Game studio promises layoffs won’t affect Halo

Microsoft has previously announced that the company is now laying off 10,000 employees. According to information to Bloomberg Among other things, this has hit the company’s game studio that handles the action game series Halo, 343 Industries. Now 343 Industries has posted a message on Halos official Twitter where studio manager Pierre Hintze writes that: … Read more

Know the 8 risk factors that affect the health of your heart | Video

Posted at 15:28 ET (20:28 GMT) Monday, January 23, 2023 playing 1:48 Posted at 15:32 ET (20:32 GMT) Tuesday, January 24, 2023 0:55 Posted at 12:35 ET (17:35 GMT) Tuesday, January 24, 2023 1:28 Posted at 19:36 ET (00:36 GMT) Sunday, January 22, 2023 0:34 Posted at 19:28 ET (00:28 GMT) Sunday, January 22, 2023 … Read more

changes affect pretty much EVERYTHING in the app

Netflix Update for Netflix Customers – The Netflix streaming platform has recently promoted updates to its application for the iOS platform, in which it has redesigned the visual interface, bringing new and more fluid animations, which include parallax effects to move elements on the screen as the user moves their iPhone or iPad. Now, when … Read more

The new order, which is more favorable to home buyers, does not worry real estate developers: they claim that it will affect prices | Business

According to them, the impact will be negative for both developers and home buyers, as it will reduce the availability of housing, increase the cost and length of projects, and limit the opportunity for smaller market players to participate in the real estate market. On the other hand, developers recognize that such a requirement will … Read more

Recession on the Doorstep; Affect from street vendors to industrialists

WowA very detailed report has been released by the community of economists formed by the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum sought the opinion of the most important economists on various issues in knowing how the economy will respond in the new era of surviving the Covid pandemic. The method of this investigation was … Read more

A study warns of fish that increase the risk of cancer and affect reproduction and growth

Al Marsad newspaper: Experts warn that eating a lot of fish may increase the risk of exposure to “toxic chemicals forever.” These chemicals, known as fluorescent surfactants or PFAS, have previously been linked to cancer and suppression of the immune system. And at home, they are used in non-stick cooking equipment such as pots and … Read more

A green environment may affect the health of babies by changing the composition of breast milk! | GeneOnline News

Living in a green environment can affectbreast milkThe composition of oligosaccharides (oligosaccharides), which may affect the health of infants. According to a study conducted by the University of Turku in Finland, an increase in the diversity and proportion of green environments in residential areas is closely related to an increase in the diversity of oligosaccharide … Read more

What is the meteorological phenomenon that could affect the northern hemisphere in the coming days

Sudden stratospheric warming could generate cold waves in the northern hemisphere of the planet (AFP/ Jewel SAMAD/ DDC) It is known that global warming has consequences, and that some of them could be felt within several years. However, there are certain weather events that experts are concerned about immediacy of its effects, which could even … Read more

What is the zodiac?Making a mistake may affect your luck and fortune for the rest of your life

Every year before the Lantern Festival, many people will celebrate Tai Sui, and choose different ways of luck and fortune according to their zodiac signs, but have you ever thought about whether your zodiac sign is right? What is the zodiac? Making a mistake may affect your luck and fortune for the rest of your … Read more

It’s proven: the weather can affect your state of health!

It’s rainy, gray and cold… And sometimes, this bad weather affects morale! This phenomenon is called "weather-sensitivity," and vYou may be suffering from it without knowing it. These are the consequences that weather variations can have on the human body. More explanation with Gilles Brien, expert in biometeorology in Quebec and author. The weather-sensitivity est … Read more