US, EU and 20 other countries condemn Taliban killings and disappearances of former Afghan security forces

A 25-page report published this week by Human Rights Watch documents the killing or disappearance of former Afghan army, police, intelligence and pro-government officials. The organization gathered evidence of Taliban officials who were surrendered or detained between 15 August and 15 October. The organization said the Taliban had gained access to lists of former government … Read more

Taliban deny executions of Afghan security forces

The countries are concerned about the violence against members of the army, police and intelligence services. Human Rights Watch previously reported this. More than a hundred people are said to have been killed or disappeared. The Taliban regime denies the allegations. “These reports and claims are not based on evidence,” said a spokesman for the … Read more

Taliban Called to Kill Hundreds of Former Afghan Troops, US Rampage

Members of the Taliban group stand in front of a mural depicting a woman restrained behind barbed wire, Tuesday, September 21, 2021. (Source: Associated Press) WASHINGTON, KOMPAS.TV – The United States (US) and its allies went on a rampage after hearing reports of the Taliban killing hundreds of former Afghan security forces. The US also … Read more

More than 20 countries condemn Taliban in connection with killings of former Afghan security forces

More than 20 countries condemn the Taliban in connection with the killings of former Afghan security forcesRihards Plūme00:00 / 03:54 Both before and after the takeover of power in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s radical Islamist movement offered a “general amnesty” to all members of the previous government’s forces. However, many did not believe it and reports … Read more

The West is alarmed by reports of mass executions by former Afghan soldiers

“We are very concerned about reports from Human Rights Watch and other organizations,” JAV, In a statement by the European Union (EU), Australia, Britain, Japan and other allies. Organizations also report missing troops. In the statement, the parties accuse the Islamists that their actions “contradict” the promise of amnesty to former security forces. These are … Read more

“Flee”, an animated film to give a human face to Afghan refugees

Published on : 02/12/2021 – 09:10 Los Angeles (AFP) – “Flee”, an animated film telling the true story of the trapped flight to Europe of a young homosexual Afghan refugee, succeeds thanks to his drawings in putting a human face on this international crisis while preserving the anonymity of the one who inspired it. Jonas … Read more

The green-eyed Afghan woman is now in Rome

Sharbat Gula, an Afghan woman who was popular in the 1980s. PHOTO/Mecropress ROMA – Government Italy announced, that Sharbat Gula, a woman Afghanistan which in 1985 gained worldwide fame, is now in Roma . Sugar’s photo, taken by photojournalist Steve McCurry as an image of the green-eyed ‘Afghan Girl’, was very popular at the time. … Read more

An iconic photograph of a young Afghan woman has traveled the world, the woman from the film now lives in Italy – ČT24 – Czech Television

McCurry met the girl in a refugee camp on the Pakistani side of the borderwhere people sought refuge from the Soviet-led war in Afghanistan. The portrait of a small refugee attracted new attention to the fate of hundreds of thousands of refugees. And the world asked who she was who was called the Afghan girl. … Read more

The famous “Afghan girl” evacuated from the country. Now Szarbat Gula lives in Europe | World news

Watch the video Q&A on migration and the situation at the border The authorities of the country informed that the Afghan citizen, Szarbat Gula, is in Italy, according to the AP agency. The statement did not say exactly when she arrived in Italy. Rz±d The 49-year-old, he said, was evacuated in response to requests from … Read more

Afghan journalists condemn Taliban television ‘guidelines’

As Islamists take action to shut down the media, the Ministry of Virtue Promotion and Prevention of Evil on Sunday called for television to stop showing dramas and soap operas starring women. The ministry also instructed broadcasters not to show films and shows “contrary to Islamic or Afghan values,” and asked television journalists to wear … Read more