How does coffee affect health? New research results

‘These results suggest that moderate coffee drinking should be part of a healthy lifestyle,’ says study author Professor Peter Kistler of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute in Melbourne. The scientist analyzed the relationship between drinking various types of coffee and cases of arrhythmia, cardiovascular diseases and death. He used data from UK Biobank … Read more

Midnight Eating Habits Can Affect Mental Health : Okezone health

HABIT eat the middle of the night can actually have an impact on mental health. Yes, it can happen in addition to triggering excess weight, excess blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Launching from Heathline, people who work night shifts or habitual activities at night with a midnight diet experience increased symptoms of depression and anxiety. … Read more

Sony’s new WALKMAN is on fire!!! Quality problems affect hundreds of people

Sony, a company that has been in existence for decades, can be said to have a history of nearly a hundred years. It has produced countless classic products. Its Walkman brand, WALKMAN, has been born for decades and has countless fans. However, good things do not go out and bad things travel thousands of miles, … Read more

Sweeteners affect both your blood sugar and gut flora

Sweeteners, which you e.g. you get from soft drinks and other sweetened drinks, changes both the intestinal flora and affects the blood sugar levels in us humans. A new high-quality study (randomized control study) shows that consumption of the sweeteners apartam, stevia, sucralose and saccharin can both change the intestinal flora in people and affect … Read more

Dear energy, how much does it affect the purchase and use of an electric car –

by Emiliano Ragoni The increase in energy has made the electric car cheaper. However, despite the rise in electricity, the electric car still remains competitive against the thermal car The current context for consumers is very difficult, since the delicate geo-political situation due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused an increase in … Read more

Splatoon 3 game bug could affect Splatfest results – ntower

It doesn’t happen often that Nintendo admits game bugs via international social networks, but this time it concerns Splatoon 3. Tomorrow the first Splatfest starts, however there is a game bug which could possibly manipulate the Splatfest results. Already for a week can Tritonshörner Collected by leveling up a Catalog. With these you can not … Read more

Deschamps: The tense atmosphere around the French Football Federation does not affect me

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free France coach Didier Deschamps confirmed that the tense atmosphere around the French Football Federation does not affect him. “The atmosphere is what it is,” Deschamps said on the eve of the Nations League match against Austria. “I focus on what’s going on inside. Believe me or not, … Read more

Six unusual factors that affect health

Text: Annika Lund for Medical Science no. 3 in 2022 1. Country of birth People born in Iraq, Somalia or Syria had a clearly increased excess mortality at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. Cramped housing, multi-generational living and less opportunity for social distancing at home and at work probably contributed to this. 2. Place … Read more