Fernando Colunga revealed if he wanted to have an affair with Lucero Did the actress reject him because of his taste for men?

Lucero and Fernando Colunga were one of the couples with the most chemistry on television, and although they have already worked together three times, it was not until they starred in Soy tu Duea that rumors of a possible romance between them began to emerge. Regarding this, when Fernando Colunga was asked if there was … Read more

Luis Miguel: Argentine actress Andrea del Boca reveals they had an affair

Luis Miguel. Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent Luis Miguel has a long list of women, many of them famous, of all sizes, colors and countries. What was not known until now is that in the mid-90s, in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the singer had an intense romance with the Argentine actress Andrea Del Boca. It was the … Read more

Aitana and her love affair with Latin American music

There was a time when Pitbull appeared in every song ever and to be. The internationalization of ‘dance’ catapulted it to be omnipresent in all famous recordings. Lately, this trend seems to have been adopted by the Colombian J Balvin, who collaborates on a multitude of singles, and many of them even away from his … Read more

Navalny affair – The poisoning was “falsified”, according to Lukashenko

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is certain that this is a Western plot not to interfere with Moscow in Belarus. Updated 22 minutes ago Alexander Lukashenko. AFP Alexander Lukashenko assured Thursday that he had proof that the poisoning of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny was “falsified” by the West in order to dissuade Moscow from intervening in … Read more

Trump Tuesday in Kenosha, scene of the Jacob Blake affair

President Donald Trump will go to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, where African-American Jacob Blake was seriously injured by a police officer, a case that has revived protests in the United States against police violence and racism. • Read also: “Enough”: in Washington, anti-racist demonstrators demand equality • Read also: In Kenosha, colors and graffiti to … Read more

The gendarmerie reacts to the Ardo Gningue affair – Rewmi.com

Certificate in support, the activist Ardo Gningue accuses the gendarmes “of having tortured him and introduced Indian hemp into his pockets.” This, following his arrest by the Tivaouane gendarmerie brigade, in relation to the turmoil noted in Tobène, from August 13 to 15, informed SENEWEB. In contrast, the police have a completely different version: “The … Read more

Jacob Blake affair: Trump accuses the NBA of having become “a political organization”

LUS President Donald Trump on Thursday accused the NBA of having become a political organization, after the boycott of several basketball games in reaction to the Jacob Blake affair. “I don’t know much about the protests within the NBA. I know their ratings are very bad because I think people are fed up with the … Read more

Jacob Blake affair: Trump’s son-in-law is ironic about athletes who “afford the luxury” of denouncing racism

American athletes, leading NBA basketball players, on Wednesday began an unprecedented boycott of competitions in reaction to the Jacob Blake affair, but for Jared Kushner, it is a luxury that “they can afford. pay “. Pbeating up against police blunders and racism is a luxury that “they can afford,” jared Jared Kushner, son-in-law and adviser … Read more

Josef Trojan spoke for the first time about the affair with Emma Smetana! “I’m desperate!”

Emma Smetana got into real trouble with her behavior. After the premiere of the movie The Charlatan, the DVTV presenter was abducted and spent a few hours in the company of Josef Trojan, thirteen years younger! From the photos taken by the daily Expres, it seemed that the age-inconsistent couple were more than close! However, … Read more