The characteristics of the loose chain of keteng, its function and the adverse effects that occur

You can feel the characteristics of a loose keteng chain when you drive it. There are some signs that you should pay attention to from the start. This is considering the many problems that can occur on motorcycles. Moreover, each component has a different period of use and maintenance. This shows that you must be … Read more

These are the adverse effects of the fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine

The oldest people in Spain are already receiving the fourth dose of the vaccine against covis-19. This is a measure that naturally increases the protection of this group against the pandemic disease, and especially against the new subvariants derived from the omicron variant. It must also be taken into account that the immunity provided by … Read more

Shocking story of a veterinarian after the adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccination

Several veterinary colleagues have addressed the State Federation of Veterinary Unions (Fesvet) showing their helplessness in the face of the adverse events they have had after the Covid-19 vaccination. One of the most shocking stories they have received is transmitted by a clinical veterinarian who, in addition, recalls that During the pandemic, veterinarians act with … Read more

Spain reports 434 deaths and 70,965 adverse reactions to the covid-19 vaccine

MADRID, 25 (SERVIMEDIA) Spain has reported, until May 8, a total of 434 deaths and 70,965 adverse reactions, of which 12,960 were considered serious, after the administration of 101,369,478 doses of vaccines against covid-19. This follows from the XV Pharmacovigilance Report on Vaccines against covid-19, the results of which were published this Wednesday by the … Read more

Is it true that there is a document with adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccine? | Trends

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently published a document from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that reports on adverse effects after vaccination and, in turn, reaffirms that it is safe to continue with the application of this vaccine against covid. (What you should know about the second booster of the covid vaccine). The … Read more

Baby drowned in three inches of water when his mother fainted due to adverse reaction to covid vaccine

A baby se He drowned tragically in 3 inches of bathwater when his mother fainted after having an adverse reaction to covid-19 vaccineaccording to an investigation. The lawyer Louise Atkinson fainted while bathing nine-month-old Eleanor, nicknamed Ellie, the day after receiving the first dose of the Oxford vaccine – Astrazeneca. Her husband James came home … Read more

“Meta” profits exceed Wall Street expectations… $7.5 billion despite adverse conditions

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free US company Meta’s quarterly profit beat Wall Street expectations despite slowing revenue growth, and the company that includes Facebook and Instagram has attracted new users to its social networks. The group achieved net profits of $7.47 billion in the first quarter of this year, a decline of … Read more

Coronavirus: the Government published a report with data on the safety of vaccines and adverse effects

The Ministry of Health revealed today the data on the safety of the vaccines against the Covid-19 coronavirus that were applied during the first 13 months of the campaign in the country and, of 40 million people inoculated, 60,000 had adverse effects and four deaths are being investigated. Until January 31, 2022, 88,232,021 doses of … Read more

Why report adverse effects of experimental vaccines?

Almost two years after the start of the pandemic in our country, there is still no effective treatment to control the virus, or at least that is what international and national regulatory bodies say. Thanks to the emergency authorization by the ISP and the committee of experts, it has been possible to access candidate vaccines, … Read more