An adventurous fiction essay: Is there any possibility of institutional disruption in our country? – Opinion

The imprecise statements of Eduardo Duhalde I do not know if Eduardo Duhalde will continue at this point in time convinced that Argentines are doomed to success. In any case, even if this were the case, it cannot be doubted that his recent public statements tell us of the possibility, apparently plausible, of the appearance … Read more

Adventurous penguin escapes from the Alphen aan den Rijn bird park

A little penguin escaped from the Avifauna bird park in Alphen aan den Rijn last week. The seabird is not back yet. It is a young male and he was seen in the water near Nieuwveen yesterday. This morning the bird park received a phone call from Zwammerdam. “That is quite a distance,” says a … Read more

Adventurous Justus (38) died in the Alps: ‘He could do what he wanted’ Inland

That tells his friend in an interview with NH News. Nothing is yet known about the cause of the accident. “It is strange to think that he is no longer there,” said Sander. Bad news He got the bad news from Huisman on Wednesday morning. According to the childhood friend, Tuesday’s parents already heard on … Read more