subscription model to obtain advantages

The success of Fortnite is something that hardly goes unnoticed. One of the most played games, and we might add, for longer, it seems to keep looking for a way to take advantage of the pull to keep the community hooked. A good initiative has been the constant dynamic of content in seasons, together with … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of having a credit or debit card

One of the biggest doubts as we grow older are the differences between a credit card and one of debit, in addition to their advantage Y disadvantages. If you are also wondering, keep reading as here we will talk about the subject. Both plastics allow you to make purchases online, pay in physical establishments, make … Read more

What is TPM in Windows 10: Uses, advantages and compatibility

Windows 10 TPM is a hardware and software-based Microsoft solution that is part of the startup process of a computer and that protects our data by preventing anyone from accessing stored information. TPM chips are increasingly used and are physically separated from the main CPU but linked to the main circuit of the equipment. Thus, … Read more

Late corn: challenges and advantages depending on who sows it

Yield and stability for corn “It is the entrepreneurs who give important examples of the paradigm shift of late corn, which has been the key to the change and has opened an important universe in each area.” With those words Alberto Morelli began the 5th edition of the Brevant Semillas Late Corn Congress, which on … Read more

Microsoft Office 365: How to implement it correctly in your company and what are its advantages?

.. Microsoft Office 365 brings together all the cloud services of the Microsoft company. Services that range from software for business and document management -business email, intranet, cloud file management, collaborative editing, real-time teamwork- and reaching specific CRM or ERP services, with which Your company will have all the technological infrastructure you need to work … Read more