an Apple Watch rival ready for adventure

Related news The Black Friday season has already started in Spain, with businesses, especially in the technology sector, already putting many of their products on sale. Of all, smart watches, or ‘smartwatches’, will be the most sought after. The star will be, of course, the Apple Watch; especially now that new models have come out … Read more

an adventure in the desert. – CarShopper

Luxury transportation is no longer limited to an urban environment. As Rolls-Royce customers around the world seek to conquer the most challenging terrain and enjoy life’s most enriching experiences, they want to pursue this unlimited access in utmost luxury. The Cullinan is the Rolls-Royce like never before. Effortlessly, the Cullinan takes the world in stride, … Read more

Schwartzman’s London adventure ended with another defeat – Sports Passion

The Spanish Rafael Nadal beat the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas today by 6-4, 4-6 and 6-2 and qualified for the semifinals of the Masters, in the second match of the day in the English capital for the London 2020 area of ​​the tournament in the one in which the eight best tennis players of the year … Read more

Yolo Aventuras ”presents the adventure and entertainment series“ Magicland ”

The first chapter will be broadcast this Thursday, November 19 By Mino D’Blanc From Colombia comes “Yolo Aventuras” with “Magicland”, a series made with film production, in which all the details have been taken care of, making the story suitable for all ages. “Yolo Aventuras” have positioned themselves as one of the most important Youtubers … Read more

Immortals Fenyx Rising discovers a fun crossover with Adventure Time

Among the releases that are pending to see the light on Xbox, we find another one of those Ubisoft games that is quite striking. This is Immortals Fenyx Rising, the action RPG that will take users to fight with mythological creatures from ancient Greece. Although its color already shows a casual style, it is even … Read more

Jaime Lorente launches into music, his “most honest” adventure

The actor Jaime Lorente poses in Madrid in an interview with the Efe Agency in which he announced this Friday that despite his success as an actor in the theater with the monologue “Matar cansa” and his next incarnation as the Cid Campeador himself that ininia with “Corazón” his musical stage, a new professional adventure … Read more

The luxury of the Cullinan in the desert

Luxury in vehicles may seem to us to be linked to urban places, since it is where you can most teach or admire an exclusive vehicle, But it does not have to be like that. Indeed, today we are going to show you a different case. Rolls-Royce, It is the moon of the luxury brands … Read more