Erdogan, meeting with Zelensky, expresses support for the territorial indivisibility of Ukraine

“We believe that the current crisis can be resolved by peaceful and diplomatic means, based on Ukraine’s territorial indivisibility and international law,” Erdogan told a news conference after the two presidents’ talks. “Turkey has strongly advocated the indivisibility and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have reaffirmed our decision not to recognize the occupation of Crimea,” Erdogan … Read more

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease with a smart watch

One of the main roles in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases is various prevention measures. The risks of the disease can be reduced by regular physical activity, following a healthy diet, as well as monitoring your health – by monitoring blood pressure and heart rate. No more complicated equipment is needed to measure blood pressure … Read more

The United States is considering a possible response to Russia’s hostile actions

The administration of US President Joe Biden has gathered the necessary evidence of hostile actions by Russia and is considering a possible response, including the expulsion of diplomats and sanctions against people in the immediate circle of President Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reports. According to sources in the White House, Russia’s hostile actions include interfering in … Read more

What if you get caught on the hook of a financial fraudster? Explains information security expert

Every tenth addressee responds to attempted fraud, according to the results of an experiment conducted by the Financial Industry Association. The main reason why people get caught up is curiosity, followed by the desire to receive the promised benefits, often in a hurry. Unfortunately, every week the population is scammed from a few tens to … Read more

Records continue in the loyalist neighborhoods of Northern Ireland

In several places in Northern Ireland, violence broke out again on Monday night and attacks on the police took place. In loyalist-controlled neighborhoods in Newtownebeu and Carrickferguas, police officers are strewn with fuel bottles and bricks. However, the clashes did not last as long as the night to Sunday. Disorder in loyal neighborhoods in Northern … Read more

On the first day of operation of mass vaccination centers, 2680 people were vaccinated

2680 people were vaccinated on the first day of operation of mass vaccination centers, Agnese Strazda, a representative of the Vaccination Project Bureau, told LETA. She stressed that large-scale vaccination centers were opened on a pilot basis on Saturday to verify the large-scale vaccination process and identify areas for improvement. “Throughout the day, there was … Read more

In the Bulgarian parliamentary elections, the Prime Minister’s party GERB had the most votes

The center-right GERB, represented by former Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, won the most votes in the Bulgarian parliamentary elections on Sunday, according to partial vote count results released on Monday morning. According to the results obtained after counting 42.5% of the bulletins, 24.2% of Bulgarians voted for GERB, while the newly formed anti-blessing party “There … Read more

EU children in the UK care system can become undocumented immigrants

Thousands of children in municipal care in the UK can become undocumented immigrants or be deported under a system set up by London and Brussels last year to allow European Union (EU) citizens to continue living in the UK after briquette. A study published on Tuesday found that only 39% of children with roots in … Read more

Following the judgment of the Constitutional Court, the number of deputies to be elected in Limbaži and Saulkrasti municipalities has not changed

Following the judgment of the Constitutional Court (CST), the number of deputies to be elected in Limbaži municipality and Saulkrasti municipality council has not changed, the representative of the Central Election Commission Laura Zaharova informed. In March, the Supreme Court ruled that the inclusion of Skulte Parish in Saulkrasti Municipality as prescribed by the Law … Read more

Kariņš predicts that the search for concrete solutions for the distribution of additional vaccines at the EU level will be entrusted to health ministers

A concrete solution on how to distribute additional Covid-19 vaccines as fairly as possible at EU (EU) level could be entrusted to the bloc’s health ministers, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) predicted ahead of the forthcoming European Council. In the Prime Minister’s Office told LETA – Kariņš admits that the issue of redistribution of additional … Read more