USS Enterprise (CVN-65) – the world’s first nuclear aircraft carrier

On September 24, 1960, the USS Enterprise was launched at Newport News on the James River. The world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was a technological breakthrough. Although it remained the only ship of its type, it set the standard that is valid until today, according to which the most powerful airships in the world are … Read more

Eh Dislodged… Boeing 747 Aircraft Engine Parts Fall On Residents’ Houses

Liege – Brukkk… The sound of a very loud falling object startled the residents of the city of Liege, Belgium. Apparently, there is an airplane engine part Boeing 747 which fell on people’s houses. The incident occurred in early September, to be exact on Thursday (8/9). Aircraft engine parts Boeing 747 it fell from the … Read more

Armageddon Mission Begins September 26, NASA Will Crash Asteroids With Aircraft, JAKARTA—NASA will crash its spacecraft into asteroid by the end of this month. This step is an effort to save the Earth from an asreroid collision. The mission, scheduled to take place on September 26, marks the first step towards a solution to dropping a doomsday asteroid that could potentially threaten Earth. NASA’s Double … Read more

Specifications of Fujian, China’s Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier

loading… The aircraft carrier Fujian is China’s new flagship. Photo/Chinese Internet BEIJING – China launched its third most advanced aircraft carrier, Fujian. The launch will take place in Shanghai in June 2022. The Type 003 aircraft carrier Fujian is an aircraft carrier that uses a gas pressure catapult launcher (CATOBAR) system as well as an … Read more

Heart Aerospace now with ES-30: Swedish electric aircraft is getting bigger and convinces Air Canada

The ES-19 becomes the ES-30 with eleven additional seats: The upcoming electric aircraft from Sweden will be larger than previously planned – and has a new customer on board. ES-19 – that’s what the electric aircraft from the Swedish manufacturer Heart Aerospace should actually be called. The 19 stood for the 19 travelers who were … Read more

Airbus announces sale of 75 A321neo aircraft to Wizz Air group

Last November 2021, Wizz Air Holdings, one of Europe’s fastest growing low-cost airlines, announced that it had signed an agreement with Airbus for the purchase of a further 102 Airbus A321 aircraft, comprising 75 Airbus A321neo aircraft and 27 Airbus A321XLR aircraft, with delivery between 2025 and 2027. In certain circumstances, Wizz Air was also … Read more

Tense, US aircraft carriers and Chinese warships are both near Japan

loading… Chinese warships operating in the East China Sea. A Chinese warship and a US aircraft carrier were reported to be in the same waters near Japan earlier this week. Photo/China Military Online BEIJING – The international waters near Japan turn into a tense region after aircraft carrier United States of America (USA) and warship … Read more

Details of MSI’s participation in TGS2022! A special event held by luxurious guests such as the latest aircraft display and Tomomi Washumi! – funglr Games

MSI(hereinafter referred to as: MSI) will participate in the “2022 “Tokyo Game Show 2022」!In addition to displaying the latest gaming models at the booth, events linked to Twitter will also be held! MSI booth details released! MSI latest modelPR TIMES MSI will exhibit for four days from September 15th (Thursday) to September 18th (Sunday), 2022. … Read more

General Andika Perkasa Asks All TNI Aircraft to be Evaluated!

Jakarta – Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa asked his staff to immediately evaluate all aircraft belonging to the TNI. This is aimed at preventing the recurrence of aircraft accidents, such as the downing of the Indonesian Navy’s Bonanza G-36 T-2503 training aircraft in the Madura Strait. “Evaluation must be done … Read more

C295 Becomes One of the Best Turboprop Transport Aircraft in the World, Cheap, Lively, Luxury Quality! This is the proof – C295 is aircraft best turboprop in the world with quality luxury in its class. Proven if C295 have many facilities advanced which has been proven to be widely used in various operations. Read Also: KASAL Will Involve Special Investigation Team in the Case of the G36 Bonanza Airplane Accident: Must Be Transparent Reported … Read more