Launch of National Women and AIDS Week: 7 days of HIV/AIDS awareness – Lequotidien

A national support program for the care of children, adolescents and women living with HIV, for a period of 4 years with an estimated budget of FCfa 235 million for the first year, is drawn up by Senegal . The announcement was made yesterday by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Women, Family and … Read more

The final phase of a test for an AIDS vaccine at Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine company has failed.

Johnson & Johnson’s final phase of AIDS vaccine trial results fail, throwing off vaccine hope Have to go back and count again to find a new experimental vaccine. Jenson Pharmaceutical Company Announced to end phase 3 trials of an AIDS vaccine after the results showed that the vaccine was not effective enough to prevent HIV/AIDS … Read more

Final Stage Trial Results: HIV Mosaico Vaccine Ineffective

The failure of the Mosaico HIV vaccine was surprising because the trials had reached the final stages. <!– Array ( [0] => trendtek [1] => sains-trendtek ) –> REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Researchers announced the failure of a late-stage trial the HIV vaccine Mosaico on Wednesday (18/1/2023). The vaccine failed to prevent HIV infection in men … Read more

In “the end of AIDS by 2030”, there is also the goal of “zero deaths from HIV”

An article from Lancet proposes a classification to assess the proportion of “avoidable deaths” linked to HIV among HIV-positive people. With the progress made in the treatment of HIV Human immunodeficiency virus. In English: HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Isolated in 1983 at the Pasteur Institute in Paris; recently discovered (2008) rewarded with the Nobel Prize … Read more

Prof. Dr. Pichet joins hands with ‘Ban Gerda-Phor Foundation’ ByeByeHIV using plant-derived immunotherapy to cure “AIDS”

Prof. Dr. Pichet Wiriyachitra reveals the results of treating 5 AIDS patients using 5 plant-derived products without using antiretroviral drugs. and did not detect HIV in the body Preparing to join the Baan Gerda Children’s Rights Foundation research, create alternatives Antiviral drugs are not required. and is the world’s first undetectable HIV-infected home. To this … Read more

5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Genital Warts to AIDS

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infectious diseases due to vaginal, oral and anal intercourse as well as through skin contact. This sexually transmitted disease is not the same as a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Quoted from the page Healthlinein short, causes sexually transmitted disease will start as an infection, but not … Read more

A man from Castellón, in the AIDS vaccine tests: “There is still a horrible stigma”

Albert Staromiejski learned about HIV at the age of 20, when he started coming to Valencia and go out at night. She is now 58 and luckily she has avoided it all her life. «I have lost many friends in this. At twenty I saw how many people were disappearing from my life. Until one … Read more

HIV Aids Cases in Inhil Reaches 374 People

Secretary for HIV Aids Handling H Umar Pulungan. KARIMUNTODAY.COM, RECOVERY – The Commission for the Management of HIV Aids and TB in Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil) provided information regarding the discovery of 374 HIV cases with this very dangerous disease, Monday (09/01). In this case, the Chief Executive of the Indragiri Hilir Regency HIV Aids … Read more

Expert advocates prevention strategies against AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

The Red December campaign does not end with the end of the last month of the year. The initiative draws attention to the fight against the HIV virus, AIDS and other STIs (sexually transmitted infections), alerting to the prevention, assistance and protection of the rights of people infected with HIV, which must be permanent. The … Read more

Mabar Regency Government and community collaborate on HIV/AIDS – ANTARA News Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara – ANTARA News East Nusa Tenggara

Labuan Bajo (ANTARA) – The West Manggarai Regency Government, East Nusa Tenggara is building a collaboration with the community who are members of the West Manggarai AIDS Care Volunteer Team (WPA) to deal with HIV/AIDS problems in the area. “The West Manggarai Regency Government is optimistic that convergence in the handling of HIV/AIDS can be … Read more