Being the Only Passenger, This Man Regrets Buying Business Class Seats

Sydney – After the pandemic, many people returned to vacation. To anticipate a full plane, this man upgraded his seat to business class but instead regretted it. Reported from Star DailyRobbie Allen is a tourist origin Sydney, Australia. He plans to go on vacation Fiji Island in the South Pacific. Using Virgin Airlines, Allen believes … Read more

Plagiarized China Wuzhen-7?Boeing’s next-generation aircraft and the U.S. military’s future drones both adopt China’s first layout | Blog post

January 22, 2023 14:09 Last Update: 14:12 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Boeing recently announced that they will cooperate to develop a full-scale transonic truss wing demonstrator aircraft, which will have more fuel-efficient features and claims to “revolutionize the commercial aviation industry.” It’s just that Chinese military fans take a look at … Read more

The Truth Behind Yeti Airlines Flight Attendant’s Viral Video

Jakarta – The Yeti Airlines crash is a tragedy for world tourism. Of the many recordings about the moments before the accident, the video of flight attendant Oshin is one that has gone viral. The Nepalese aircraft used the ATR-72 type and carried 68 passengers and 4 cabin crew. The journey from Kathmandu City to … Read more

NATO deploys reconnaissance aircraft to Romania to monitor Russian military activities | Reuters

On January 17, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) deployed early warning and control aircraft “AWACS” to an air force base near Bucharest, Romania, to strengthen the defense posture of Eastern European member countries and to monitor the activities of Russian forces. bottom. FILE PHOTO: NATO headquarters in Brussels October 2021. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol [ブカレスト 17日 … Read more

[국제]US-China aircraft carrier confrontation… New Year’s South China Sea battle begins

[앵커] Since the beginning of the new year, the US and China’s aircraft carrier fleets have been confronting each other in the South China Sea. This is how the fight for regional maritime supremacy has begun. This is Correspondent Kang Jeong-kyu in Beijing. [기자] On the 5th, China released a video of the Shandong Carrier … Read more

A Saudi airline plans to expand in two countries and add 250 aircraft to its fleet

She said Saudi “Flynas” companyIts board of directors has agreed to establish local units in two additional countries as part of a plan to become the largest low-cost carrier in the Middle East and one of the top 5 airlines in the world. The company will seek to obtain so-called air operator certificates in two … Read more

When US and Chinese Aircraft Carriers Enter the South China Sea

loading… The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz of the United States Navy along with its combat group entered the South China Sea last Thursday. At the same time, China’s Shandong Aircraft Carrier Strike Group entered the same waters. Photo/US Navy BEIJING – Aircraft carrier The United States (US), USS Nimitz, and its combat group began operating … Read more

Is the world’s first all-powerful unmanned aircraft carrier delivered to the U.S. Navy’s expected unmanned combat fleet or will it appear in China first? | blog post

January 14, 2023 09:40 Last Updated: 10:08 CCTV recently announced that on the morning of January 12, the world’s first intelligent unmanned system scientific research mother ship “Zhuhai Cloud” successfully completed various sea trial objectives and tasks, successfully entered Sany Marine Wharf in Gaolan Port, Zhuhai, and was officially delivered for use. The report confirmed … Read more

If the weather doesn’t improve we will have to divert the aircraft

Join the group now The director of Suceava Airport, Ioan Măriuța, announced on Friday that it is the fourth consecutive day with dense fog at Suceava Airport, which makes it impossible to operate regular flights. He said the fog was below the minimum limit of the ILS system, the device that brings aircraft to land … Read more

NATO moves surveillance aircraft to Romania

According to the plan, the flights will arrive in Romania’s capital Bucharest on Tuesday. There they will support the alliance’s increased presence in the region and monitor Russian military activity, the defense alliance writes in a press release. The planes in question are usually stationed in Aachen, in the far west of Germany. Now they … Read more