The number of insolvency proceedings is declining for the sixth year in a row

In 2021, 1172 insolvency proceedings were initiated, which is 205 less than a year earlier. The number of registered proceedings for both legal entities and individuals has decreased. Lursoft reports that the number of insolvencies of legal entities has been declining in recent years, but the decline in the Covid-19 pandemic has been even sharper … Read more

The Saeima rejects ZZS’s proposal to instruct the government to “freeze” electricity prices

On Thursday, the Saeima rejected a draft parliamentary resolution prepared by members of the Saeima faction of the Greens and Farmers’ Union (ZZS), which intended to instruct the government to develop a support mechanism for electricity users – households and companies – to compensate for the sharp rise in electricity prices. ZZS has previously acknowledged … Read more

Educational institutions could be allowed to use pre-purchased hygiene masks until their stocks are empty

Despite the government’s goal to move only to wearing medical masks and FFP2 respirators in public places, educational institutions could be allowed to use previously purchased hygiene masks until their supplies are depleted, according to the minutes of the January 3 meeting of the Operational Steering Group (OVG). The Ministry of Education and Science made … Read more

In Germany, 35,000 people are protesting against Covid-19 restrictions

In Germany, more than 35,000 people went on demonstration on Monday to protest the restrictions on Covid-19, police said. Many of these protests, which are required under German law, had previously been registered by the authorities, but other demonstrations had not been approved and were therefore illegal. In the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, almost … Read more

The security situation in our region is worrying

She noted that since the summer, the authoritarian regime of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus has been attacking Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, sending migrants across the Belarusian border. Russia, meanwhile, has deployed more than 100,000 troops threatening Ukraine. “It is clear that the guarantor of Latvia’s security has been and will continue to be NATO and … Read more

The head of the NDK emphasizes the importance of the readiness of the services and the fence for the protection of the border with Belarus

Asked whether there is a possibility that in the spring, as the weather improves, Latvia may have to face new attempts by the Lukashenko regime to force even more people – hundreds or a few thousand – from other countries into our country, Kuchinski pointed out that there is dictatorship in Belarus. where decisions can … Read more

6.-7.I Russian Youth Hockey League games in Pinki

On January 6 and 7 at 6.30 pm in the ice hall of “” in Pinki two games of the Youth Hockey League (MHL) are planned, in which the hockey club “Riga” will compete with the Moscow team “Russkije vitjazi”. In the Western group tournament table, Rigans are in 12th place, but their opponents are … Read more

What is expected in health care in 2022

The struggle of healthcare professionals and the general public with Covid-19, solutions to speed up the recruitment of physicians, and the faster growth of online ordering in pharmacies are part of what is expected in 2022. The effects of the pandemic will continue in 2022, and we will continue to learn to live with SARS … Read more

French automobile advertisements must include ecological messages –

In France, a new step will soon be taken in terms of prevention. From March 1, 2022, automotive advertisements must display a prevention message in favor of soft mobility. Three different messages will be broadcast on the radio, on TV or on manufacturers’ advertising posters: “For short journeys, prefer walking or cycling”, “Think about carpool” … Read more

It is planned to establish administrative responsibility for aggressive behavior towards other people

In order to reduce the aggressive manifestations of persons against other members of society, the Saeima on Wednesday in the first reading supported the amendments to the law, which are intended to establish administrative liability for aggressive behavior. According to the Saeima press service, it is planned that administrative liability can be applied for aggressive … Read more