When out of five attempts, one comes out. Russian aggression in the shoes of Czech Television reporters

Russian aggression against Ukraine enabled Czech Television to take advantage of all the advantages and positives of public broadcasting. A wide team of quality reporters and cameramen. Great human, technical and financial background. The editorial office was thus able to send reporters to Ukraine continuously throughout the year. They captured the very beginning of the … Read more

The United Nations Is Out of Mind Against the Taliban in Afghanistan

Jakarta – The UN Security Council admits that it has run out of ways to deal with the increasingly powerful Taliban rule in Afghanistan. On Thursday (16/03), the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for independent recommendations on solutions to combat the country’s challenges, including the Taliban’s repression of the rights of women … Read more

Parents give sleeping pills to children in Afghanistan because they have no food, Bendl from Doctors Without Borders describes the situation

How would you describe a day in Kabul? A day in Kabul is relatively quiet. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of Afghanistan. A huge problem is unavailable food. Malnutrition is the topic we are talking about most often now, and unfortunately, it brings with it stories that are sometimes difficult to … Read more

Taliban Kills ISIS Leader in Afghanistan

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 28 Feb 2023 15:41 WIB Ilustrasi. (Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, via AP) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Regime Taliban claimed to have killed the group’s Head of Intelligence and Operations ISIS branch Afghanistan, Qari Fateh last weekend. Fateh was accused of planning an attack on a foreign embassy in the capital, Kabul. Taliban spokesman … Read more

US-Trained Afghan Special Forces Fight for Putin

Afghan Special Forces participate in a night strike drill in Kabul, April 11, 2012. Photo/REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail MOSCOW – Shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, reports surfaced of Afghan special forces fleeing the Taliban. At that time the special forces were fighting as mercenaries on the Ukrainian side of the battle for Mariupol. But now … Read more

Taliban Reveals Plans for Former US Military Base in Afghanistan

Parked vehicles are seen at the former US Bagram air base, Parwan Province, Afghanistan, July 5, 2021. Photo/REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail KABUL – The Taliban leadership in Afghanistan will use military bases left by the United States (US) in 2021 as “special economic zones” for businesses. This step is part of efforts to support economic self-sufficiency, according … Read more

Statement by the USA on Turkey and NATO

In the information form shared by the US Department of State, “Turkey and the US are allies and long-term partners of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). We have a proud history of working together in times of crisis and on regional security and prosperity.” It was emphasized that aid will continue to those affected … Read more

Afghanistan bans girls from writing university entrance exams

Girls banned from appearing in university entrance exams/ Image ANI Kabul: Taliban bans girls from taking university entrance exams in Afghanistan The order is from the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education. Uttavarla says that girls have been banned from appearing for the entrance exam until further notice. The girls were barred from the university entrance … Read more

Women in Afghanistan: ‘It feels like you can’t breathe’

January 28, 2023 Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, Since taking power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have ordered a series of restrictions on the lives of women. It has been 17 months since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and the country faces enormous challenges. Half the population faces acute starvation, sub-zero winter temperatures, intermittent … Read more