Prookovan Portugal opt has introduced a state of emergency. I’m looking at aunt dvky

<!—-> According to the Portuguese agency Lusa, queues were forming in front of the large vaccination center, which began operating again in the trade fair area in the capital. The council recommended it, I also drove without orders and in a very long time it turned out, said AFP agent former teacher Jos Barreto. In … Read more

Multifunds returned positive in November: the E rose, but continues to hit so far in 2021 | Economy

In November, funds A and B registered increases of 0.99% and 0.96%, respectively; while the E obtained a variation of 4.42%. The latter, although it had a great boost, continues with a negative profitability when analyzing what goes on in 2021. The rejection in the Senate of fourth retreat and the results of the presidential … Read more

American musical comedy legend Stephen Sondheim dies at 91

Stephen Sondheim, American musical legend and “West Side Story” lyricist, died on Friday at the age of 91, a spokesperson said. His lawyer, F. Richard Pappas, had announced to the New York Times that Stephen Sondheim had passed away suddenly at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut (northeast of the country), after having celebrated Thanksgiving with … Read more

Carlos Galdós: “Due to the pandemic I have debts, I took out AFP, I lost work and family” | INTERVIEW | SHOWS

The corridors of Panamericana Televisión are normally quiet, with a lot of mystery. It gives the feeling of being a huge house where when you open each door you find a character from yesteryear who greets you with a friendly gesture. But from a few days to these last hours, everything has changed. The voice … Read more

Saieh’s company begins judicial reorganization: AFP Provida is part of its creditors | Economy

The society Inversiones Terra SpA, with which the Saieh Group controls the shopping center operator VivoCorp, yesterday announced the start of a judicial reorganization process. As reported through an essential fact to the Commission for the Financial Market, the objective is to propose to your creditors a restructuring of liabilities. The foregoing “that is consistent … Read more

Only one multi-fund of the AFPs rented positive in October and the E continues with a historical slump | Economy

All multifunds closed the month of October with negative results, except for A. Fund E obtained its second worst historical performance, after last month it recorded a drop of -4.35% and -3.26% in October 2019. The persistent uncertainty in the markets due to the pandemic at the international level and at the political level at … Read more

At 95, Queen Elizabeth II forced to slow down

A night in the hospital and her visit to COP26 canceled: At the age of 95, Elizabeth II was forced to slow down, a “turning point” after seven decades devoted to her subjects. • Read also: Queen Elizabeth II gives up participating in COP26 to “rest” • Read also: Questions about Elizabeth II’s health after … Read more

Fourth withdrawal of funds from the AFPs will not be law before the elections

On Friday the Senate table together with the parliamentary committees will define the general voting date in the room. The Senate table together with the committees will resolve this Friday the date on which the bill that establishes a fourth withdrawal of funds from the AFPs and a second advance of life annuities will be … Read more

Merino leaves the CEO of MetLife and is replaced by the CEO of AFP ProVida

Meanwhile, at AFP ProVida, the former Finance Manager, Santiago Donoso, will be the top executive. Major brand changes within Grupo MetLife Chile. Yesterday, the insurer MetLife Chile informed the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) that the general manager of the holding’s AFP, ProVida, Gregorio Ruiz-Esquide, will take over as the new top executive of … Read more

Due to chip shortage, Renault will produce 500,000 fewer vehicles this year

The French group Renault anticipated a loss of production “close to 500,000 vehicles per year” linked to component shortages, the automaker announced on Friday. However, Renault It estimates that it will protect its profit margin from the selection of certain models when deciding the cuts. In the third quarter, problems with global supply chains, which … Read more